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Very important comment, dear Martin! The indoor addition of EMFs 
from outdoor powerlines are rarely even measurable; it is the indoor 
appliances that are of crucial importance regarding this health issue. 
Outdoor, and especially in certain special situations, it could be a 
completely other issue, though.
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Subject: New Australian research, danger from powerlines.
Hi All
When reading this article, please remember that electrical wiring 
and appliances in your home can act in a similar way to the 
powerlines described in this story.  
If your children are sleeping close to a wall that has electrical 
wiring, an extension cord,  a transformer, or an appliance that 
produces a strong electro magnetic fields, your child can be 
exposed to a similar strength of electro magnetic radiation, as the 
power lines at a greater distance.
Make sure that the head of any sleeping child is well away from any 
electrical source and  the bed is clear from strong EMFs.
Research underlines powerline cancer risk
Bellinda Kontominas Medical Reporter  August 22, 2007
PEOPLE who live close to high-voltage powerlines during childhood 
are up to five times more likely to develop cancer, according to 
Australian research.
The Tasmanian study of more than 850 patients adds weight to the 
link between electromagnetic fields and cancers such as leukaemia, 
lymphoma and multiple myeloma. It is still not known whether there 
is a cause and effect relationship.
Those who lived within 300 metres of a powerline up to the age of 
five were five times more likely to develop cancer, while those who 
lived that close to a powerline at any point during their first 15 
years were three times more likely to develop cancer as an adult, 
according to the study published in the Internal Medicine Journal.
Researchers from the University of Tasmania and Bristol University 
in Britain compared an existing database of all patients in 
Tasmania diagnosed with lymphatic and bone marrow cancers between 
1972 and 1980, with controls matched for sex and age. Residential 
histories were then gathered.
People who had lived within 50 metres of a high-voltage powerline 
at any time were at double the risk of developing cancer than those 
who had never lived within 300 metres of a powerline. For every 
year lived within 50 metres of a powerline, the risk of cancer 
increased by 7 per cent, the study found. There was also evidence 
the risk of cancer increased with higher voltages.
The lead researcher, Professor Ray Lowenthal, from the University 
of Tasmania, said the debate about possible carcinogenic effects of 
electromagnetic fields had been going for more than 20 years. "The 
evidence of detrimental long-term health effects is far from 
conclusive and international guidelines for limiting exposure to 
EMF are based on possible short-term effects rather than longer-
term disease risks such as cancer," Professor Lowenthal said.
People who lived near powerlines tended to be from lower 
socioeconomic backgrounds, although the study had attempted to 
control for this and the occupational risk of cancer.
"Despite the limitations of this study … our novel finding that the 
risks of adult leukaemia and lymphoma are most strongly associated 
with early childhood exposure to powerlines deserves further study 
at both the population and laboratory levels."
Bruce Armstrong, Professor of Public Health at Sydney University 
said the study was consistent with previous research.
"I think we are in a position where we have to say that there is a 
possibility that exposure to electromagnetic fields increases the 
risk of some cancers, but I don't think we know yet whether 
powerlines actually cause cancer."
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Dear Olle and Martin:    I was just thinking about the discussion I had yesterday at a home with large powerlines in the backyard.  


We were at a garage sale -- one of my favorite ways of interacting -- when I brought up the subject of the powerlines.   I asked whether they had noticed any particular health problems since moving in.  The woman shook her head "yes," responding with, "I have been having seizures."  


It was obvious her husband was very uncomfortable about our conversation -- he went into the house for a couple of minutes and then just paced around a bit trying to ignore what I was saying.


Turns out the woman has an electric clock radio very close to her head (on nightstand but placed right smack against side of the bed).  


If the man of the house has any health problems, he, of course, wasn't willing to share that information.  Due to complexities involved --- the need to talk as fast as possible (Bud is also waiting for me as usual, etc.), I do not usually ask about high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and other problems once I learn there is something specifically involving neurological changes.   I assume, of course, that there are numerous other factors involved in each situation more likely than not pertaining to grounding and/or wiring problems if not from the highlines themselves..  


As always, I request the affected individual, or parent of sick child, to report back to me when improvement occurs.   This is not happening.........     I seriously doubt that very few persons will ever be willing to report but figure that I have at least created awareness that hopefully will be shared with others.   The public, as you know, has been "brainwashed" with the idea that they must keep all of their heath information private. 


I was a bit surprised considering how close the high voltage lines are to the house,  that the woman made excuses for her epilepsy saying that "I used to work in the Courthouse and there must be a ot of stuff there......"    I didn't ask her to define "stuff" but think she may have some sort of a case involving workers' compensation perhaps re mold.   She did mention the building being very old..........      We do know EMF's complicate other toxic exposures.  I mentioned that sleeping close to electrical items has an adverse effect on medications.  She said she will report improvement after moving the clock radio off her nightstand but I am not holding my breath. 


At another garage sale in a fancy new housing development -- homes valued from $300,000 and usually higher, I met a young woman who publishes a 13-page community newsletter.  She said she circulates the newsletter to over 250 homes and will be pleased to include EMF information.  They have an association called "The Lakes......"      She will include items I send -- I guess the newsletter is issued quarterly.   I am thinking perhaps this community might be receptive to some sort of reporting system.  She said their people are very involved in various get-togethers.  


I still haven't tried other attempts via the Erickson group -- the one with the 53 million seniors.  As expected, I did not receive a response from Dr. Soden (the "Today Show/NBC TV medical correspondent -- will send you copy Olle).   Dr. Soden is affiliated with this Erickson group or is at least "featured" in their newspaper.  As we know, electrical outlets are being placed right behind heads of senior citizens!!!   


I have lots of plans but the issue of the gas pipes -- am in middle of a write-up for distribution now -- a "very upsetting subject!!!"      The gas company is coming back this week to dig up the street so I have definitely "hit a nerve!!!"    Currents on gaspipes, Olle and we are not the only ones......I measured at Fire Stations.  Figured you have a lot to catch up on but had let Martin, Robert and Hans know in addition to Dave Stetzer, Jim Beal, Oram Miller and a couple of his associates.   Oram responded that "there s/b no currents on gas pipes" except the small amount of DC that is deliberately put there by the utilitity.  That, I think is the small wire used for locating purposes but possible there is another reason I am not aware of.   


Didn't mean to bring that up right now but I also informed the woman with the epilepsy aboiut that poblem and offered to go back to take measurements.    Unlike Bud's situation, the gas service is not located on the outside of the woman's bedroom wall.   The popular Trifield meter will not detect what I am measuring with my Magnetic Sciences International gasussmeter with a probe.......    I suspect the fellow who came the other day to mark the street, etc., may have checked electric field.  When the fellows came out from the gas company and Great River Energy, they did not talk about measuring electric fields. 


For now, take care  -   Joanne


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