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Dear Philippe:   Thank you for your assessment re WHO, EMF, science and Repacholi.  My time is very limited for the next week -- we will be going away for several days -- and I am working on another important aspect of EMR exposure that I will be posting hopefully before we leave -- but, I want to add to your heartfelt comments, that it is my opinion, any and all studies that are rely on magnetic field measurements in homes, schools, offices, etc., while important as "investigative infomation and investigative tools," will never allow for conclusions re causation.


I was reviewing a report  I came across yesterday that mentions measuring ambient magnetic fields in homes and also in bedrooms and even "over pillows."   I am not recalling right now and it may be one of the items you are referring to.......anyway, the report, like many others, alludes to the fact that something may be missing (re the evaluation, etc.).......


It is true that an electric clock measures 200.0 mg over the mechanism in the clock and/or the electric meter, and that the magnetic field "over pillow" may be as low as 1.5 mg to 2.0 mg assuming the clock is fairly close to the head of the bed, but there is a whole lot more involved than the "magnetic field," itself.


The only way this issue is going to be resolved without doing the sort of studies Olle is waiting for funding to do (white blood cells -- lymphocytes, neutrophils, chymase, tryptase, histamine, etc.) re close, chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures, is for researchers to use the gaussmeter and other measuring devices as "investigative tools" -- locating bad wires, currents on waterpipes -- documenting and moving electrical and telephone items away from beds -- checking rooms on other side of bed for appliances, etc.and at the same time, documenting health problems of persons sleeping close to such items with follow-up re improvement in symptoms.    In other words, while the ability to measure magnetic fields is important, magnetic fields can not be relied upon when it comes to determining levels of harm due to EMF/EMR exposures.


I am working on promoting investigations here in my area through parent-teacher involvement.  Basic knowledge regarding moving electric items and telephone equipment away from beds will be provided by a simple brochure/flyer to teachers and parents.  Teachers can even do this as a school project.  In each instance, the school nurse or a counselor can be person in charge of accumulating the data.  A volunteer group of parents and teachers can assist students and/or a parent-teacher group.  Childlren (age appropriate) can even make graphs after being provided with statistics re the various electrical items that are moved away from beds and also document various details such as improvement in sleep, headaches, asthma, sinus infections, ear infections.  While such data may be subjective, I believe very strongly that the results of such efforts will quickly reduce the need for many "objective tests" because the children will not need to have nearly as many doctor appointments.


 One of my grandsons never saw a doctor for at least 2-1/2 years after he got well when his bed was moved away from wall opposite electric meter.   He continues to live in a neighborhood with a high voltage powerline about 175 ft. away -- "ambient magnetic fields between 1.0 mg and 2.0 mg -- there is a radio tower in the area and numerous cellular antennae are within walking distance of their house.   He takes melatonin before bed more often lately because he has ES symptoms since increasing his computer time -- constantly plays computer games -- but was "hit and miss" for many years re supplements and did not take them at the time he improved after moving his bed away from the electric meter.   Until he developed the facial redness and last winter a sinus infection or two, he remained well for over 10 years in spite of the other exposures including a fair amount of computer time.  He does almost nothing now except computer.....


We know my husband, Bud, has improved in three parts of his Executive Function after moving his clock radio off his nightstand and starting him on melatonin.  Taking him off of toxic statins that "added to the mix" has helped with additional improvement.   However, Bud still sleeps in an "ambient magnetic field" as high as 7.5 mg the other night.   He is now said to no longer have Alzheimers.   Bud also no longer uses his inhalers -- no more asthma -- no more visits to respiratory doc -- no sinus problems we can't stop by using Ibuprofen, saline solution and one Benadryl before bed and that only happened twice last winter and required only 2-3 days of intervention as opposed to what used to be week after week on antibiotics.. 


Roger Coghill has done studies re close exposures to EMF/EMR.  His asphalia products offer "radioprotectivity" --  "radioprotective neutraceuticals......"    See:   and/       As with taking synthetic melatonin, moving the electric and telephone items away from beds would still be important --  mainly the cost of a battery-operated clock.   Melatonin is also "radioprotective."    I view these choices to be essential toward achieving the healthiest lifestyle when combined with proper foods and exercise.   Sleep is vitally important and definitely improves when moving electrical and telephone items away from beds.  Adding melatonin and other supplements helps restore energy necessary to deal with the other EMF/EMR assaults.   Doing these things will help in determining "survivable distances" re telecommunications antennae, radio towers, high voltage transmission lines, wifi, etc., if in fact, humans, animals and bees are going to survive with "functioning brains...."  .


The situations regarding increases in wireless in schools certainly have the potential to complicate evaluations such as I suggest.  Awareness re appliances may help parents and teachers identify problems in the schools and data acquired within a school district by school nurses can then be used to challenge use of wireless, create more awareness regarding cell tower placements, high voltage line placements, etc. 


We already have decades of peer-reviewed studies that continue to be challenged even when the studies are conclusive on various levels.  We have epidemiological studies that admit to probable confounders not being identified. 


I think it is time for the people to take charge while still working toward obtaining funding for the sort of responsible studies Olle Johansson and his colleagues are willing to do.   Parents and children can do what scientists apparentely can not........ 


I do not see this as a hopeless situation as long as we have persons like you, Philippe, who help to "spread-the-word!!!"     Welcome back, Olle   --  take care everyone!!!    Joanne


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