Betreff: Universal healthcare..perhaps if EMF/EMR "prudent avoidance" info is released...
Datum: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 00:19:59 EDT

Dear Editor:   Senator Hillary Clinton/2008 Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to be giving us "the real scoop" re her Alzheimers' concerns as well as her strong push for universal healthcare.
I am finding it impossible to make obtain direct contact information for Senator Clinton.  My message to her is "urgent!!"
Senator Clinton is on the Special Committee on Aging.  She is also a new Task Force member for the Alzheimers' Advisory Board.  My appeal for help via the Task Force was sent to Dr. Marilyn Albert, Johns-Hopkins University   --
While every aspect of the EMF/EMR (electromagnetic field/electromagnetic radiation) issue demands serious scrutiny, honest scientific studies and the release of vital information to the public, I focus on the specific need to inform the public that electric appliances and some telephone equipment should be moved away from close proximity to one's bed. 
"Aging" is what happens to human and animal cells that are chronically exposed to low level EMF/EMR pollution.  EMF's have been classified as "possible carcinogens" or Class 2B.
"Aging" is the reason why two of my grandsons' immune deficiencies were considered "rare!!!"  They were toddlers when we discovered they were both sleeping next to walls opposite electric meters.  They started "getting well" soon after their beds were placed against different bedroom walls.
My husband's diagnosis of Alzheimers has been changed to "moderate-to-severe memory and cognitive dysfunction."  He has improved in three areas of his Executive Function since moving his electric clock radio off his nightstand.   The facts re my husband's improvement (considered to be "impossible") should be announced on every news program and talk show throughout the United States and elsewhere!!!
All health problems from poor sleep to cancer are linked to low level EMF/EMR exposures.  Without dissemination of "known facts" to the public re electric appliances, as well as proper studies, it will be impossible to begin to sort out how much harm is being caused by the more distant cellular antennae, high voltage powerlines, wireless, etc.   Extensive cell phone exposure is related to the development of tumors that correlate with position of cell phone or antenna during use.
Chronic, prolonged, nighttime EMF/EMR exposures must be reduced before  improvement in our healthcare system will become a reality!!!     I pray that Senator Clinton "gets this message....."     Take care  -  Joanne
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