Betreff: How to recycle online, protect endangered species, religion in politics, and more
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Datum: 24 Sep 2004 17:47:15 -0700

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In this issue:
1. Danger: Endangered Species Act Threatened
2. Help Children In Need, and Read Their Letters to You!
3. Featured Petition: God is Not a Republican - or a Democrat.
4. Sustainable Living Spotlight:
5. Care2 Spotlight: Fun Groups on Care2 Connect

1. Danger: Endangered Species Act Threatened The Endangered Species Act turns 30 this year! But there's no time to lose in celebrating; the Bush administration and some in Congress want to limit the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by weakening existing requirements for the designation of habitat necessary for the recovery of an endangered species. Should politics or biology manage the recovery of imperiled species? There are currently 1,821 species of plants and animals listed as threatened or endangered in the United States and abroad. But at a time when we should be celebrating the vision of the U.S. to protect declining species, we are instead fighting to preserve the integrity of the Act and the science used to protect endangered species. Please sign this petition today to protect the Endangered Species Act and the plants and animals that rely on it for survival. Tell the U.S. Congress to protect the ESA for future generations: ________________________________________ 2. Help Children In Need, and Read Their Letters to You! When you visit Care2's Race for Children in Need, your daily clicks raise money to sponsor 14 needy children from around the world, including Arnold from the Philippines. And now you can read letters from Arnold, and the rest of the children, thanking Care2 members for all of our help! Arnold is 7 years old. He lives with his parents and two siblings in a one-room house with a wood burning stove and a dirt floor. In school Arnold enjoys languages and Mathematics. After school, he plays with friends, and helps his mother around the house. Arnold's parents both work and together they earn $70.00 a month. Arnold's playfulness and spirit shine through his words, and it's a joy to read his letters, and all of the letters we have received from our sponsored children. Now you can write back to them too, all online through the Race for Children in Need! Please take a moment today to click, and meet our sponsored children: ________________________________________ 3. Featured Petition: God is Not a Republican - or a Democrat. Let's redefine the role of religion in politics! Despite what some people may want us to believe, God is non-partisan. Leaders of the Religious Right mistakenly claim that God has taken a side in the U.S. presidential election, but people of faith around the world know that everyone is free to choose candidates based on the complete range of their own values. It is time that politicians stopped using religion as a cheap way to get votes. You can encourage progressive people of faith to call for leaders who believe that, through all belief systems, there is a foundation of Universal Ethics that we can all agree upon, and that the laws of our countries must follow those universal ethics. These ethics must be reflected in our healthcare laws, education, issues concerning poverty, and most importantly in war. Let's stop the right wing monopoly on God -- it is time for progressive people of faith to be heard. Sign this petition to redefine the way religion is portrayed during this election season! Sign here: ________________________________________ 4. Sustainable Living Spotlight: Care2 members, meet the new world-wide reuse, donation, and recycling resource:! "Take what you need, and Throw what you don't" at Individuals, businesses and nonprofits can access items posted for donation, such as computers, desks, and clothes. Some of the more unusual "Throws" that have found happy homes include a tent and sleeping bags, 60 bicycles, and a pizza oven! What makes Throwplace special is the ease with which members can search for items in or out of their geographical area or by keyword. Members from coast to coast have been Throwing and Taking items, thereby doing their part to keep excess goods out of our landfills. Internet's landfill alternative--is a great resource for finding all sorts of items you need, from appliances to art supplies, and also is a great way to donate to others. Search the site for something eye-catching or practical. It's fun and easy--and environmentally responsible! Start recycling here: ________________________________________ 5. Care2 Spotlight: Fun Groups on Care2 Connect OK, these groups can be somewhat addictive, but it's really fun to see what people are saying. Come visit a few groups in our new Care2 Connect that are really buzzing with discussion. -- Volunteer Vacations -- Traveling the world and rolling up one's sleeves for the environment can be one of the most gratifying experiences of a lifetime. Share your experiences of traveling and giving back, and kept abreast of volunteer vacations offered by organisations such as Sierra Club, Volunteers for Peace, Earthwatch, and more. -- Comedy Central -- Come share your comical experience or jokes. Hey Grumpy! You need a joke to cheer up your day? Sign up today! Let's bust out laughing! Just play nice, ok? -- Peace and Nonviolence Network -- Help find ways to promote peace worldwide. Share your ideas, hopes and dreams with other peace activists in this group. -- All Creatures Sanctuary -- The All Creature Animal Sanctuary is a volunteer driven wildlife refuge that rescues over 1000 orphaned, injured or abused animals per year. Animals are rehabilitated and returned to the forest when possible. If unable to be returned to the wild they live in peace and love on the farm. Please join our online community to learn more about our work! -- Hot Debates and Shocking News -- This is your place to discuss current events or hot topics in the news or politics. Put your debating hat on and join this group today. -- A Room of Our Own -- Welcome women! Here we've created a room to talk about our lives, ongoing or past relationships, our visions as opposed to outside expectations, our ideas and our feelings. Raise your voice and listen; we listen here. ________________________________________ -- Thanks for reading! Rebecca, Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team ________________________________________ Thank you for receiving the Gnusletter from Care2! If you learned something interesting from this newsletter, please forward it to your friends, family and colleagues.