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In complement that AC electric devices should not take place in a bedroom, because EHS persons get symptoms since 20 nanoTesla (0,02 microTesla), there is an other important fact.

All metallic oblong objects are passive re-transmitters for the microwaves, like the handle of the door. Passive because the handle of the door don't produce energy. But the microwaves stick to it and radiate like a hot spot. All around the house is the AC wiring which carry energy, and works like an active re-transmitter for the microwaves.

That's why operators like to install masts on the big electrical pylon or along the electrical railway. Free booster... And probably some relation with bees, butterflies...

If one device is off (light, TV, etc), the AC power is still there, to the switch. There is in the market some kind of ?bio-switch? which must be placed before the fuse. When no device is on, this bio-switch send a small DC current in the wiring. When you turn a device on, it restores the AC power on the wiring.
This can not be installed for your freezer but will be helpful and gives some protection for the bedroom.

Very Truly Yours
Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA
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To All:    Michael Boyum, a "black belt" in karate did not  know that
sleeping close to a small fan on the headboard of his waterbed, as   well as an
electric clock, might be hazardous to his health.  It was his   "dying wish" that
children suffering with Leukemia be helped.

Michael was a teacher.......  Michael's spirit "lives  on!!!"

All children will benefit when parents around-the-world are informed that
electrical items need to be moved off of nightstands and headboards.   Items  of
concern include any electric clock, fans, monitors, touchlamps, lamps with
dimmer switches, high intensity lamps, noise machines, air  purifiers, aquarium
pumps, squarium heaters and more.  Transformers for cordless phones and
electronic games, chargers for cell phones, telephone answering  systems, other
telephone equipment, etc.should not be closer than 3 ft. to one's  bed.
Attention should be paid to electrical, telephone and computer   equipment as well as
electrical appliances and electric and gas meters that may  be on walls
adjacent to one's bed.   Ideally an inspection should also  be made regarding
possible currents on water and gas pipes that may be close to  or  over or under
beds.   Heating pads and electric blankets also  subject persons to "chronic,
prolonged EMF/EMR exposure."     Wiring errors are another concern.

In my opinion, until extensive investigations are made regarding the  various
"close exposures, particularly at night," it will be very difficult to  sort
out how much additional harm may be linked to the more distant  exposures  such
as cellular antennae, high voltage powerlines, radio towers, WiFi,  etc.

Help "spread-the-word" --  the world must learn about "prevention"
now.......  Joanne

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