Betreff: Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic by Dr Neil Cherry (June 2000 )
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To All ,The predictions of Dr Neil Cherry in May of  2000 are unfolding!! Lest We Forget One Of The Best.Regards Robert

Last Updated: Thursday, 14 October, 2004, 10:12 GMT 11:12 UK
Professor Anders Ahlbom, from the Stockholm-based institute, told BBC News Online
Using a mobile phone for at least 10 years increases the risk of ear tumours, scientists believe
 In year 2000
 Dr Neil Cherry Said.
Cell phones will high probably increase many neurological diseases and brain tumours over the next 10 to 20 years
Figure 45: Summary of observed effects, and the mean levels of the exposure for human studies of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. All epidemiological studies occur below the ICNIRP and New Zealand Standard of allowable exposure.

These genotoxic biological mechanisms strongly support the large number of epidemiological studies that show significant increases of cancer, neurological, cardiac and reproductive health effects from ELF and RF/MW exposure in military, occupation, and residents studies. Altogether they show a causal relationship from EMR exposure and wide-spread adverse health effects. All of these adverse health effects are shown to be significantly increased in multiple epidemiological studies, including many with significant dose-response relationships. This data puts the situation in a very clear light. There are causal relationships between extremely low mean EMR exposures across the spectrum and a wide range of serious adverse health effects.

Cell Phone Conclusions:

Cell phones will high probably increase many neurological diseases and brain tumours over the next 10 to 20 years

Cell sites will highly probably increase miscarriage, many cancers, many diseases, significant neurological and cardiac diseases and death.

Thousands of cell sites being installed in communities, are significantly raising the exposure of millions of people to RF/MW at levels that are know to cause serious adverse health effects.

The problems are going to increase unless rapid, drastic and determined moves are made to reverse the trend and only install new sites in locations that produce extremely low mean residential exposures,

somewhat less than 10 nW/cm2 (0.01m W/cm2).