Betreff: Leukaemia...powerline link...MUST EVALUATE CLOSE EXPOSURES..% WILL INCREASE!!!
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The "percentage of concern" would rise dramatically if they would also address the fact that millions of persons do not develop Leukaemia but are most likely suffering from varying symptoms often referred to as "ES" (electrical sensitivity) -- what Assoc. Prof. Olle Johannson, I and others now refer to as  "EMF/EMR-related toxicity" or also "EMF/EMR poisoning" the severity and symptoms of which vary greatly depending upon distances from transmission lines, cellular antennae, WiFi, electric appliances, electric and gas meters, inverters and generators, transformer boxes for cordless phones and games, cordless phones themselves, as well as cell phones and more.. 
The issues re "amount" of "chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures" -- particularly "at night," demand specific focus and attention that I don't think is being evaluated in a way that will reduce not only childhood Leukaemia but also Leukaemia in adults.
EMF/EMR exposures can not be "properly evaluated" by standing in the middle of an afflicted person's bedroom with a gaussmeter or other measuring device.  Likewise, measurements of 200.0 milligauss on an electric clock are alarming and important but the fact the clock is close to one's bed means it needs to be moved.  The issue is far more complex than that --yet many "conclusive answers" will be provided when studies include "a focus" on types and numbers of electrical/phone items close to childrens' beds (adults too, of course).  In other words, "ambient readings" in the middle of sick childrens' bedrooms are only telling part of the story.  
The overwhelming evidence re our two grandsons' improvement by moving their beds away from electric meters, my guinea pig studies re electric meter, my husband's reversal of Alzheimers after moving electric clock radio off nightstand, my own improvement re what was said to be "pre-senile dementia" after moving to a bed away from the gas meter and husband's clock radio, reports by family in UK of son's exposure to electric meter and security system, report from Australia of a woman's son who died from Leukaemia and who slept close to an electronic game transformer and electric meter, Bonnie Boyum's report of her 23 yr. old son, Michael, who died from Leukemia -- he had an electric clock and small fan on headboard of his waterbed -- these stories which are "facts" are being told in the hope that children will be saved not only from Leukemia but also from needlessly enduring all of the other health problems being reported as "ES!!!".   
I view "the right to privacy" as "a huge obstacle" in regard to sorting out potential causes of childhood Leukaemia.  Persons around-the-world have been "brainwashed" by officials/society to the point that child after child will continue to struggle to cope in school (adults w/similar problems at work also) while dealing every day with the inability to think and study due to lack of proper sleep, chronic headaches, chronic sinus infections, chronic ear infections, depression, agitation, etc. until our school officials, mainstream medical associations, cancer societies, charities and other organizations can "break-down the barriers" that will begin to verify known facts that electrical items close to beds (some telephone equipment) may be "the primary source" of the catastrophic rises in all diseases.   This does not mean that the more distant exposures are not causing the same problems.......
Based on studies regarding radiation treatments, there are a number of known vitamin/mineral supplements that are essential to one's well-being.  Until close, nighttime exposures are given the required "serious attention," I see little hope for those of us living only 50 ft. from two high voltage powerlines, the millions of others close to transmission lines, cellular antennae, etc. unless persons follow closely alternative ways of supporting their immune systems!!!   It will take years to gather the information re "close exposures" and only then, will any "real progress" be made re establishing "liveable distances" from cellular antennae, transmission lines, etc..   
If a list of electrical items, etc. with questions about distances from child's bed were provided by schools and medical clinics to parents of children who are struggling in school, even if not identified as being "ill," and/or, if such a list of questions were provided at the beginning of every school year and turned over to the school nurse, the information could then be evaluated by PTO's (Parent/Teachere Organizations).  Medical providers including Alternative Medicine providers, could be asked/required to report connections to close nighttime electrical/phone exposures to the school nurse for each child exhibiting problems in school (often identified as ADD/ADHD, learning disabled) as well as childlren with other symptoms requiring medical consultation(s). 
Perhaps a fairly efficient gathering of information could be done regarding infants who develop signs of "noisy breathing" even before asthma may be developed, ear infections, chronic symptoms of any sort, by having medical clinics (birthing hospitals and clinics, midwives) initially provide a list of questions re electrical and phone equipment -- may even prevent symptoms in the first place -- that  could be turned over to a specific location within respective school districts that can then be evaluated by a group of parents in each area -- a sort of "pre-school PTO group" for the designated areas.
Labor unions might be interested in instituting a similar program for adult workers.  If something isn't done soon, the healthcare systems that are now "in shambles" will collapse -- one patient is diagnosed  with Alzheimers alone in just a little over a minute of every hour of every day!!!!. 
What we do know is that we can not depend upon any governmental organization to gather, evaluate or disburse information to the public.  The people need to take back their lives!!!   Best wishes to all and take care  -   Joanne
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Betreff: Leukaemia...powerline link (consider ban near homes and schools)...4-21-07

Power lines in new link to childhood leukaemia

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
Last Updated: 3:14am BST 21/04/2007

A leaked Government-commissioned report has raised fresh fears of a link between power lines and cancer.

The Government has been urged to consider a ban on building
new homes and schools near overhead high voltage power lines

The draft paper urges ministers to consider banning the building of homes and schools close to overhead high voltage power cables to reduce significantly exposure to electromagnetic fields from the electricity grid.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group on Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (Sage) says a ban is the "best available option", pointing out that some countries have "corridors" for high voltage power lines where development is not allowed.

The report was drawn up for the Department of Health by "stakeholders" including scientists, electricity company bosses, the National Grid, government officials and campaigners over two years.

It comes after the Health Protection Agency accepted there was a weak statistical "association" between prolonged exposure to power fields and childhood leukaemia.


The report stops short of specifically recommending a ban on new homes and schools within 200 feet of power lines, or vice versa, which could wipe up to "2 billion or more" off property prices and limit housing developments. However, it states: "We urge government to make a clear decision on whether to implement this option or not."

The 40 stakeholders have clashed over the final details and conclusions and it is unclear whether the leaked draft dated March 16 will be modified at a meeting of Sage scheduled for next week.

Two members of the panel, the regulator Ofgem and Scottish & Southern Energy, are understood to have quit.

Some stakeholders took the view - adopted by the Government's health advisers and the World Health Organisation - that childhood leukaemia is the only adverse health effect where evidence is strong enough for precautionary measures. According to this view, if there is a link, the building ban would cut just one case of childhood leukaemia every year or two and the costs would outweigh the benefits by a factor of at least 20.

But others have backed a California Department of Health Services paper in 2002 which suggested electromagnetic fields are "possibly carcinogenic" in terms of childhood leukaemia. It also cited four other health effects - adult leukaemia, adult brain tumours, miscarriages and motor neurone disease.

"The advice to government from following this 'California' view would therefore be to tend to favour implementing the 'corridors for new build' option," Sage added, stressing that this is why it has not been able to form a consensus.

The panel also recommends that the Health Protection Agency should issue more information about how to reduce the impact of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

For some years, there has been concern about cancer risks among people living near power lines. A pooled analysis of several studies suggests that the possibility exists of a doubling of the risk of leukaemia in children in homes at high levels of exposure to extremely low frequency (50-60 Hz) magnetic fields.

For the overwhelming majority of children living in homes with magnetic field levels below a given level - estimated to be 99.6 per cent of children in the UK Childhood Cancer Study - the data was consistent with no increased risk.

For higher magnetic fields levels, the leukaemia risk was estimated to be double.

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