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"The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery..."
—Thomas Paine

The November 2004 election just took place yet there's already a wealth of information pointing to widespread fraud that could have stolen the election. The evidence includes huge exit polling discrepancies on electronic voting machines vs. paper ballets, votes cast being larger than registrations, widespread malfunctions of electronic voting machines, problems with vote counting, along with voter suppression and intimidation.

This Web site will act as a clearinghouse for irregularities found. Among those involved is a professional researcher. Please contact us here to volunteer in this effort. We seek information gatherers and another professional Web site designer.


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Hundreds of angry Ohio residents marched through the streets of Columbus Ohio
Demonstration in Columbus, OH
Courtesy of Boom Chicago Amsterdam & BushFlash.com. Reality mirrors Flash movie. [1] [2]
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Warren County, Ohio votes were counted behind closed doors. They were the last Ohio county to report votes. Spokespersons there claimed they were given a "10" FBI terror threat yet this has been contradicted by FBI and Ohio's primary homeland security officials. Call them at 513-695-1000 and ask what they were up to. E-mail their auditor at auditor@co.warren.oh.us.

White House argues to "deny" Americans the right to file voting rights lawsuits

Public Hearing on Election Irregularities and Voter Suppression,
Columbus, OH on Saturday, November 13

Votergate, a 30-minute investigative documentary, provides evidence that new computer voting systems can be manipulated. It details failures by Diebold Election Systems.

Did George W. Bush Steal the 2004 Election? Listen to the case against e-voting systems. FreeDocumentaries.org provides free video resources to promote democracy domestically and internationally by way of education.

Howard Dean's Democracy for America has a petition that calls on Congress and the states to require that voting machines have paper trails.

Black Box Voting is leading the effort to expose fraud through electronic voting machines. They are making Freedom of Information requests. They need contributions for costs. Please help.

Only if an outraged public demands it, will an investigation take place. Please do your part in upholding democracy.

Election Fraud - How You Can Help and What You Can Do

Alliance for Democracy Launches Ohio Honest Elections Campaign

Join PFAW Foundation in Acting on What We Saw November 2nd!

Sign the MoveOn.org petition demanding a full investigation

Demand an investigation. Contact your U.S. Representatives and ask them
to join John Conyers, Jr., ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee

A Petition to Congress: Investigate 2004 Election

Attorney General: Investigate Voter Intimidation!
(not as important as the petition to Congress)

PUSH for Meaningful Election Reform NOW