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Dr. Gerald Goldberg:   Re your comment about neutropenia and AIDS   [quote:  may have something in common with immune suppression that is seen in AIDS> 
I think you are correct.  Obviously an AIDs patient is "immune deficient" at time of diagnosis but then also suffers the "rigors of treatment."   Then, depending upon additional EMF/EMR-related toxicity due to chronic, prolonged exposures at night, the poor suffering soul eventually responds to treatment, lingers in varying stages, or worsens and dies. 
Re initiation of AIDs, who knows whether RF signals,combined with too much sun, or separately, may have played a much bigger part in disease promotion even in Africa -- signals being stronger, etc.
In the past, several have suggested the possible association between EMF's and AIDS.  
The Purdey brothers -- I think Mark Purdey, in particular, writes about "heavy metals," EMF's and mad cow disease.  He also thinks this was "an industry scam."
My guinea pig didn't come in contact with an animal with "mad cow disease" nor did she eat animal parts.  She died from "TSE-like" -- Reactive Renal Amyloidosis.  There was a search for "heavy metals" -- none were identified in her metabolic panel.   Tau and amyloid proteins are involved in these diseases as well as Alzheimers........     EMF-EMR-related toxicity is "the reason....."    My guinea pig died from a "mad cow-like" disease!   The University of Minnesota Vet Lab made this diagnosis at necropsy.  Why do you suppose "no one" has made an announcement (with the exception of me)?
Barbara Lake from Nova Scotia reported a couple of years ago that her hamster died from "a TSE-like" brain problem and the tissue was sent to Toronto for follow-up exam.  The hamster cage was on her cupboard right next to the microwave oven.   Has anyone heard any sort of "official report" re this case? 
I believe there is more than a connection between every single disease but, so far, I only mention AIDS in conjunction with my grandsons in regard to the fact they couldn't be classified as "Secondary Immune" because the category was used to differentiate between "transmissible" versus "inherited" (or "supposedly inherited) immune deficiencies -- "Primary Immune." 
Like you, I "think about the possibilities" but then "forge ahead"........
Once we have funding for the much-needed  "responsible, accurate studies" done by Prof. Olle Johansson, we (or our predecessors -- I think you are younger than me) can begin to "chip away" at the other "smoke-screens" (fraud) that are so prevalent.    
As you know, until confirmation and educational materials are distributed re probable harm as result of close exposures, it will be impossible to "be definitive" re probable adverse effects due to the more distant exposures.   Withholding information and outright deception is the "way of government and industry," so we and others continue on with "the war.....!!!!"       Take care  -  Joanne 
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Betreff: Neutropenia...Eileen O'Connor...suspected phone mast (metal headboard at home)..
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Leukemia...ALL....see ref to electromagnetic radiation...neutropenia....2006


I found this an interesting article; it adds another piece of the jigsaw to the puzzle.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my white blood cells suffered while living 100m from the phone mast. I was only able to take only one dose of chemotherapy before I turned neutropenic, it was a tremendous struggle to get through the chemotherapy which had to be extended as a result. The only way they could boost my white blood cells was to give me a course of neutropen injections which forced the white blood cells out of the bone marrow. Interestingly on three occasions I visited my sister in Liverpool to celebrate family events, on return to the hospital for blood check tests I was shocked to discover that my white blood cells had shot up without needing any neutropen injections, after just two long weekends away my blood had recovered enough to cope with the chemo and after 6 days away my white bloods cells went through the roof. I discovered that my sister's home was completely free from radiation.

It just goes to show how quickly your blood suffers and how quickly it can recover.

Eileen O'Connor


I am sure that there is a lot more to be learnt from blood samples; actually, me and my collaborators would like to do a lot e.g. regarding microwave exposure from base stations and/or cellular phones, magnetic fields from power lines, EMFs from computer screens, etc. + a screening of blood (as well as various connective tissue-based) cells and their respective markers.

When we have applied to funding organizations about it, we have (funny enough!) been turned down?! Why?? What are they trying to hide??

Olle Johansson,
assoc. prof.
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