Last Call for Iraq Photo Project

Join 1,500 people who have already told Iraqis how they feel!

Final deadline for submissions: October 12

Many Americans are distraught over the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The devastating loss of life, the ongoing chaos, insurgency and bloodshed fill us with grief and shame. More than 1,000 U.S. troops have died in Iraq, and 15 times as many Iraqi civilians. Tens of thousands have been badly wounded; cities and neighborhoods have been devastated.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation-USA is offering a "people-to-people" opportunity to communicate our sorrow, our prayers for peace, directly to Iraqis, in the form of photographs.

But TIME IS RUNNING OUT!  On October 20 in Washington D.C., we will be presenting our collected photographs of ordinary Americans expressing their feelings to media organizations for broadcast and publication in Iraq. To be included in this collection, your photos must reach us by October 12.

So far we have more than 270 photos from about 85 cities and towns, involving 1,500 people. They are holding handwritten messages expressing what is in their hearts: their grief, shame and compassion, their heartfelt apologies for what has been done in their name, and their messages of peace, friendship and common humanity.

Take this last chance to add your message and your group to the list. Gather in a group, large or small, and prepare clear, handwritten messages in your own words to hold in solemn silence while a photograph is taken. Participants should stand solemnly and seriously.  Photos of laughing, grinning, waving people, and flippant messages or gestures are NOT appropriate and will not be included. If taking digital photos, please set your camera to the highest resolution available. Please make sure your lettering is legible.

Either email your photos, identified by town and state, to iraq@forusa.org , or mail them to lraq Photo Project, Fellowship of Reconciliation, 521 N. Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960.

Take advantage of the last chance to join this project! Read more at  http://www.forusa.org/programs/iraq/iraq-photoproject-statement.html

See sample messages at http://www.forusa.org/programs/iraq/iraq-photoproject-messages.html

See the growing photo gallery at http://www.forusa.org/programs/iraq/iraq-photoproject.html 

For more information, contact:

Hossein Alizadeh

FOR Iraq Coordinator (845)358-4601 iraq@forusa.org



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