Betreff: Word usage? {Re: Osteoporosis and EMR, a possible link?)
Von: Martin Weatherall
Datum: Thu, 10 May 2007 17:21:56 -0400

Hi Mary-Sue
Osteopenia is the name of the condition that occurs before full osteoporosis is diagnosed.  I have just sent you a link to Web MD, which shows a better description of the condition.  Because of your question I did a quick search of the subject and soon found that radiation is one of the prime causes of oseopenia.  Thanks for making me look a little further! 
I find it interesting that radiation is one of the causes of osteopenia, yet the condition is diagnosed and monitored by dangerous levels of radiation in the form of x-rays.
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Thank you for all this information.  After reading Andrew Goldsworthy's research I have been thinking about another problem which may be related, in humans.  Several people that I know suffer from osteoporosis or the pre-courser condition. 

Do you mean that they have a condition that is a "precursor" as in a condition that typically leads to osteoporosis? 

Their bones are becoming brittle because of a lack of calcium and many are taking medical supplements to stop the problem getting worse.
This seems to be a medical problem which is becoming more widespread.  It makes me wonder if it is caused by electrical and electromagnetic pollution.