Betreff: Dr Mercola on bees and cell phones
Von: Dorothee Krien
Datum: Sun, 6 May 2007 17:27:46 +0100

There's a posting on disppearing bees and cellphones on Dr Mercola's website that gives several links.


Cell Phones May be Why Honeybees Are Disappearing

Scientists are having a difficult time explaining the rapid decline of the honeybee population in the United States and Canada, known as colony collapse disorder, that could affect crops depending on these insects for pollination.

Research presented some four years ago speculates the radiation emitted from cellular phones may contribute to the problem.

When cellular phones were placed near hives, the radiation generated by them (900-1,800 MHz) was enough to prevent bees from returning to them, according to a study conducted at Landau University.

Scientists believe the radiation produced by cellular phones may be enough to interfere with the way bees "communicate" with their hives. Cellular phones may create a resonance effect that interferes with the movement patterns bees use as a kind of language.

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Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Although another study blamed the ongoing spread of genetically modified crops for the disappearance, cellular phones may also very well be contributing to the problem.

This comes as no surprise, considering all the harm mobile phones can do to male sperm, for example, as well as to your head.

I have run many articles detailing the studies that expose how the harmful radiation from cell phones can wreak havoc. I would encourage you to review an article that was published in Lancet several years ago; you can review my extensive summary of that article or you can go to the journal directly and obtain the information.

Do you really want an acoustic neuroma (tumor) growing inside your head? If you are fortunate enough to avoid nervous system malignancies, then how will you contend with the cellular damage these mobile phones cause?

While protecting your brain from harmful EMFs will do nothing to halt the disappearance of bees, one of your best and safest options would be to restrict your use of cellular phones to the speakerphone function, or find a safe headset.

Remember, just because you can't see the EMFs does not mean that they are not harming you. In many ways this scenario is very similar to smoking 100 years ago. The average person was oblivious to the possibility that smoking could be harmful.

What made it even worse was that the deceptive marketers of the time used physicians to convince people that it was actually "cool" and even healthy to smoke. Similar to cell phones, people would not drop dead until many years later. This delayed effect obscured the damage that was being done.

If you do not believe the data, then I strongly encourage you to review some of the links below and rethink your decision on the safety of cell phones. We won't know the full extent of the damage these devices are producing for many years.

Hard to remember but cell phones are NOT that old. Although they were developed in the '40s and '50s, most people did not adopt them much more than 10 years ago. Think about it for a moment; I will bet you and most people you know have not had cell phones for more than 10 years. Until the late 1980s they were too large to be carried in a jacket pocket so they were permanently installed in the car as car phones.

If most people had just started smoking 10 years ago we would have virtually NO CLUE as to how dangerous it is.

Are you really willing to risk your life on the chance that these devices are perfectly safe?

I certainly am not, which is why I ALWAYS use the safe headset or the speaker phone. My first choice is the speakerphone, and I encourage all of you to get a phone with that feature and use it. Keep that darn phone away from your head.

Occasionally I do use the phone in my car, but I have a model that can wirelessly connect to the phone through Bluetooth and it is completely hands-free. My phone is four feet from me and I just talk to the windshield and the sound comes through the car's audio system. It really is pretty slick and not much different than talking as if the person were in the car with you.

However, most of you will not be able to do this because your car does not have that function. So, the bottom line is use the speaker phone on your phone or use the safe headset that I use, which has an air tube so the radiation doesn't transfer up to your brain.

Let's keep those brain cells healthy, folks!

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