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The information on FEB site re ES and various exposures is important to review.   While the recommendations are not as strong as I would like to see re "close, nighttime EMF/EMR exposures," the facts nevertheless confirm knowledge re such exposures has been available for quite some time.    Take care  -   Joanne


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FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive



This is a translated information document from the Swedish FEB-association. 
Copyright (C) 1994 FEB

FEB - The Swedish Association For the Electrically and VDT Injured TECHNICAL GUIDE for the Electrically Sensitive

" ........Small transformers

i.e. adapters of battery eliminators, are the little boxes (often black) that you will find plugged into the wall socket or fixed to the cords of calculators, radios, charging sets, doorbells etc.

They look completely harmless but they will as a rule generate very strong magnetic fields. They are also to be found in mains operated alarm clocks or transistor radios. Heating pads, blankets and water beds should be avoided at all times, even if they do not employ thyristors [dimmer switch technology....see other information on this website....jcm...6-10-07....).

Mains operated alarm clocks or clock-radios

should be avoided in the bedroom. Exchange such clocks for a mechanical or battery powered alarm clock. On the whole, you should avoid all mains operating appliances in the bedroom........."