Betreff: [New World Disorder] New site to advance investigation of vote
Von: "M Jenny"
Datum: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 16:09:50 -0800

The information is below and I would like to add that many, if not all,
creators of the site were/are supporters of Dennis Kucinich. L*

By now you've probably seen enough suspicious evidence to be convinced
that extensive investigation of our November 2nd election is required
for us to uphold our democracy.  The media are not yet doing the
required work. It's therefore time for us to organize and get active.
We have just launched a new web site, ( ) as a clearinghouse for the information YOU
need to stay abreast of the latest developments and a way to connect
with others who share your concerns. 
Anyone who registers can add information in the form of articles,
links, discussions, and actions (pending approval).  You can also add
information to the wiki, which permits the free addition of content,
resources, and links. We will do our best to filter for the highest
quality information, the most promising leads, and the highest impact
I also invite you to sign the November 2nd Truth Statement, which will
be used to exert influence. You can sign it directly at
May our efforts lead to full disclosure of the truth!
Stephen Dinan and the team
The November 2nd Truth Statement

As Americans who are proud of our heritage and our country, we are
outraged that the mounting evidence for manipulation and deceit in the
November 2nd election is not receiving adequate public attention, legal
examination, and media scrutiny.
In a democracy, no right is as precious as the right to determine who
shall govern us.  The right to self-determination is at the sacred core
of the United States.  That is why we believe it is imperative that any
hint of voting irregularities be pursued, investigated, and exposed.
Around the world, electoral fraud has often been the norm.  If it turns
out that America has joined the ranks of those who face widespread
electoral cheating, we believe that there is no greater and more urgent
task than the immediate investigation of all such evidence.
We are open-minded and rational in our approach, not assigning blame
until we have had a chance to weigh the evidence. However, based on
news articles, preliminary research, statistical analysis, and clear
examples of faulty data, under-provisioning of districts, voter
suppression, and unbalanced ballot spoilage, we believe that there is
strong evidence that forces sought to falsify the results of this
election and deny the will of the people.
We therefore demand:

Immediate investigation by state Attorneys General in all affected
Public congressional hearings on the evidence
Media attention to this issue

We, the undersigned, support this statement.