Betreff: Neutropenia....chemotherapy and RADIATION-induced.....
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Dear Olle :    Look what I found tonight!!!
While I did copy the images for my files (personal reference use only -- copyright applies obviously), it is the information contained in the paragraph "Radiation-induced Neutropenia Models that is of "primary importance......(re my guinea pig studies)"      Access:

The "controlled dose of radiation" mentioned on the above site, also applies to the sort of exposure my guinea pigs received when their cage was placed against my bedroom wall opposite our electric meter.  They occasionally made a sound like a "cough" -- within several days to a week after exposure.   I took them to the Vet (rales confirmed by more than one doctor) and had CBC's with diffs drawn.   That evening, I received a phone call from an "astonished Vet" who explained the guinea pigs' tests showed severe neutropenia and lymphocytosis!!!!   
The "surviving guinea pigs" went on to "normalize" re their CBC's after reducing exposure by moving their cage to the basement -- one out of each set of two.   The two sets of two each were exposed months apart with "identical results."   Different necropsy results for the one guinea pig out of each set who sadly and unfortuntely died within a couple of weeks after exposure but, test results were the same "severe white cell changes" re all four guinea pigs with the improvement occurring in one out of each set of two (the survivors). 
In other words, I produced "temporary suppression of neutrophil counts" (in the survivors) by exposing the guinea pigs to nonionizing radiation from the electric meter, with the counts "returning to normal range" after reducing exposure (by moving cage to the basement -- "away from the electric meter.......")
This information plus the other information I have regarding "hypersegmented neutrophils" (slowed DNA synthesis) being "markers for irradiation" makes for a pretty strong case that nonionizing, low level, chronic, prolonged "close exposures" (meters/appliances) can be expected to result in the identical blood changes that occur as result of chemotherapy as well as low dose, ionizing radiation under "controlled conditions."
I don't recall whether the hypersegmented neutrophils were identified on the first test after exposure but think so.  I, of course, have all of the records.
Sorry, I know you and most others fighting for the people in this EMF cause, already know the facts re my guinea pig studies.   It is just that this new information helps greatly by clarifying the similarities in health effects whether ionizing or nonionizing radiation at certain doses and under controlled conditions.
Best wishes and take care  -  Joanne
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Betreff: Neutropenia....chemotherapy and RADIATION-induced.....
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Neutropenia Models

Neutropenia, the depression of neutrophil counts in blood, is a common side effect of cancer chemotherapy. This same depression of neutrophil counts or depression of blood cell levels in general, can also occur in patients with leukemia.

Perry Scientific is a leader in the evaluation of new cancer agents using neutropenia models. Our scientists have developed a series of animal models which can be used to evaluate the efficacy of new compounds used to treat neutropenia. This evaluation of new cancer agents in mice exhibiting chemotherapy-induced neutropenia is quite difficult, but we have optimized the technique.

Radiation-Induced Neutropenia Models

In Perry Scientific’s radiation-induced neutropenia model, neutropenia is induced in mice by exposing them to a carefully controlled dose of radiation from a cesium source. Depending on the dose, this method can be used to temporarily or permanently suppress neutrophil counts.