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A similar "independent" web resource was started in Canada a number of years ago by Roger Poirier, former head of the canadian wireless association [and therefore totally unbiased!].  CBC television program "Marketplace" did a wonderful expose on this "resource" a while back.  It exposed a money trail to Dan Krewski, an "independent" researcher for IARC. Robert Riedlinger led the charge to get him kicked off.  Then IARC replaced Krewski with Health Canada's Art Thansandote, unfortunately.
Have a good laugh and check out the site and Board of Directors and advisors of this unbiased organization.  McBribe, Krewski, Motorola, Health Canada, Industry Canada, all in the same bed.
As usual, if you hold your nose and follow the money you'll find out all you need to know.
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Friends:  This notice was sent out late last night to millions of consumers in the U.S.  The organization,, is a front for the cell phone industry under the guise of a consumer friendly non-profit organization.  If you dig deep enough you will find CTIA behind this, with the usual suspect CTIA lap dogs in the coalition.  While the surface issue seems to be costs to consumers because of inconsistent state laws, the real purpose is to address the health risk issue which the industry believes is spiraling out of control by putting together a grass roots mailing list of millions who they can then contact directly.  I am sad to say that from my experience, I recognize this as Washington Politics 101.  The bad news for consumers is that it is very effective if allowed to gain momentum.  We need to stop this in its tracks.
I have known this was coming for some time from my "stealth" contacts within the industry.  The industry pulled the trigger last night.  The industry is concerned about the growing membership numbers of members in the Safe Wireless Initiative, Wireless Consumers Alliance, the EMF Forum, as well as other consumer advocacy groups, and the new willingness of the media to talk and write about studies that show health problems.  An industry issues management task force was put together to deal with the problem and this is what they came up with.
It would be very helpful if you were able to put the word out into your contact groups that this new organization is not what it appears.  The wolf has taken on sheep's clothing.......and the plan is not consumer or public health friendly.
Thanks for spreading the word.
Dr. George L. Carlo
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