Betreff: Depletion of Antioxidants Linked To Brain Tumors
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Datum: Sun, 27 May 2007 20:12:01 +0200

I have not much doubt if you count together the 100 times more energy absorption then expected inside brain tissue during using a mobile phone, Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti found and the hot spot in the near field Robert C. Kane described in his book. Keeping in mind we have very strong magnetic and electric field in the near zone of RF antennas such as mobile phones. It depends on the wavelength used how large this zone is.

Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti (Head of Max-Planck-Institut for collid- and boundary layer Potsdam)

As common known human cells will not tolerate much more then 42C, so there is tremendous harm taking place at the small hot spots with ridiculous temperatures. Next your brain can't tell you about the overheating, it has no sensors to detect at all. So any phone usage keeps the immune system pretty busy to repair all the damages inside your brain. All this while your blood-brain-barrier is wide open, allowing for stuff to enter the brain that is not allowed inside brain tissue.

It seems Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti  crawled back later, his findings wouldn't be that dramatic...

Now, for whatever reason the brain of people with EHS has grasped the connectivity between those damages and EMF from mobile phones and alike stuff. It somehow refuses to battle against the damage, resulting in the simple fact that you will never ever put a mobile phone at your head again, for the rest of your live. Somehow like small children learn to be careful with fire?

At least the theory sounds more appealing, then the fact your immune system just ran out of "fuel". Remembering that even constant low radiation can suppress Melatonin production remarkable! From my experience Antioxidant killers are a live safer, they seem as Paul pointed out team up together. Effectively turning down most pain resulting from radiation quite impressive, though not completely.

OK, can we have no this radiation free island? ;-)



On 5/27/07, Paul Doyon <> wrote:

Numerous studies have shown that exposure to microwave radiation and other EMR depletes the body of a number of its naturally occuring antioxidants like SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) and Glutathione. The following study shows that these antioxidants are also depleted in people with brain tumors, especially malignant brain tumors. This offers another link between exposure to microwave and other EMR and brain tumors. It also hints to us that perhaps we need to take antioxidants in supplement form to guard against the negative effects of being exposed to our daily doses of ambient radiation. And the insanity continues...
Brain tumor and role of -carotene, a- tocopherol, superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase

Aggarwal Sarita1, Subberwal Manju1, kumar Sushil2, Sharma Meenakshi 3
1 Department of Biochemistry, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India
2 Deptt. of neurosurgery,G. B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi, India
3 Department of biochemistry and biotechnology National Institute of communicable diseases, New Delhi, India

Correspondence Address:
Subberwal Manju
146A/AG-1, Vikaspuri, New Delhi

The erythrocyte levels of the antioxidant enzymes SOD and GPx, and serum levels of antioxidants vitamins -carotene and -tocopherol were estimated in various types of brain tumors, and were compared with the levels in controls. Statistically significant (P<.001) diminished levels of - carotene, -tocopherol, SOD and GPx, were observed in all the brain tumor patients as compared to controls. Malignant tumor also showed a relative decrease in antioxidant levels as compared to benign tumors. Comparison of histopathological sections of brain tumors also suggested a inverse relationship between antioxidant level and grades of malignancy. Marked decrease in antioxidant levels may have a role in genesis of considerable oxidative stress in brain tumors. Further more, the degree of decline in antioxidant levels may indicate severity of malignancy in brain tumors.;year=2006;volume=2;issue=1;spage=24;epage=27;aulast=Aggarwal;type=0

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