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I've done more investigating and have discovered:


1)  why the governments are filling us full of Mercury,

2) what this has to do with Rote Programming, and, though I didn't touch a lot on this aspect in the article,

3) how the altered Brain / Body waves, from ELF's, TV viewing, and passive practices in school, at home and on the job, fit into this picture.


Please pass this article below on to whomever you wish with the copyrights. A lot of the quotes in the article come from David Bodanis' book "Electric Universe". I wouldn't want either of us to get in trouble for stealing them. This information is going to a lot of the Big Wigs in my Autism Group, The Autism Autoimmunity Project, today. I think you will find it very enlightening.


Faith Christian~Dyson


P.S. I'm the author of the De-Neuralization article you published a couple of years ago and, if you remember, it was my husband who made it possible for everyone to have a cell phone by lowering the prices back in the early 80's. I'm still trying to make up for that mistake by finding the cure for everyone, including Autistics. I think this new information may just do the trick.


Mercury: Setting The PATTERN In Stone For Non-Detoxification


I just read most of the book called "Electric Universe" by David Bodanis and within its pages, he makes a curious statement regarding the reseach of Alan Turing. Turing goes down in History as "the first man to show in persuasive detail how it would be possible to change" the idea that "to get a different task done, you needed to build a different machine".

What's this got to do with Mercury? Mercury makes it possible to program one machine so you don't have to program the next one... I'll explain further in a moment what this has to do with machines, especially computers, but, to answer your question right now, I'll just say that Mercury :

1) halts the previous natural program of the way humans personally experience the world / learn and aquire behaviors and

2) sets in stone the un-natural program that will make it possible to not have to reprogram the behavior, ( and possibly the intellect ), of a human being with each successive generation after one generation is rotely programmed.

In the process of "setting our intellect and behavior in stone", Mercury ALSO halts the body's built in process of self-cleansing, self-programming and self-building - on the cellular level. Mercury is a toxin that makes it impossible for the Brain / Body to detoxify, recreate and regenerate ITSELF - unless reprogrammed BACK to doing otherwise.

What we'll find out next is that this reprogramming doesn't have to come from within the victim of Mercury Poisoning, although this greatly helps, but it can come from an external source, say, a whole family that allows itself to be reprogrammed and then the "CORRECT RATE OF ELECTRICITY" that comes from within and radiates out of them, ( through Brain waves that can influence anything and everyone within a 200 mile radius ), can reprogram the victim as well to the CORRECT RATE OF ELECTRICTY that regenerates our cellular ability to detox, recreate and regenerate themselves AUTONOMOUSLY!

What happens next is that not only does the victim become reprogrammed, but so too does the whole family and then the whole family's cells can begin to detoxify, program and build themselves brand new - just as they were originally designed to do.

Nature has not programmed us to retain the toxins that enter our bodies. That would be the equivalent of Life itself commiting suicide. Instead, science has also now proven that every cell has been programmed to rid us of all toxidity.  That would be the equivalent of Life preserving itself forever. 

Wouldn't it make more sense for LIFE to have figured out a way to cleanse, program and rebuild our parts every time they wear out than to believe we have a built in self-destruct mechanism? Well, this is what Science is now proving as fact. Our cells generate brand new from once a year to - every second. They do this because they are designed to reuse everything we're made of by cleaning up the parts, programming them as per the original design to cleanse themselves, then rebuilding them and regenerating them to do just that - over and over and over again.

Therefore, what I'm trying to tell you all is that it is the non-cleaning program, the program that makes nothing new, but just repeats the same old toxic thing over and over again, is the program that's being made to stick in our cells and cause the main problem of non-detoxification within us. Get rid of the "sick" programming, which is all actually "electrical" by nature, not chemical, and you also get rid of the chemical, Mercury, storing the "sick" data.

Once the body returns to its original program of detoxification, then all the cells follow that program - and even detoxify us of mercury - rather than continuing to follow the one "set in stone" by Mercury, designed to allow them to stay repetitiously unclean. I know this works simply because I did it with my twin sons dx'ed with Autism and my daughter dx'ed with Learning Disabilities - and they recovered after Mercury Poisoning.

We went back to the programming that allowed us to think new things and do new things, rather than the same things over and over and over again. Our cells cleaned up their activities too. The junk cleared out. We started functioning correctly.

To understand how this works, we must return to Alan Turing and his ideas that made History. Here I'll begin to mainly quote from the book, "Electric Universe".  You have to know the background information for everything I said above to make any kind of plausable sense. After that I'll explain what the information from "Electric Universe" means to our daily lives.

You see, Turing had heard of a very complicated mathematical problem that delt with a deep problem in logic, asking how certain long chains of reasoning could be carried out. Most researchers assumed that the answer would come with an abstract mathematical proof.

Not Turing, however. He dreamed of a machine that could quickly resolve questions about how to prove the truth or falsity of any abstract statement. That machine would need electricity, ( which I found out from this book is in everything and everyone ), perhaps in a form not even yet imagined, but that didn't preoccupy Turing at that point. He wondered what else this machine could do.

All that machine's operator would have to do was write down, very clearly, the instructions he wanted it to follow. The machine wouldn't have to understand what those instructions meant. ( For anyone who has studied "Childhood Development Programs", they should be able to discern the fact that this is the perfect definition of "Rote, Teach To Test" or "Outcomes Based Education". ) The machine would simply have to execute those instructions. Turing proved that almost any action could be translated into simple logical steps that a machine could follow.

We today are so used to machines carrying out sequences of instructions, we automatically assume that a computer or cell phone will follow out our tapped in commands, that it's hard to remember a time before it was accepted. But when Turing was a student, ( back in the 1930's ), hardly anyone imagined that inert machinery could accomplish such intelligent work.

Turing called this mechanical wizard : "The Universal Machine". He described it as "self-contained and entirely without emotion." If it was fed the right instructions, then from that point on, it could operate on its own - forever.. The machine wouldn't even need an operator to reach inside and change it when the tasks it faced changed. For Turing had also begun developing the concept of Software.

He realized his machine wouldn't be useful if it had to be rebuilt each time it was given a new problem to work on. Instead, he simply imagined that the inner parts of the machine could be rearranged as needed. This Software might seem to be a part of the solid substance of the computer, but it would really be constantly shifting around, configuring itself in one restless way, then another.

This is where electricity comes in. Turing's imagined computer couldn't simply have a lot of wires locked into one particular configuration. For when WE THINK, we're comparing and combining lots of different sensations and thoughts; we perform a huge number of rearrangements with them, and we do it very quickly. If Turing's computer were to match the human mind, it too would need lots of switches that could rearrange themselves just as quickly.

Here's where the puzzle starts to fall into place.

Telephone companies had reached the limits of simple metal switches a long time before. Those switches used very thin metal wires that acted like miniature swiveling drawbridges. Electrons poured up to the mouth of the drawbridge, and if the bridge was in position, the electrons, ( the same ones that carry information across the gaps in our bodies too ), would hurry across the gap. But if the drawbridge wire had been raised or had swiveled to one side, the electrons skidded to a halt, or just fell aimlessly into the gap - and the signal they carried didn't get through. ( Think here of neurotransmittors and synapses. )


Let me repeat that fact: the signal they carried didn't get through.

Turing was exasperated. The only way to get a computer to operate, he knew, was to create a physical machine that was quite simple, with an arrangement of hardware inside SO PLIABLE that one could devote one's efforts to coming up with PROGRAMMING that would change HOW the ELECTRICAL SIGNALS INSIDE were shuttled around. ( Remember, at this point in reading, that computers are modeled on how the human brain and body actually works - like a computer by programs and electricity... ) There was no need to build the physical machine fresh each time.

It didn't help that Turing still had no sufficiently miniature components for his switches or his STORAGE DEVICES. ( The Software inside his machines could just be a changable pattern of electrical curcuits, ( Think here of Brain / Heart Waves and Rates. ), but there would also have to be solid hardware, such as a MEMORY SECTION to RECORD what the software came up with. ) Yet, the only components that were available were large and bulky.

To help with the MEMORY DEVICES, ( for the NEW PROGRAMMING the software came up with ), he tried a trick from the Radar Project of World War 2, where technicians found that if they filled a big round pipe with gallons of DENSE LIQUID MERCURY, and then sent pulses of liquid waves, ( such as the liquid within the human brain / body? ), through that MERCURY, those pulses bounced back and forth within the pipe with surprising accuracy.

The pattern lasts long enough to form the desired MEMORY DEVICE and record the NEW programming.

Later in the book, Bodanis explains how this all relates to the human brain and says that: The consequences of the telegraph and computer took decades to become clear; the future that neurotransmitters, ( Remember the electrons and the drawbridge.. ), will create still remains to be seen. He then goes on to state that: The great breakthrough for using them for detailed PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL came at Indianapolis labs of the ELI LILY COMPANY in THE EARLY 70's.

In trying to develop a way to make more Seratonin in the brain, they hit upon another process. While they couldn't make more Seratonin come out, they could make the little bit that did appear stay in operation much longer for those with apparent deficiencies. For Seratonin levels are controlled NOT just by how much is poured out from firing nerve cells in the brain, but also by HOW QUICKLY THE "DEMOLITION CREWS - THE JANITORIAL MOLECULES - floating in the gaps between brain cells - GRIND THEM APART AND LUG THEM BACK TO THE TRANSMITTING CELLS TO BE REABSORBED.


( By reabsorbed he means that the cells are self-cleaned/detoxed, self-programmed again as per their correct function, and then electrically self-regenerated to do the same job all over again. This means our cells are the most energy efficient and environmentally protective substances alive. )

So, the researchers at ELI LILY "reasoned" that, if someone wasn't producing enough Seratonin, or if their receptors for it aren't working well, then why not just slow down the DEMOLITION AND REABSORBTION PROCESS - ( which equates to the SELF-DETOXIFYING, SELF-PROGRAMMING AND SELF-BUILDING PROCESS of not just brain cells - but every cell in the entire body )?

The Seratonin stayed in place longer because the Brain / Body was no longer cleaning it - ( or anything else ) - up so it could be reused again, ( in a BRAND NEW, TOTALLY CLEANSED AND REGENERATED STATE . The information to do so was "falling off the drawbridge and plunging into the gaps never to be used to cleanse, program or regenerate the cells..." )

OK, since we've read David Bodanis' background material, we can now put together these six facts:

1) Mercury = a MEMORY DEVICE to set in stone whatever non-cleansing PROGRAM we rotely repeat through the electrical input, ( either from outside influences or internal Brain and Heart Wave / States / Rates ), our Brains and Bodies are experiencing.

2) ELI LILY figured out how to slow and / or stop our ORIGINAL Detoxification /  Program / Building / Regeneration Process in every cell of our body then "set in stone" the new rote, non-detoxification program as the program to be genetically read and reproduced every time a new Brain / Body was born - or encountered.

3) In the 1980's The United States held a Congressional Hearing into this type of Rote Programming. It's congressional witnesses, very credible administrators, teachers, doctors and researchers warned the government that Rote Programming would cause all of these "in house cleaning problems", but the government ignored the witnesses and their evidence, and kept the rote programs, with their cleansing, programming and regeneration problems, in place, then mandated mercury laced vaccines to RECORD THEM FOR POSTERITY in our Brains / Bodies.

4) Bush mandates more Rote Programming through his "No Child Left Behind Program."

5) Bush absolves Eli Lily of all responsibility for vaccine damages caused by CHEMICALS.

6) Autism rates explode.

This explains why the doctors that diagnosed my sons 23 years ago told me that "ROTE EDUCATION IS THE CAUSE OF AUTISM." Why is it the cause of Autism? Because the old, original detoxification / programming / rebuilding / regenerating project isn't being remembered by each damaged cell. All they are remembering is their new UN-NATURAL toxic state caused by Rote Programs, and their "in house cleaning / programming / regeneration problems, and the cells are reproducing the new non-detoxification program instead - because that is the "sick" program mercury makes them "remember".

Rote Programs cause this Toxic State simply because they nullify the Electrical State, The Alpha Brain and Heart Wave / Rate / State, that makes our cells clean up their debri and other toxins, program the next cell to clean up after itself too, rebuild a perfectly healthy new cell to replace itself and regenerate it with power. Rote Programs put us in an entirely different STATE of MIND that shuts off the memory, abilities, and power of our cells.


Our Brain and Heart waves change from Alpha to Theta or Beta State under Rote Programming. Those Brain Wave States are incorrect ELECTRICAL STATES that create Toxidity, which has nothing to do with Mercury at this point, that, in turn, result in the fact that our cells are no longer getting the information to clean up. The information is falling between our gaps and getting lost in the same way that those deficient in Seratonin are not being cleaned up either..

So, back to how we can reprogram our cells back to being NATURAL clean-up crews. We have to circumvent the NEW TOXIC, ROTE PROGRAMMING - ending its TOXIC Brain / Heart Wave / Rate / State - and its INCORRECT ELECTRICAL CURRENT - and replace it with the OLD PROGRAMMING that still has the NON-TOXIC DATA IN IT and the ELECTRICAL MEANS TO GENERATE IT IN OUR CELLS. What's the old programming?

Plain old Originality. Originality is the direct opposite of Roteness and within its Brain Wave State lies the perfect electrical charge to reset our brains / bodies, and all of the cells within, to 100% natural health!

Originality changes the electronics of the Brain / Body to a non-repetitious, ( non-rote ), process also known as "Creativity". Creativity is not something that only artists have. It's the original program in our brains / bodies that CREATE us cell by detoxified, programmed, rebuilt and regenerated cell! Without Creativity in our programs, ( either in schools and/or in us! ), we keep repeating that same old TOXIC PROGRAM over and over, and over, and over, and over again, because our cells are literally being denied "The, ( Correct Electrical ), POWER" to do so!.

Creativity is a Brain Wave State known as "The Alpha State". Most people, in "Rote Brain Wave State", are in either Theta or Beta State. When in these states, our brains and bodies are running on a Toxic program of thought processing that have not the power to clean us up. Mercury sets that TOXIC STATE in stone and then passes it down to our children genetically. Mercury STORES that "Powerless State" inside of us all.

It appears as if the genes are at fault, because they are passing it down. However, WHAT they are passing down, the ROTE PROGRAMMING that NULLIFIES our personal Detoxification System, is the MAIN problem. Get rid of the ROTE, TOXIC STATE OF MIND, AND ITS LOWER ELECTRICAL RATE, and substitute the old original CREATIVE STATE OF MIND, and the cells follow, ( the CORRECT electrical ), suit.

In Alpha State, the brain and heart generate the perfect RATE of electricity to detox our Brain / Body of anything. That State of Electrical Waves can generate outside of our bodies for up to 200 miles. Surely they can pass into our children and reset their Brain and Heart Waves at the same rate as well. So too can the improper electrical rate of Brain/Heart Waves helping to reinforce the improper state of our children's electrical output.

The more people around us in this correct electrical state, the stronger the signals to pass over those gaps and begin the natural repair job. The trick is to remain in this state and not return to lower, or higher, rote brain wave states, except when appropriate. They are for sleeping, not waking. They are for use in the night-time hours, not during the daylight hours. They are for actual emergencies, not for just personal thrills.

Once parents detox their programming, ( More natural schedules must also be rearranged to acheive this goal. ), then their new CREATIVE Brain/Heart Wave State and higher rate of electricity within can influence the Brain and Heart Wave state of their children. I know. I changed my own rote programming first, then all of a sudden my sons started talking to me and my daughter's IQ went off the scales... I too got a lot smarter.

You see, The Clean-Up Crews start working when they receive the right RATE of GENERATION / Electricity in ALPHA STATE in the daytime.

I began to understand what had been done to me and my children, ( and my husband - who didn't survive the toxidity programmed into him by our government's rote "developmental programs" ), from the above "angles". I learned why just ending one program and one Brain/Heart Wave State inside my body could TOTALLY detox me AND my children without their Conscious Participation, make us all completely healthy and it made perfect sense.
Simply leaving the rote programs and their improper electrical rates began our process back to thinking for ourselves - and being healthy. My Brain/Heart Wave State reset theirs. It made our cells go back to their original program of experiencing LIFE AS NON-TOXIC.

It's amazing what a little rote programming and mercury can do to the Brain / Body. It's also amazing what life is like without both. I suggest everyone try this new "Electrical, ( Brain/Heart Wave ), State". That State is what's either detoxing you or the prevention there-of is setting your cellular regenerators to an off position.

Mercury is being used to not only store a toxic program / toxic Brain Wave State / toxic electrical rates inside our cells, ( put there through Rote "developemental" programs and off sync schedules in schools, on the job and in the home ), but to also shut off our cell's original healthy memory and then its ability to pass it down to each cellular - and human - generation.

If it works like that in computers, and it does, then it works like that in us...

In short, you'd only have to rotely program one generation - just like one computer. All the rest there-after would already have the program "entered" into their "data base"... In a human being, cellular breakdown would be the side-effect - as we're all seeing now. Our health was sacrificed and for what? All for some scheme to pass data from generation to generation so less conditioning would have to be done in each new "machine"?

Think about it....

Think new and original thoughts about it.

Think creative thoughts about it all....

Only putting ourselves in Alpha State can get us out of the old toxic state.

Look at this whole mess in a new way, through Electricity and Rote Educational Programs, not through Chemistry. Only then can we begin to see what the chemicals are really doing to LOCK us into cellular dysfunction and degeneration caused by other sources.

The government is "playing God" with our internal electricity, then they're making sure, with mercury, that we stay uncleansed, uncreative and unregenerative in both Mind and Body all the way down to our cellular level - and beyond to our "Quantum Level" as well... We're experiencing rote existences and rote deaths. Its high time we learned how to zap it all out of ourselves with an original state of Mind/Heart that will radiate out from us and change the whole world.



Article By Faith Christian~Dyson  © 2007, Faith Christian~Dyson


Quotes from "Electric Universe" © 2005, David Bodanis