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This is a recent study by Dr. Russel Reiter, et al re melatonin as a free radical scavenger (February 2007) --     I think the references to  "physiological situations" is very meaningful particularly since "non-visible electromagnetic radiation" is mentioned as possibly affecting 24-hour circadian rhythm.  
I am concerned that "light" is specifically mentioned but no example is provided to explain what "non-visible electromagnetic radiation" exposures might be.   Perhaps the complete study includes an explanation?  
A review of Dr. Reiter's book, titled "Melatonin," published in 1995, while reviewing this abstract and also another study of Dr. Reiter's in 2000,  re melatonin protection against effects of ionizing radiation  --,   makes me wonder why Dr. Reiter's book has never been updated.   The book mentions over 130 more studies (not necessarily Dr. Reiter's, but.......) were being planned. 

Chapter 14 in Dr. Reiter's book, "Melatonin" is titled:  "  "The Elusive Enemy -- Electromagnetic Fields....How to protect yourself from melatonin-lowering EMFs....."      Among other important facts, this chapter explains in detail why bedroom exposures should be reduced -- he refers specifically to electric blankets, electric clocks, transformers, main power supply to home, wiring and more. 
There is so much valuable information in this book that I had to stop highlighting and clipping pages (long ago) for fear the extra stress on so many pages might cause the book to fall apart.  I don't recall exactly when I learned that the book is no longer in print, but I was and still am "very distressed" that such a valuable piece of work explaining the importance of melatonin, the vital roles it plays -- including important information regarding autism and Alzheimers, breast cancer and countless other health problems, may no longer be available.  Just the information regarding importance of healthy sleep and how and why melatonin helps correct those problems, make the book one of great importance even a decade after publication!!!
There is a  chart in the book, "Melatonin," showing melatonin levels in Alzheimers patients as being lower by more than half that of normal persons.   Consider the tragic rises in Alzheimers and other neurodegnerative disorders including autism -- another problem mentioned in the book as benefitting from taking melatonin.  We now know, of course, that the ASTM Gene re melatonin synthesis   --

is linked not only to autism but also most likely to all neurodegenerative disorders..
When Dr. Russel Reiter explained to me during a conversation in London (2004 First International Children With Leukaemia Conference), that my husband, Bud, may never have developed Alzheimers had he been taking melatonin all along, I thought he understood my concerns about the electric clock radio and the importance of moving it off Bud's nightstand, in addition to my giving Bud melatonin.    
A review of the book, as mentioned above, clearly indicates he "more than understood" and rather than addressing the issue of moving the electric item away from the bed, he chose instead to emphasize "consumption of melatonin."   My hope at the time was that he would share this vital information with others at the conference.   The three posters I was privileged to display at the conference clearly expressed my overwhelming concerns regarding close, nightime EMF/EMR exposures.  Not everyone attending the conference would have necessarily seen everyone's posters, however.  There were three separate display rooms.
Most of you know that Dr. Reiter was responsible for the press release titled "Light at Night May Cause Cancer."   Dr. Louis Slesin later expressed his concerns about the lack of information to the press re EMF's out of a conference that had so many important, brilliant EMF researchers in attendance and more than a day of oral presentations on the subject as well as the fact that the O'Gorman's believe their son and daughter's cancers (Leukemia and breast cancer)  were causally related to EMF's from a substation in their backyard.  
Thinking back on all of this plus my review of Dr. Reiter's book earlier tonight, causes me to strongly suspect Dr. Russel Reiter has most likely been "restricted" from openly sharing both his excitement about the benefits of taking melatonin as well as what he has known for years about the adverse effects of reduced melatonin levels.   He also knows that EMF's from electrical items -- especially at night -- adversely affect melatonin production.
I have mentioned numerous times how much melatonin has meant to me re my own sleep and heightened level of energy, etc. and also the fact that my husband Bud, no longer exhibits confabulation, and delusional, angry events have ceased completely.  All of this, in addition to his improvement in three areas of his Executive Function (neuropsych tests).  He does, however, still have serious memory problems and cognitive dysfunction that I attribute primarily to sleeping close to an electric clock radio (on nightstand) and taking statins (Lipitor) to lower his cholesterol (cholesterol is actually offers "protection" to the brain  -  see  )........ 
  I can't recommend strongly enough the importance of everyone involved in the EMF cause reading this important book IF it is possibly still available for purchase.       Take care everyone   -   Joanne
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"Our frame of reference determines what we look at and how we look. And as a consequence, this determines what we find."   Burke J, The Day the Universe Changed, 1985.


Vol. 54 No. 1/2007, 1–9
on-line at:
Melatonin and its metabolites: new findings regarding their production
and their radical scavenging actions
Russel J. Reiter1, Dun-xian Tan1, M. Pilar Terron1, Luis J. Flores1 and
Zbigniew Czarnocki2
1Department of Cellular and Structural Biology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San
Antonio, USA, 2Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland
Received: 16 February, 2007; accepted: 27 February, 2007
available on-line: 09 March, 2007
This review summarizes some of the recent findings concerning the long-held tenet that the enzyme,
N-acetyltransferase, which is involved in the production of N-acetylserotonin, the immediate
precursor of melatonin, may in fact not always control the quantity of melatonin generated.
New evidence from several different laboratories indicates that hydroxyindole-O-methyltransferase,
which O-methylates N-acetylserotonin to melatonin may be rate-limiting in some cases.
Also, the review makes the point that melatonin’s actions are uncommonly widespread in organs
due to the fact that it works via membrane receptors, nuclear receptors/binding sites and receptor-
independent mechanisms, i.e., the direct scavenging of free radicals
. Finally, the review briefly
summarizes the actions of melatonin and its metabolites in the detoxification of oxygen and
nitrogen-based free radicals and related non-radical products. Via these multiple processes, melatonin
is capable of influencing the metabolism of every cell in the organism
Keywords: antioxidant, free radicals, oxidative stress, electron donation, melatonin synthesis
                           *      ...            most of text and all references omitted......   * 
CONCLUDING REMARKS:   [....only small portion copied below....jcm...5 30 07...]
".......Finally, whereas light
is certainly the major impeller of the circadian melatonin
rhythm, there is also controversial evidence
that suggests non-visible electromagnetic radiation
may influence the 24-hour rhythm of melatonin
(Lerchl et al., 1990).
 Clearly, what enzyme is most
important in the control of melatonin synthesis
may have to be re-evaluated. Indeed, the activity
of what enzyme actually determines melatonin synthesis
may depend on the physiological situation........."
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