Betreff: EMF Discussion Group - Minutes of Last Meeting
Von: Eileen O'Connor
Datum: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 10:42:16 -0000

EMF Discussion Group Meeting  - released 16th January, 2007


Please note that the EMF Discussion Group (EMF DG) Minutes of the last meeting on 16th October, 2006 are now on the Health Protection Agency/Radiation website - you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find some important information enclosed in the minutes which includes quotes with regards to EHS from the Chairman Sir William Stewart.

Note: Page 7 - Sir William Stewart, Chairman for the UK Health Protection Agency requested a paper summarising the points included in my presentation on Mobile Phone Masts and Health Concerns as he wanted the opportunity to consider the issues in more detail outside the meeting.  I have attached a copy of the paper.


Dr George Carlo's visit to the UK and meeting at Westminster


The Radiation Research Trust (RRT) are proud announce that a Westminster meeting with Dr George Carlo has been confirmed – fellow RRT trustee Dr Ian Gibson MP has booked Committee Room 9 between 3 and 4pm on Thursday 22nd February, it will hold up to 95 people. Please encourage your MPs to attend this important meeting.   I will send out a full promotion about this shortly which will include information about Dr Carlo.  I have attached a report from Dr Carlo, which was also presented to Sir William Stewart and HPA staff at the EMF DG meeting. I will be attending a meeting with Sir William Stewart at the HPA, London – along with Dr Carlo and fellow RRT trustees Mike Bell and Brian Stein. 


Meeting at the World Health HQ, Geneva 16th January, 2007


I was given a fantastic opportunity to join our Irish friends at a private meeting at the World Health HQ in Geneva. We met Dr Maria Neira, WHO Director for Protection of Human Environment, Dr Emily Perkins Van Deventer, World Health Coordinator for Radiation and Environmental Health, and Dr Chiyoji Ohkubo, WHO Scientist for Radiation and Environmental Health Department of Public Health and Environment.  A press release will be sent out soon.


Kind Regards

Eileen O’Connor

Trustee EM Radiation Research Trust