Betreff: May we all unite as one voice to defeat these enemies that faces us all
Von: Eileen O'Connor
Datum: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 15:26:27 +0100

Enclosed EHS newsletter and some more interesting information, read the lovely inspirational tribute from Sandi Lawrence called “spiritual warrior”.  I have no doubt that we will one day see the sun break through the clouds as the world is full of spiritual warriors and I am honoured to be working closely with many of them.


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Eileen O’Connor

Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust



Omega-News: Leukemia and Diabetes Increase with Electrical Exposure (EMF)



Hi Eileen,


Lorry Braking Systems Affected by emfs


May I refer you to the article on page 12 of the current edition of "Private Eye"?


In an article entitled "Road Rage" a columnist states:


'Some lorry drivers are concerned about temporary electro-magnetic interference in their vehicle's control systems.   In other industries, including rail, problems of this nature would trigger official investigations, suspension of affected equipment or practices and new safety rules or standards.   The official response to this disturbing fault on lorries is that new standards will be applied . . .  but not until 2014.   Possibly.


'Long-distance lorry driver Peter Orr told the Eye how his modern truck, equipped with a high-tech engine control unit (ECU) suffered brief loss of control as it passed through areas of interference:  "Interference from powerful radio signals is knocking out the brakes and gearbox in my truck and others.   In the last two years there's been a massive boost in radio aerial power.   We've had serious issues with our trucks.   It affects the gearbox and braking system of 44-ton trucks, but it doesn't leave the memory in the computer system.   It just says there is a fault on your ECU."   [Presumably he means that no trace of the interference is recorded.]


He said the problem was acute in France but also occurred in Britain, including at a motorway service station where there were masts either side of the road.   He had reported the issue to the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, the governing body overseeing vehicle safety, in February, 2005, but feels he was brushed off.


'Vosa refused to tell the Eye how many drivers or businesses had reported the problem to it.   On its testing programme for interference, Vosa said:  "Vosa does not currently do any tests on electromagnetic interference for vehicle systems such as gearbox controllers.   There are EC type-approval directives on the subject but they are not currently part of the mandatory EC type-approval requirements for the registration of any class of motor vehicle other than private cars and motor-cycles.   However, part of the type-approval requirement for anti-lock braking systems usually fitted to heavy goods vehicles requires that these systems are not adversely affected by magnetic or electrical fields, although it does not reference directive standards.   Many of the goods vehicles sold in UK now are type-approved elsewhere in the EC."


Which in English means that nobody bothered to define minimum standards which trucks have to meet to ensure the systems controlling brakes and gearboxes are immune from electromagnetic interference.


Vosa added:  "For the future, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing for all vehicle systems as well as the existing anti-lock braking system is likely to become a mandatory requirement for type-approval for heavy goods vehicles, potentially from 2014."'


The article concludes that road vehicles run through residential streets, pass schools and share routes with pedestrians and cyclists, but applying stringent safety standards there is just too difficult, apparently.


Now you know my reading habits   8-)  .   Sorry, ever the cynic.




Ian F. Hawkes,

for CW12 Residents Group.


Having only ever had the threat of a mast in my backyard, which did not materialise,
I have enormous respect and admiration for those who carry on campaigning against masts despite dwindling support and lack of fellow campaigners.
With the Sidlesham Public Inquiry re-opening on the 14th December 2004 in Chichester, and knowing some of the personal circumstances involved, I just felt that these few should know how much they are appreciated now by a relatively few people in the order of things.   I also want them to know that  in the future, and with hindsight they will be remembered and respected by many. 
Then people may wish that they had acted differently!
I offer this tribute to them for their courage and perseverence and also encompass all other campaign groups who are in the same position and against great odds.
May we all unite as one voice to defeat these enemies that faces us all
Sandi Lawrence

Spiritual Warrior 

Life offers us the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior.
A warrior is one who bravely goes into those dark areas within

themselves to ferret out the Truth of their being.

It takes great courage, stamina and endurance to

become a Spiritual Warrior.

The path is narrow, the terrain rough and rocky.

You will walk alone: through the dark caves,

up those steep climbs and through the dense thick forest.

You will meet your dark side. The faces of fear, deceit, and

sadness all await your arrival.

No one can take this journey but you.

There comes a time, in each of our lives,

when we are given the choice to follow this path.

Should we decide to embark on this journey,

we can never turn back.... Our lives are changed forever

On this journey, there are many different places we can

choose to slip into and hide. But the path goes on.

The Spiritual Warrior stays the course, wounded at times,

exhausted and out of energy. Many times, the Warrior will

struggle back to their feet to take only a few steps before

falling again.

Rested, they forge on,

continuing the treacherous path.

The journey continues. The Spiritual Warrior

stays the course. Weakened, but never broken.

One day, the battle, loneliness and desperate fights are over.

The sun breaks through the clouds; the birds begin to sing

their sweet melodies. There is a change in the energy.

A deep change within the self.

The warrior has fought the courageous fight.

The battle of the dark night of the soul is won.

New energy now fills the Warrior.

A new path is now laid before them.

A gentler path filled with the inner-knowing

of one who has personal empowerment.

With their personal battle won, they are filled with joy.

A new awareness that they are one with the Spirit beams

as they go forth to show others the way.

They are not permitted to walk the path for others.

They can only love, guide and be a living example

of the Truth of their being

author unknown