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Gary, Here is a copy of my email to the Daily Mail which has a bearing on whether there is anything which can be done. Tony Blair has given the responsibility to the 'phone companies themselves and left everyone else powerless. This is also what he did with the Bank just after he promised not to raise taxes. Gill Lyden


Dear Sir,

Mr. Brown is pleased to announce a £6 billion surplus. What happened to the £22 billion Government had from the ‘phone companies for the next generation of mobile ‘phones?

Tony Blair has handed over responsibility for the proliferation of masts to people with a vested interest in the profit generated from these without the slightest effort to ensure the safety of the public from the non-thermal emissions which the Russians have been telling us cause the health problems found near many masts. They have known this since finding the symptoms amongst workers in the industry dealing with this matter in the 1950s. The symptoms are: chronic insomnia, sleep disturbance and headaches; sore bloodshot eyes and cataracts; earache, tinnitus and hearing loss; nausea and vertigo and nosebleeds (the last particularly amongst children). The Government thinks it will escape blame for this, but when the Authorities admit to the truth it will cost government all of £22 billion and more in compensation - The People cannot be hoodwinked for ever.

What is more, our protective agencies the NRPB, the ICNIRP and the WHO completely refuse to acknowledge the Russians expertise and lower the rate of non-thermal emissions, considering only the thermal emissions which do not cause the problems. At the 2004 conference on ‘Harmonisation’ the Russians told them that it was impossible to harmonise ‘phone systems until they recognised the dangers and lowered these non-thermal emissions. International guidelines are as follows:-

International guidelines for microwave exposure at 900MHz



International Commission on Non-ionising Radiation (ICNIRP)


Australia & New Zealand






Toronto Health Board, Canada






Salzburg Resolution (2002: 19 scientists, 9 countries)


(For comparison only. TETRA operates around 300-450MHz.) UK now uses ICNIRP guidelines. For more details on international guidelines, see: Maximum Limits and Preventive Limits of EMF Radiation, and: COST 244bis report (PDF)

Our Government should be insisting that the NRPB operates a safe level of these emissions. It would probably mean having more masts, but surely peoples health would no longer be at risk? It is no good telling us to exercise, eat less sugar/fat/salt etc. when you are allowing our health to be destroyed Mr. Blair! You can't expect us to have the energy to exercise when we've had no sleep. Residents in my village have been unable to sleep in their bedrooms since the Orange mast was activated 14 metres from their homes in September 2001!

Mrs. G. Lyden

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