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The cost of objecting to a Mobile Telecommunication
Mast next to your home  
United Kingdom Created: 8 Sep 2005 
You will remember that my husband and I, who are both
in our early sixties, objected to a Hutchison 3G mast
being erected and operated 28 meters away from our
home and place of work at a low level, in Worcester

Our objections failed and now we have received the
bill from one of the New Unelected Rulers of Britain,
the Mobile Telecommunications Companies.

This is what they consider a fair price for crushing
an objector.

The sum of £. 407398, 06
pounds and six pence)
+ Value added tax.
Plus interest.

Then of course we have to count the loss of our
health, the loss of our home and the loss of our lifes
savings which were spent in financing the protest.

Combined the result is well over half a million
pounds, So Far!


Agnes Ingvarsdottir.
Eirikur M. Petursson.
Glen Lea. Upper Colwall
Nr. Malvern WR13 6DH
Phone/Fax: 01684 540 138
Website :  

Eileen O´Connor: Tribute to the people suffering
because of Mast radiation
United Kingdom Created: 8 Sep 2005
SCRAM (Seriously Concerned Residents About Masts) -

Please add your tribute to the growing list, find some
time to read the enclosed information some of it is
heartbreaking, but shows the true suffering. We will
not be remembered as just another statistic.

e-mail me your thoughts, hopes and prayers, I intend
on making our thoughts known to Government and will be
putting them on our website. Thank you so much for
your contribution.

Tribute from Eileen O’Connor
As a tribute to people throughout the world suffering
from Cancer, Brain Tumours, Brain degenerative
diseases, asthma and electro sensitivity. Many of
these diseases are man made and many causes can be
attributed to chemicals and radiation. Governments
throughout the world continue to put billions of
pounds before our health; many people are suffering
for the sake of big business and industry at the hands
of the people we elect into Government. Now it’s our
chance to send a message loud and clear, it will soon
be our chance to take our vote to the ballot box,
question all local candidates from each political
party and find out if they support your views before
you make any firm decision.

I believe without any doubt that my breast cancer was
brought on at the age of 38, three years ago as a
result of living 100m next to a huge mobile phone mast
for over seven years.

I know your suffering and I understand your fears. I
constantly fear cancer returning and have had many
scares since, I have thought long and hard on whether
I should share my feelings with you and feel its time
to represent the billions of people world wide who are
going through the same fears and the same suffering.

I fear for my life and the chance to see my children
grow, I recently had another cancer scare, this time
my doctors thought it had travelled to my spine,
towards the end of 2004 I had to undergo another
series of MRI scans and bone scans. No one can tell
you how frightening it is waiting for the results, no
one can tell you how awful it is for your family
watching you suffer and sometimes wondering whether
you are about to take your last breath. My husband lay
awake many nights watching me breathe when I was
undergoing chemo therapy and struggling to get
through, he has since told me about his fear listening
to every breath I took and wondering if it would be
the last. No one should suffer this torture. While
laying in the MRI and Bone scanner again recently I
thought about all the people throughout the world who
are in the same position and about the billions of
people who have sadly lost their battle. I prayed to
God to help us stop this un-necessary suffering for
the sake of profit. I sometimes despair and wonder if
we will ever be listened to, only time will tell. It
may take many years, the smoking and asbestos
industries have finally been proved after many years
of people sacrificing their lives.

I need your help, we need to help our selves, if you
have to use a mobile phone, only use it for emergency
use only and buy the lowest radiation phone on the
market. Use your vote in the election wisely and
question your MP’s intentions. Join the many voices
fighting for life and help those who no longer have
the ability to fight for their life anymore.

I am one of the lucky ones my scan results turned out
to be only signs of wear and tear now I’ve reached the
grand old age of 41, I hope to see my 80th Birthday
“God wiling” I hope to see my children grow, to live
life to the full to laugh to cry to treasure my
friends and family. I will live to fight another day.
Sadly some of my friends and neighbours have not been
as lucky and I miss them dearly. I just know that when
that day does come and I am ready to take that last
breath, I hope I can look back and in the words of my
favourite film say “It’s a wonderful life” and know
I’ve made a difference, you can make a difference to,
don’t wait like I did to get a wake up call.

I am inviting everyone to put just one sentence or
short paragraph together, add you name and the area
you live in, I will build up a file of quotes to go
with this letter and send it on to leaders of the
world. Send your quote to the SCRAM (Seriously
Concerned Residents About Masts) website send this to all your friends and

I would like to end by saying a thank you to all the
dedicated campaigners, independent scientists, the
media and people in positions of power who are working
hard towards a safer future and ask God to guide us
and protect the vulnerable.

Best wishes and God Bess to everyone.
Eileen O’Connor

Tribute to People Suffering

I cried when I read Eileen’s email. Every word she
said was true and from the heart. I met Eileen as a
result of my only daughter aged 13 dying from bone
cancer in August 2003 and there is nothing in the
whole world that could be worse than watching your
child suffer and taking her last breath, whilst
cradled in your arms. My daughter was old enough to be
frightened and pleaded to the Drs and ourselves as her
parents to get her better, she loved life so much, had
so many dreams and so much to live for and yet we felt
so helpless and scared ourselves, we did not know what
to do and put our trust and childs life into the hands
of the doctors and hospitals. Our Jen asked us WHY?
why did she get cancer and why are so many people
being diagnosed with cancer.
I believe that Eileen and her team have found a
possible cause, and this cause needs to be looked into
regardless of the millions of pounds of revenue that
may be lost. Millions of lives may continue to be lost
unless the government act now -our children/teenagers
and future generations depend on us to protect them
and give them a safe environment to grow up in. We
must act now before it is too late.
I would never wish for any parent to go through what
we have been through and are still going through, our
lives will never be the same again without the
beautiful smile and laughter of our daughter, who made
our lives so complete and worth living.
Please back Eileen and her team for what they are
trying to achieve and fight for on behalf of families
like mine.
Lin Carvell.

Please see my website, main info
page, for FIVE scientific studies ALL showing
ill-health effects from MASTS. I challenge Mr Blair,
or any of his advisers, to produce ONE study failing
to show such effects. THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE
WHO DON'T WANT TO SEE (Dazzled by ££££ signs).

(Dazzled by ££££ signs).

Dr Grahame Blackwell

I urge leaders of the world to place the elimination
of the causes of cancer, such as mast emissions, car
emissions, chemicals in food, passive smoking etc, at
the front of their agenda as they do oil supplies and
its sources. On the multiplication of masts, and
emissions alone, we could start by setting a European
If only taking account of the economics, this will
save billions on health care and services, in most of
the developed world.

Ken Rushton.
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, UK

The wheels of Government turn slower than the
undertaker’s hearse and with less frequency.

The second is a quote taken from Hansards during the
reading of Richard Spring’s Bill in May of last year
By Keith Hill, Planning minister.
“The UK is at the forefront of service provision of
mobile phone communications and it has been estimated
that the UK mobile sector contributes £18billion to
the UK economy or 2% of GDP. This has been achieved by
a careful balancing of the planning
Regulations and guidelines which have facilitated the
growth of not only existing but of new systems, while
seeking to keep environmental impact to a minimum and
addressing public health concerns. The government
believe we have struck the right balance”
WHAT BALANCE ! The scales need checking.

Regards Pete Morley Gainsborough Lincs, UK

ICNIRP guidelines are absolutely useless as only
heating effects are considered.
We need a change in the law to prevent ANY masts from
being erected within 500 metres of schools hospitals
and residential areas. When drawing up this law,
advice should be taken from EMINENT INDEPENDENT
SCIENTISTS such as Dr Hyland, Dr Blackwell, Dr.
Walker, Professor Coghill and Barry Trower. The views
of Government career scientists and scientists working
for telecom companies are biased and need to be
ignored. The final decisions should be made by a
committee of the above named INDEPENDENT scientists
not UNQUALIFIED judges.
A.Lawrence & M.J.Lawrence

Dear Eileen,
Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring tribute.
I feel we have a lot in common.
Not only do I strongly agree with your principles, but
I also pray for God's guidance to work towards a safer
future on this issue and I would go as far as to say
that I am driven to fight this cause.

"It's a Wonderful Life" is also my favourite film!
I've submitted a quote to the website.
Best wishes,

As a seriously concerned resident against masts I
believe that present cavalier attitudes regarding
exposure to microwave radiation will have a ripple
effect through the whole of humankind on a scale that
is bigger than anyone can comprehend. We must look to
the dangers now for our future survival and may God
preserve us.
Angela Bush

Dear Eileen and other members of SCRAM,

I am currently a mother of three and a very concerned
resident of Kensington and Chelsea in London. The
telecommunications technology has swept this
generation without any real consideration of the
possible dangers to our health. As someone with a
Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from
Cornell University, I am acutely aware of the power
and potential of electromagnetic waves and do not
believe the fields created by telephone masts, mobile
telephones, and indeed wireless modems will not have
any adverse effects on humans.

Sadly, the huge profits made by this industry have
blinded many in the corporate world and government to
any thought to these risks. There is no significant

Global scientific research into this area in spite of
the pervasiveness of the technology. I urge
governments to promote such research by the industry
Itself by creating more stringent requirements for
planning applications. I am sure that there will be a
number of ways to render this technology as safe as
Possible in the future as long as the industry is
forced to make heath considerations a vital focus.

Thank you for all your good work,
Sincerely yours,

Clare Pelham


We feel that our life is in danger
>From Klaus Rudolph C.I.O. Citizens Initiative Omega in
Germany see C.I.O. newsletter: We feel that our life is in danger We lived at a distance of about 300 meters of a 4 mobile phone antennas at the water reservoir in Schöllbronn in D-76275 Ettlingen till end of 2003. The units were constructed in a short time beginning in February of 2000. With the erection of the mobile radio-unit, began for us a terrible sorrow time. Insomnia, dizziness, muscle cramps, heart lawn, nightly sweating and freezing, trembling at the entire body are only some examples what my wife's experience and I since then had to go through. In addition I got a Fibromyalgia and ringing in the ears through the effect of the mobile radio, my wife suffers because of the radiation of the mobile radio-unit under epileptic attacks and vertigo with several collapses yet. We are both for some time already no longer in the situation to work. Sometimes we do not know how we yet should live on. We feel that our life is in danger and similar to your neighbour we have to leave our house we have rented for the last 8 years, because we can not pay the rent anymore and we have many debts. We don't know where to go, because we have all over these antennas and mobile phones. From 2000-2003 we lived nearby this MW broadcast tower and we got EHS. Since the end of 2003 we live in a flat but we have the same problems because of our EHS we got since 2000. After and after we learned that many other citizens are concerned in similar manner. All efforts to move the operators to a dismantling of the units or to an attitude of envoy activity, remained without success, also the lawsuits we undertake to force the mobile phone operators to end their work of destruction. All that and many useless shielding actions cost many money. There is little help from anybody, although our story is well known in Germany and elsewhere. And there are many similar cases in Germany and around the world. There had to be funds and places for us tortured victims, but nobody is caring, especially not our governments and the mobile phone industry which is responsible for our damages. Klaus and Gabi Rudolph Marxzell Germany -------- Hi Klaus: On Friday, June 6, 2003 THE IRISH TIMES published on page 13 a full page poignant article "Living in the Shadow of Death" by Caitriona Crowe whose brother died of an epileptic seizure just a year ago. We know that one of the severest symptoms for a number of us who are EHS (electrohypersensitive) are seizures of various intensity. As I have disclosed on numerous occasions (most recently, in my report of the COST 281 Worskhop, posted at C.I.Omega for 20/5/03) I get brain seizures when falling off to sleep, following exposure to excessive EMR levels, hence my particular interest in "this mysterious illness" as Caitriona terms it. Some points she makes that may particularly interest EHS members of your group who suffer from seizures: A 2002 U.K. published report on epilepsy related deaths ("National Sentinel Clinical Audit of Epilepsy-Related Death") concluded that "'it was difficult to establish the true number of epilepsy-related deaths from certification data . . . Epilepsy-related death . . . is still underestimated by healthcare professionals, and this may reflect the mistaken belief that epilepsy is a benign condition. The risk of death associated with epilepsy appeared rarely to have been discussed with patients or their families.'" Caitriona Crowe suggests that "It is crucial that healthcare professionals take the condition properly into account when treating patients for other problems and are aware of the risk of seizures and the danger they pose." To add a few words about "this mysterious illness." Posted for 15/2/03 on Citizens Initiative Omega is my entry captioned "an ES sufferer reports." This concerns quite an awful week I survived of RF/MW harassment following my opening of an esisreal email account with a specific Irish carrier. (Naturally, that account became quickly inactive as I wished not to be killed!) Right in the middle of that week I had one night of continuous brain seizures from the severity of the harassment. I telephoned the Irish
BRAINWAVE Society (The Dublin based support group for
epileptics) to let them know what was happening and I
was told they knew nothing about a connection between
exposure to external interference from electromagnetic
sources and seizures. Hearing that, of course I sent
the society quite a batch of literature. But there
still is not a public word from BRAINWAVE about the
connection between excessive (that is as geared to the
susceptible individual's tolerance level) e-levels and
their triggering seizures.
Last week, I happened to share a bus-seat with the
mother of a young man who has been suffering from
epilepsy for the last few years. I didn't know this
when I sat beside her but I had all the details by the
time we got off that bus. And I had particularly noted
one fact: that a specific neurosurgeon here in Cork
whom her son had consulted had warned him to stay away
from electric equipment for at least a year!
She happened to mention in particular an electric
hedge-trimmer that he might have used, so it was not
just in case of epileptically induced seizures from
flickering screen lights, etc. Nice to know that there
is at least one Irish medical specialist here who will
not confuse seizures triggered by the very real
exposure of a susceptible/sensitive person to external
EMR sources with self-induced hallucinations of being
affected - that is "psychotic episodes" - as, in my
very painful experience, has been the case.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

We need a politics and economics that puts people
Peter Beck
Birmingham Green Party
Dear Eileen
Thanks for your note “Tribute to people suffering” and
I and I can fully identify with your comments and
It does seem to me that the incidence of cancer in all
its form is becoming more common, whether that is a
reflection of our lifestyle or advancement in
technology in identifying such illness in a debateable
There is no doubt that advances in technology could
give greater cause for concern as advancement have
over the years.
Increased technology always seems to come at a price
what we should question is the price too much and are
the health problems (like you) due to this increased
I think we should all be concerned at the potential
risks of both phones and masts especially with the
young who seem to spend hours and hours using mobile
phones, what happened to good old face to face
Anyway good luck with the campaign and keep in touch.
Best wishes,
Allan Naylor

Dear Eileen

I am very concerned about this whole issue. I live in
Wetherby, West Yorkshire and worry every day when I
see my local High school covered in masts. Also major
buildings in the cantre of Harrogate covered. I
totally support your campaign.
Good look in the campaign and in your life.
Regards and best wishes
Brenton b Williams

Hi Eileen - Reading your input I feel a tremendous
surge of anger at the irresponsible way that the
Government and phone companies are ignoring the
evidence before their eyes. I have just heard of a
colleague in my village (pop. 4,500) who is very
seriously ill - something I am hearing almost on a
daily basis (three people in one night recently
requiring an ambulance) - with symptoms which are all
linked to living near to phone masts, by dedicated
independent scientists.

I came across a profound quote made by a poet and
author from a century ago, Rev. J. H. B. Masterman -
"How often is it still true - that what we need is not
fresh evidence, but a fuller understanding of what we
have already". And it is still true 100 years on! When
will they learn?

Sylvia Wright
South Staffs

What can I say? For seventeen years I have been trying
to tell the world about the insidious dangers of
exposure to EMF against a background of polarisation,
obfuscation, procrastination and downright deception
by the power utilities, the telecoms and computer
industries, and the military. I am still going, and
now I think we have found a way of prophylaxis. But
there is still a long road ahead, and time is closing
in on both me and the people. Even those most likely
to benefit scarcely believe me!

Best of luck with it all, Eileen

Roger Coghill
MA (Cantab) C Biol MI Biol MA (Environ Mgt)

Coghill Research Laboratories
Visit our website: ___________________________________________________ Dear Eileen, As founder of Northern Ireland Opposed to Masts I saw first hand the suffering in communities during battles with rich powerful mobile phone companies and what they thought were their own government ignoring their wishes. I also witnessed cancer clusters near these masts, just like the ones being found in the rest of Britain. One cluster was in a rural area of County Tyrone, where a large mast cluttered with equipment was mounted at the top of a hill. At the bottom of the hill were five homes with six people of various ages with cancer. The only time their government or the phone companies involved took notice was when the people cut the mast down. Shortly after the mast was taken down I had to attend the funeral of a mother of four who had fought to prevent the mast from going back up. She was the fourth cancer death and she had buried her husband six months before with cancer. The government didn't race out to find out if their mast was involved...NO, their only concern was to try and get it back up! Neither the government nor the phone industry cares about the damage these masts and phones are doing. They only care about the big money involved. Time after time I watched communities beg these companies to move the mast out away from people only to find the mast forced up a few nights later. The only time they take the people seriously is when their equipment hits the ground at a hundred miles an hour! Yours sincerely, Walter Graham Chairman of NIOM _____________________________________________________________________ Having watched my friends and neighbours suffer and die because of this, i now hear of the problem occurring all over the country where people now suffer the same symptoms as they did. Olle Johansson needs funds to further his work, and we need to raise funds for this. Advertisements paid for, and printed in the main newspapers, and on TV is the way to shame the Government and the companies. Funds could be raised from donations asked for in the adverts and fund raisers. I would suggest tins to collect money, and the noise at supermarkets that can be heard on the acousticom as a way to raise funds.… By highlighting the truth, we can educate other people. Dr Hyland, John Walker and Graham Blakwells papers could be used as well. If Eileen and the radiation trust took this up i feel it would work. We need to stop putting faith in the democratic way forward via politicians, as there is no democracy, and it is a waste of money time and energy. By taking this into our own hands we would start to get somewhere. Exposing the lies, and embarrassing the people who are paid to protect us, is the democratic route to take now. Expose and shame is what is needed. Catherine Scotland _____________________________________________________________________ This Government, some of the Government Scientists and this Industry, will be held responsible for more deaths in peace time than any terrorist group in the world ever! Barry Trower Ex-Government Military Scientist Author of the Trower report on Tetra for the Police Federation Man destroyeth and animals and environment suffereth. How selfish the human race is to adopt guidelines and protection measures without any thought for the animals and environment with which we are entrusted to protect. Ask yourself if ICNIRP guidelines are inadequate to protect us, what hope lies for the wildlife in whose back yard ALL these structures are erected. The mobile phone industry tells us that exclusion zones extend out to no more than 15m from the antenna and 4.3m below the antenna, but industry forgot to tell the birds who perch upon these structures. Per the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) 'I do acknowledge your concern and also importantly note that the Stewart Report made very little mention of any potential impact of these masts on the health or welfare of farm or wild animals living nearby, choosing to focus nearly exclusively on the perceived or potential consequences for human safety .As such this is a matter of concern and I would agree that the issue requires further closer examination'. Per the Scottish Prevention for the Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), 'the objectives of the Scottish SPCA are to prevent cruelty to animals and to encourage kindness and humanity in their treatment. A specific policy of the Society is Conservation. Since the Society is concerned with the welfare of wild animals it deplores changes made to the environment which disturb the balance of nature. Like the RSPCA the Scottish SPCA has not had any dealings in this area, however, I feel that both the above policy statements would indicate that if full scientific evidence demonstrated a link to domestic and wild animal health and welfare then the Scottish SPCA would most definitely voice its concern. Stephen Kearney Lancashire