Betreff: Marilyn Wilsons testimony at PSC
Von: Robert Ringstad (by way of Darlene Raunio )
Datum: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 13:13:16 -0500

ATC Waunakee Electric Transmission Proposal
PSC Docket:              137 CE 139

I believe that there are about 9 References to Marilyn Wilson on this web page - you need to go into each/ever .pdf file to see how it was relevant per each brief/petition/motion, etc..
Thanks Bob for sending to me!

Dar, This is good news, lets hope some changes will follow. This came on the 9th March.

Today, Marilyn Wilson’s testimony at a public hearing was accepted by the honorable ALJ Marion at the PSC. CRE applauds his decision to keep it on the record despite strong objections by ATC lawyers and the utilities. “This ray of hope is a tribute to the everyone who played a role in speaking up to get the health studies by Martin Blank and others entered in the public record” says Marilyn. Ms. Wilson submitted testimony and 1600 studies on EMFs and health from various scientific research studies as part of her testimony in the Waunakee power line case.

“This small success,” says Marilyn, “is something CRE members and citizens of Wisconsin should be proud of. You know who you are. You have worked hard on maintaining the dignity of the public hearing process. I never felt alone, always felt that I had put my trust in good people and I relied on everyone to speak up for what is right and you have all helped let this piece of the puzzle shine in the light of day.”

Ms. Wilson’s testimony and 1600 peer reviewed studies on the effects of EMFs on human health are now part of the record at the Public Service Commission.

If you’d like to know more, please visit the Wisconsin public service commission website and enter docket 137 CE 139 and scroll through the details of Marilyn’s part of the story. “Everyone who helped stand up for this issue deserves to know that they made a difference, and that it is so much appreciated” said Marilyn earlier today.

Special thanks goes to the digging and dialing team who spoke out against Assembly Bill 121 and to the many who remain ever watchful of the PSC. Your Waunakee neighbors and Dane county citizens are grateful to those who work behind the scenes and those who were instrumental in creating this strong citizen group over a year ago. Much gratitude was also extended to those who formally addressed the PSC on her behalf this past week.