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11-03-05     My late husand worded at Oak Ridge and Portsmouth in the 1982-1983 years.He was a Mechanical Engineer on the Gaseous Diffusion Team and was trained in Oak Ridge, and then sent to Portsmouth, Ohio.

He became ill with a disease ,which after 2 years of searching and ending up at Shands Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida and at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in 1985, was diagnosed as

In 2001 I found the RECA website because I had been searching for any information on the disease. He had told me and the (numerous) doctors when we went to them, that he had been taken by his boss to areas and he had been exposed to the chemicals , (radiation, yellow cake, hot spots) and was never told to wear his protective clothing.

In the last 3-4 years I have spent digging into each and every website I can think of in search of any information on amyloidosis.
At the time the HREX website was available on the internet and after I had searched thru thousands of pages, there were several documents about the disease when the test animals had been autopsied that mentioned the animals had amyloidosis.
As luck would have it, I printed out the documents that gave proof that as early as in the 1950's the test animals which had been exposed to radioactive chemicals were found to have amyloidosis.
I have given that along with other documents from research centers, court records of cases tried in the UK where the Veterans had been exposed to radiation in the earlier wars, , Veterans who had served in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange plus other chemicals, had the same disease.

I sent all this information to the EEOICPA, then to the DOE, and now to the Part E. The last place which is for part E, I sent in July 2005.

I am searching for any one else who could have had the disease. It has been proved by Medical and Research Centers to be related to Multiple Myeloma. I have tried to explain to the EEOiCPA, DOL, DOE, that he had this disease in 1983-1987. Only 300 cases were known about in that time and the doctors said nothing was known about it, and nothing could cure it. He lived from 11-85, to 1-87, after his diagnosis.
He had all the symptoms that are described in the research centers, ORNL,etc. in which he had severe sunburn sensation on his lower torso, gradually covering his complete body, digestive, heart, respiratory systems.

I would like to emphasize that it took 2 years for them to diagnose him(from 1983 to 1985) and it still in 2005 takes the medical centers 2 years to diagnose the same disease.
It is an invisible and silent disease. If you ask the people who have the disease, or the widows,widowers, children of the people who have died from the disease , they will tell you "everyone thought it was in my hesd"
My husband had never been sick other than a cold or headache. He didnot take medication other than an aspirin.

And he was not crazy.

I also sent this document that was for a Guard that was at the Paducah Gaseous Plant, who had the same disease.

I have separated the information about them recognizing the amyloidosis as related to myeloma with *******'s.


The original of this document contains information which is subject to withholding from
disclosure under 5 U.S.C. 552. Such material has been deleted from this copy and replaced with
December 20, 2004
Name of Case: Worker Appeal
Date of Filing: July 15, 2004
Case No.: TIA-0141
XXXXXXXXX (the Applicant) applied to the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Worker
Advocacy (OWA) for DOE assistance in filing for state workers’ compensation benefits for her
late husband, XXXXXXXX (the Worker). The OWA referred the application to an independent
Physician Panel (the Panel), which determined that the worker’s illnesses were not related to his
work at a DOE facility. The OWA accepted the Panel’s determination, and the Applicant filed an
Appeal with the DOE’s Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA), challenging the Panel’s
determination. As explained below, we have concluded that the appeal should be dismissed as
I. Background
A. The Relevant Statute and Regulations
The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000 as amended
(the Act) concerns workers involved in various ways with the nation=s atomic weapons program.
See 42 U.S.C. '' 7384, 7385. As originally enacted, the Act provided for two programs.
Subpart B provided for a Department of Labor (DOL) program providing federal compensation
for certain illnesses. See 20 C.F.R. Part 30. Subpart D provided for a DOE assistance program
for DOE contactor employees filing for state workers’ compensation benefits. Under the DOE
program, an independent physician panel assessed whether a claimed illness or death arose out of
and in the course of the worker=s employment, and exposure to a toxic substance, at a DOE
facility. 42 U.S.C. ' 7385o(d)(3); 10 C.F.R. Part 852 (the Physician Panel Rule). The OWA
was responsible for this program, and its web site provides extensive information concerning the
program at
The Physician Panel Rule provided for an appeal process. An applicant could appeal a decision
by the OWA not to submit an application to a Physician Panel, a negative determination by a
Physician Panel that was accepted by the OWA, and a final decision by the OWA not to accept a
Physician Panel determination in favor of an applicant. The instant appeal was filed pursuant to
that Section. The Applicant sought review of a negative determination by a Physician Panel that
was accepted by the OWA. 10 C.F.R. ' 852.18(a)(2).
While the Applicant’s appeal was pending, Congress repealed Subpart D. Ronald W. Reagan
Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2005, Pub. L. No. 108-375 (October 28, 2004).
Congress added a new subpart to the Act - Subpart E, which establishes a DOL workers’
compensation program for DOE contractor employees. Under Subpart E, all Subpart D claims
will be considered as Subpart E claims. In addition, under Subpart E, an applicant is deemed to
have an illness related to a work related toxic exposure at DOE, if the applicant received a
positive determination under Subpart B.
During the transition period, in which DOL sets up the Subpart E program, OHA continues to
process appeals of negative OWA determinations.
B. Procedural Background
The Worker was employed as a guard at the DOE’s Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (the Plant).
He worked at the plant for fifteen years, from 1951 to 1966. Under the DOL Program, it was
determined that the Worker was a member of the “Special Exposure Cohort” and that he
developed multiple myeloma during his employment at a DOE facility.1 Accordingly, the
Applicant received compensation under that program.
The Applicant filed an application with the OWA, requesting physician panel review of claims
of multiple myeloma and amyloidosis. The Applicant asserted that the Worker’s illnesses were
the result of exposure to hazardous chemicals at the Plant. The Physician Panel rendered a
negative determination for both of these illnesses. The Panel found insufficient evidence to
establish a diagnosis of multiple myeloma. The Panel agreed
1 See 20 C.F.R. § 30.210.
that the Worker had amyloidosis, but found insufficient evidence of toxic exposures to find that
it was work-related.
The OWA accepted the Physician Panel’s negative determinations and, subsequently, the
Applicant filed the instant appeal.
II. Analysis
Under the Physician Panel Rule, independent physicians rendered an opinion whether a claimed
illness was related to exposure to toxic substances during employment at a DOE facility. The
Rule required that the Panel address each claimed illness, make a finding whether that illness
was related to a toxic exposure at the DOE site, and state the basis for that finding. 2
The Applicant argues that the Physician Panel erred when it found insufficient evidence of
multiple myeloma. The Applicant points to the DOL Subpart B determination that the Worker
had multiple myeloma. The Applicant also provides a number of articles about multiple
myeloma, discussing its relationship with amyloidosis, the other claimed illness. Although the
Applicant recognizes that the record does not contain radiation exposure records, she asserts that
“her husband’s duties kept him in buildings where uranium, technetium, plutonium, beryllium,
cadmium, mercury, hydrofluoric acid, uranium tetrafluoride, etc., were stored and processed.”3
Moreover, she states that “no protective equipment was offered or provided to [her] husband
who would spend entire shifts in the hazardous environments.”4 Finally, she cites various
dispensary visits as evidence of toxic exposures.
Subpart E has rendered moot the physician panel determination.

************************************************** **

The Applicant’s positive DOL
Subpart B determination satisfies the Subpart E requirement that the illness be related to toxic
exposure during employment at DOE. The Applicant received a positive DOL Subpart B

determination for multiple myeloma, and the panel report recognized that amyloidosis is
associated with multiple myeloma. Accordingly, consideration of alleged errors in the Panel
report is not necessary.
2 10 C.F.R. § 852.12.
3 Applicant’s Appeal Letter dated July 7, 2004, at 3.
4 Id.
(1) The Appeal filed in Worker Advocacy Case No. TIA-0141 be, and hereby is,
dismissed as moot.
(2) This is a final order of the Department of Energy
George B. Breznay
Office of Hearings and Appeals
Date: December 20, 2004

************************************************** ***

I also have Veterans cases where the Veterans had been diagnosed with amyloidosis, and had been exposed to Agent Orange but was denied compensation because the Government will not accept the fact that radiation kills.

I apoligize for the letter being long , but I have tried finding anyone to help me get the disease added to the list, but so far all the Politicians arent interested.

Anyway thanks for any information you may have to offer.

Fran Jones


My late husband Billy Jones worked in OakRidge from 1982 -1983 and in Portsmouth, Ohio in 1983. He died of a disease called amyloidosis which I believe was caused by the chemicials he was exposed to. If anyone can give me any information about this disease other than what is on the web, or if you know of anyone, please let me know. I am applying for the EEOICPA ,but because he was not diagnosed with cancer I have been denied. I will not give up because I know he was exposed and he began getting sick shortly after his employment. He was 37 years old a very outgoing person and held a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was on the Advanced Team for Gaseous Diffusion and some of his fellow workers were Wroy Jordan, Rand Gay Ron Lebrun. His boss was Ken Tomlo.
Please email me at or call me at 904 259 3461 or my cell 904 955 8915. address is
Fran Jones
2313 Dogwood Ln.
Orange Park, Florida 32073
Thankd for all