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En fin de semaine, nous allons mettre sur internet ce reportage complet sur INTERPHONE sous-titré en ANGLAIS.
- Si vous voulez voir actuellement le reportage de la TSR sur INTERPHONE en FRANCAIS uniquement :
Ce reportage sera rediffusé en Français sur la Chaîne de télévision TV5 Europe/Monde
- Le Mardi 11 Avril 2006 à 17 h 02'  Heure Française
- Le Mercredi 12 Avril 2006 à 02 h 39'  Heure Française
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Marie Pierre
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From: Serge Combe Sargentini
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2006 3:22 AM
Subject: Re: INTERPHONE / REFLEX Reportage

Concernant les études INTERPHONE et REFLEX, nous allons mettre sur internet avant la fin de ce mois un reportage de la TSR (Télévision Suisse Romande) d'avril 2006 avec un sous titrage en anglais et en allemand.
Ce reportage se compose d'interviews des Pr Lennart HARDELL, Pr Peter ACHERMANN, Pr Maria FEYCHTING, Pr Olle JOHANSSON, Pr Leif.G.SALFORD, Pr Franz ADLKOFER, Pr Primo SCHAR, des Dr Elisabeth CARDIS et Dr Mirjana MOSER.
Il y a une importante déclaration du Dr Elisabeth CARDIS, coordinatrice en chef INTERPHONE du Centre International de Recherche sur le Cancer de Lyon (CIRC-FRANCE) qui
après avoir comparé les études du Pr Lennart HARDELL et INTERPHONE, déclare : " Les industriels ne pourront voir les résultats qu'un maximum de 7 jours avant leurs publications dans un journal scientifique, en même temps que les organisations de consommateurs, que toutes les autres organisations concernées, finalement, ils ont aucun regard sur ce que l'on soumet pour publication, sur la manière dont on informera des résultats ou quoi que ce soit."
Nous avons été très attentif à la fin de son interview car ses paroles sont pleines de sous-entendus :
" . . . si les conclusions sont qu'il n'y a pas d'effet après dix ans d'exposition, en dix ans et plus d'exposition, on aura les conclusions relativement définitives, je ne pense pas que l'on puisse vraiment s'attendre à ce que les radiofréquences causent le cancer bien plus tard". 
Ces propos sont immédiatement contredits avec force notamment par les Pr Lennart HARDELL, Pr Olle JOHANSSON, Pr Leif.G. SALFORD, et Pr Franz ADLKOFER.
Serge Combe-Sargentini Next-up.organisation (France).
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From: Iris Atzmon

Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2006 9:48 PM
Subject: Re: Setting the record straight about Johansen's mindless blather

Another important thing, is that the INTERPHONE researchers signed conflict of interests declarations - I attach the declaration form they had to sign. This is also for appearance only: at least several have worked/ work for the industry and/or have an apparent conflict. According to the file conditions, they should be removed or partly removed from the study, but since it's only a show, they are of course not removed.
Since the study itself is funded by the industry it's a little funny that they sign a conflict of interest declaration. 
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From: Robert Riedlinger
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2006 8:04 PM
Subject: Re: Setting the record straight about Johansen's mindless blather


It looks more and more obvious to me that the cancer industry is protecting the wireless industry and the power generating corporations. It would appear that they either hold stock or they are getting heavy funding from these corporations. I believe the time has come for the public to know where the cancer industry is getting their funding. They have people running, jumping, swimming, etc. for funding to find a cure and when ever a possible cause is discovered, they seem to find fault with the scientific methods used.

I feel it is time we all speak out and call for a thorough investigation and accounting . Here in Canada we have CEO's from the cancer industry appearing at protest gathering against power lines and cellphone towers as expert witness for the corporations, where they should be preaching precaution ,knowing that science has proven that childhood leukemia can be caused by EMF.

Iris in Isreal discovered that corporate funding for the IARC study was being channeled through the cancer industry so it would not appear as direct corporate funding. This act is ,in my opinion, money laundering, which I understand to be an illegal offence. It has also been established That the Cancer Industry holds stock in tobacco corporations.This to me is as low as they can get, knowing full well that smoking causes cancer.

Wendy Mesley on CBC TV ,Market Place March 5/06 asked some very interesting questions about cancer and why so much enface is placed on the cure and not on the cause. I am attaching the program transcript .

Regards Robert

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From: Don Maisch
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 11:24 PM
Subject: Setting the record straight about Johansen's mindless blather

To All

Johansen's ill-informed comments should be considered in context with Hardell's letter to the editor of the BJC, attached.



Comment from Christoffer Johansen from the Danish Cancer Organization:
The Cancer organization dismisses the Swedish results and will not issue any new recommendations. We do not think that the data are reliable and therefore we will not change our recommendations concerning use of cell phones. The Swedish study is unreliable because it consists of two studies put together without any new data.

Sianette Kwee

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