All political solutions seem to rest on the assumptions of civility and common decency.  Our leadership , which must share our value systems is indeed interested in addressing our concerns. Why indeed do they turn a deaf ear to the concerns of individuals who are suffering. Perhaps they are too busy, perhaps they are uninformed, perhaps it is a conspiracy, perhaps they are ruled by greed and indifference perhaps it is something else. Individuals however well intentioned seem to overlook the very obvious constraints put on them by their biology. The ability to mediate or resolve disputes rests as much in the limits that their biological evolution has imposed on them. I commented on how individuals appear to be disingenuous or for that matter disassociated in their behaviors. One tends to overlook disassociation as pointing at a more powerful dynamic that shapes so called human reality. However the constancy of their disassociation  seems to be the driving dynamic, not necessarily our hopes and aspirations.

  If they appear disingenuous than their denial is driving the dynamic. It may put one in the position of being more creative but at what price. The culture is very schizophrenic because it is driven by assumptions which in and of themselves are based on our animal instincts which we do not give credence to, or attempt to resolve. The problem with problem solving is that the approach in and of itself is predetermined in outcome by biological and evolutionary constraints. Top predators have evolved toxic solutions to maintaining their position in the food chain and their ability to evolve. Never the less the same assumptions seem to be operating with our technologies. One may be dealing with a mindset that is more apprepeau to a pit viper than a human, though we give ourselves too much credit for being human.  The issue is that the pit viper based on its reptilian evolution enjoys being a pit viper.  In order to survive and maintain its niche it will produce toxins in order to survive. It lacks the ability for introspection.  The only way to gain dominance over a snake is to  tap it on the head. Think like a snake charmer and you may come up with a different set of approaches.

The peculiarity of our evolution is that the traces of our mammalian domination by reptiles may be playing out in our subconscious reality. We are still predating on ourselves, using solutions and approaches that are reptilian in nature. This may apply more generally to the utilization of most of the technologies that are being generated today. This is very generally indicated in our utilization of technologies in warfare, chemistry, concerning the environment, medicine,economics and more global matters in general. I am not trying to make some clever argument or provide you with some subtle philosophical insight. If indeed the drives and aims of individuals are generated from preestablished translatable nuclei of established behavior and perspective, than these are the issues that have to be addressed. Social skills are predetermined in the meat so to speak and these perspectives have to be dealt with.

Historically man has not transcended in his nature because these issues have not been dealt with or resolved. As long as the dynamic is in play than the situations will remain the same regardless of the intentions of the individuals.  In a real sense we need the talents of a scientist with the combined attributes of St. Patrick, who drove the serpents out.

You could clarify the situation by asking "why are you acting like a pit viper". This may give some clarity to the individual whom you are talking to. Some animals predate by introducing toxic situations into the environment in order to eat. People are not that dissimilar. Their orientation towards survival and the methodologies employed speak volumes about what their approaches are and will be. This is not a judgment but a clarification of the operant conditioning that is being employed. The notion is that learned behavior is grafted onto these more primitive vestiges of reflexive or evolutionary behavior patterns. Indeed these issues have not really been addressed even though we have allegorically referred to them over and over again, in our literature be it religious or mythologies. Though the same avenues are explored by marketers and advertisers to gain our loyalties through subconscious manipulation. It presents a veritable goldmine of exploitation.

Till we resolve these primitive vestiges of our evolution which still dominate us, than the outcomes will still stay the same. Social order will not change because it is operating on a preestablished set of presumptions that give credence and power to the established hierarchy of power that we have established. Ask yourself do you really want a serpent making qualitative decisions for you? Is the rule of law just a mask so that we can do not deal with the vestiges of our biological behavior which still rules us? I do not fault God for having made the serpent, but we may have overlooked that it frames ones perspective and  limits our spiritual responsiveness to act more fully out of Christ’s consciousness!

Please feel free to post this if you want. I would be interested in your response.


G. Goldberg, MD