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Datum: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 07:06:14 +0200


An: Mike O'Carroll

You'll find more information on the WHO website after the worshop of last June.
Look at :

They wrote " This classification was based on pooled analyses of epidemiological studies demonstrating a consistent pattern of a two-fold increase in childhood leukaemia associated with average exposure to residential power-frequency magnetic field above 0.3 to 0.4 µT."

Is that clear enough ???

With my Best Regards
Philippe Hug

Mike O'Carroll
<> a écrit :

Dear Hans and KH,

Thanks for your communications. I will report them briefly in the next
Revolt news.

It seems KH is talking about Hong Kong (KH on HK!) not Japan, but I
would be keen to hear of any citizens' groups in any country, to build
up a register. Any help from the cc list would be welcome.

We get enquiries about powerlines from many countries. For example even
in the last few weeks we have queries about planning, visual impact,
interference with business operations, property devaluation,
compensation, substations, inter-connectors, underground cables and so
on, as well as about EMF. As the law and procedures vary, it would be
helpful to identify a citizens' reference point in each country. It may
be necessary to have multiple reference points, e.g. for planning
objections or for EMF.

Hans, may I use your email address as a reference point for Canada? Does
anyone know of reference points for Hong Kong? I don't even have a
current reference point for the USA, apart from microwavenews for EMF,
since my general USA powerlines contact is now out of date.

For KH's benefit, the SAGE report on EMF examines precautionary policy
for the UK. It may be helpful to refer the HK government to it. It can
be accessed from our website

With best wishes,
- Mike

<> writes

   Dear all,

       A few days ago I got a very serious ?call? for help from Mr. Kin
   Hing Tong in Japan. (Please read his messages from the bottom up).

       I have informed Mr. Tong already about the The BioInitiative
   Working Group (links and report), as well I sent him some of my
   submissions from my many power line/substation application cases.

       I sent this to you FYI and if possible, if you could give Mr. Tong
   some more advise.

   I wonder whether you know of any other EMF/EMR cases in Japan
   (successful or not) Mr. Tong could be referred to.

       Please forward your messages to Mr. Tong with CC to the rest of the
   mailing list.

       Thank you,

       Hans Karow

   Coalition to Reduce Electropollution (CORE)

   S 2 / C 49, RR # 1

   3075 Hayman Road

   NARAMATA, BC, V0H 1N0, Canada


       From: gbltong tong []
   Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 9:37 AM
   To: hans karow
   Subject: Re: EMF problem

   I used to work in Canada and is still a registered professional
   engineer of Alberta, Canada.

   I am now working out of Hong Kong ( A special administrative region
   of China), doing consultant work in China.    The apartment buildings that shares a common wall with a power
   substation is occupied mainly by some retired  (nonmanagement
   grade) civil servants  who  have very limited knowledge of EMFs    and  have no expertise to deal with big corporations  and
   government officials. I feel ashamed as an engineer that others of
   my trade are setting up high voltage installations in such an
   unprofessional manner.  I am now helping these people on a
   voluntary basis.

   To convince these poor souls, the power company is using very
   professional EMF testers to convince people that they have not
   exceeded the ICNIRP's "limits".

   I can borrow a hand-held 3-axis EMF tester from my engineer friend
   in China to take measurements.  The government officials may not
   consider mine as accurate or officially calibrated as those used by
   the cash rich power company.

   I have no idea about EMF pollution in Japan.

   From what I have heard in Asia, the power company's influence in
   Japan is beyond your imagination.  All they needed to tell the
   government is that any interference into their operation will make
   Japan's economy suffers.  A good example :  Not so long ago, a very
   serious earthquake hit Japan.  The quake damaged one of the biggest
   nuclear power plant resulting in nuclear waste leakage into the
   ground and into the air.  The incident was NOT reported to any
   municipal or central government officials for more than 6 hours.    Therefore no measurements of radioactivity was taken by local or
   central government agencies for that period of time and all the
   local residents that lived nearby are kept in the dark for that
   period of time.  The funniest thing is the power company got away
   without receiving any punitive actions from the governments for
   violation of  operating/reporting regulations.

   Professionals in Asia tend to pat each other's shoulders rather
   than pointing fingers at others.  They tend to collude with each
   other rather than standing up and speak the truth.

   There is no problem sharing my email with others.

   Let me first find the name of the subsidiary of the US energy firm
   that join-ventures with the local asian partner.  Most of the US
   energy giants don't directly join-venture with local partners to
   avoid US regulations imposed on their operations outside of the US.

   My legal friends are saying that these poor souls can only fight
   the power company on grounds of "reasonable" acts and owing of
   "duty of care" to neighbors  by  the energy  company and the
   professionals who carried out such design/installation.  And the
   power company and the professionals will always use the recognized
   ICNIRP guideline as shields.  Legal battles are always expensive in
   Asia and are beyond the means of these poor souls.  All I am trying
   to do now is trying to convince the government that there are new
   evidence that the power company is NOT doing things quite properly
   and hope that they will get the power company to modify their

   Best Regards,  KH Tong

   P.S. :  The economic development in Asia actually comes with a big
   price tag but ordinary people don't seem to realize that.     From: gbltong tong []
   Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 1:14 AM
   To: hans karow
   Subject: Re: EMF problem

    Dear Hans Karow:

   Thankyou for supplying me with info when are very busy with your
   other business and matters.

   My name in Kin Hing TONG.  Everybody call me KH when I was in
   Canada because its easier to remember.

   Although Hong Kong is a highly metropolitan city.  It's regulations
   and standards are a sham !
   Unlike Australia and Canada, up to now there is no government
   energy agency/ies setup to monitor the energy industiries and their

   The Hong Kong Government will NOT do anything against big
   corporations.  They will  remedy something bad only when something
   disastrous  actually happened.  The power company, CLP POWER HONG
   KONG LIMITED that I am fighting with is partly owned by the US
   energy giant Exxon.  As the 1998 ICNIRP guidelines  cooked up by
   the energy industries is now the only guidelines recognised by the
   Hong Kong Government, it's almost hopeless to fight the power
   company.    On one location, readings over 100~200 micro Telsa were read in a
   living room which is separated from a bank of 10 KV power
   transpformers by a wall of regular thickness.  Engineers from the
   HongKong Government and CLP POWER still insist its safe because the
   limits specified by ICNIRP is over 800+ micro Telsa. The TV set in
   the living room  is not feeling comfortable because the color is
   slightly distorted.  They are now  placing another bank of  132KV    power grid switching equipments next to another living room on the
   ground floor, which is also only separated by a wall.

   In Hong Kong,132 KV power grid cables are laid all over the city
   under SIDEWALKS at a depth of 1.4 to 2.5 meter with Government
   approvals.  (132KV power grid cables are laid only in 2.5 to 3.00
   meter deep concrete trenches in the middle of the road in Sidney

   If I cannot find any "reputable" regulations to challenge the Hong
   Kong Government, I can now only collect data and use it to
   challenge the government when something bad actually happened in
   the future.  Some 132KV cables were buried under the the sidewalk
   right in front of a school.

   I will send the Biolinitiative report to the government and see if
   they will accept it as a guideline.

   EMF pollution is all over Asia as very few people understand its
   dangerous potential to human health.  The problem with EMF is that
   it is not visible and odorless and its not easily detected without
   proper equipment.

   Best Regards   KH Tong

   P.S. please keep me informed on any new development on fights
   against EMF pollution.

   From: gbltong tong [mailto:]
   Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 2:28 AM
   Subject: EMF problem

   Dear Hans Karow

   1215 Poplar Grove Road

   Penticton, BC, V2A 8T6, Canada


   I got your email address and excerpts of your communication with
   ICNIRP from an Internet search.

   My understanding is that the 1998 ICNIRP EMF exposure guidelines is
   for "LIMITING" exposure for short or not so long durations.

   Is there any new guidelines for PROLONGED (IN TERMS OF YEARS)
   exposure to EMFs issued by national or international agencies.

   I am living in Hong Kong.  The power company (CLP Power Hong Kong
   Limited) is now laying a 132KV grid transmission cable under the
   sidewalk.( They are actually laying this kind of underground 132KV
   cable all over Hong Kong.  (.... To all prospective tourists who
   plans to pay a visit to Hong Kong:  Beware!!! )

   The depth of the cable is about 2 to 2.5 metre below ground level.
   (At some location is only 1.5 M).  the cable is only one meter from
   the front door of my apartment.

   The apartment building shares a common wall with the adjacent power
   substation, The living quarters of the apartments on the ground
   floor is separated  from 10KV and 132KV equipments by a 200~300mm
   wall. The high voltage equipments are standing right next to this
   common wall.

   Please tell me where I can find codes, guidelines, or advice to
   argue against the power company on the improper installation of
   these equipments.

   RGDS.  KH Tong

   Email address :

Mike O'Carroll