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Subject: It is Now or Never for National Forests - Updated List of 
Events and Organizing Toolkit
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To:       All Activists

From:  American Lands Alliance, National Forest Protection Alliance, 
Unified Forest Defense Campaign

Date:    September 14, 2004

It is Now or Never for National Forests

Updated List of Events and Organizing Toolkit for September - October

Weeks of Action

The time to act is now.  In the next few months the fate of millions 
of acres of our National Forests may be decided. We are witnessing 
the worst environmental Presidency ever, most recently eliminating 
the Roadless Rule, while opening the door to private control of 
public lands, and approving the largest logging project in modern 
history. This will be our last opportunity before November to 
organize a critical mass that can send a clear message to 
decision-makers that our endangered national forests are not for sale.

Join forest activists around the nation during September and October 
to let the Bush Administration and other decision makers know that 
the public wants to see our National Forests preserved and protected.

National and Regional "Now or Never" Events

September 14 NATIONAL: Roadless Rule Comment Period Events: The 
extension of the comment period past the national election is a clear 
indication that the roadless issue has become a problem for the Bush 
Administration.  On September 14th, events are taking place in DC and 
around the country to continue to call attention to the Bush 
Administration's plan to log our remaining roadless wild forests and 
announce the generation of over a million comments.  Events are 
taking place in the following states: AZ, TX, WV, TN, FL, NM, NV, NH, 
ME, PA, IL, MI, MN, AR, NC, ID, CO, OR, WA, WI, NJ, CA, LA, VA, AK. 
For more information contact Seth Horstmeyer, National Environmental 
Trust, <>, (202) 

September 24 PORTLAND, OR: Forest Nation!  A free and Festive Rally 
in Portland for our Forests.  Do you love wild forest, wild rivers, 
and big, ol' trees? Apparently, the Bush Administration doesn't. 
They've been busy rolling back protections for the Pacific 
Northwest's greatest assets: ancient forests, roadless areas, wild 
salmon, and clean water.  It's time to stand up and speak out for the 
places we love! Let's make history!  All welcome! 
Friday, September 24, 4-10 PM, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Downtown 
Portland, Yamhill & 6th. Inspiring speakers * Good Food * Great Live 
Music, including:  The Motet, The Everyone's Orchestra - conducted by 
Tye North, Taarka, Joanne Rand and the Rhythm of the Open Heart, and 
Special Guest Emcee: Dana "Cows with Guns" Lyons.  For more 
information contact: (360) 714-0572, 

October 4 SOUTHERN OREGON: Be a Part of History - Make Ancient Forest 
Logging History!  Hundreds will gather for a peaceful protest rally 
to stop the Biscuit Logging Project.  The Bush Administration has 
placed the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area of southwestern Oregon o the 
chopping block with the largest logging project in U.S. history!  The 
so-called Biscuit Post-Fire Recovery Project would cut down 19,000 
acres of ancient forest reserves and roadless wildlands in one of the 
most biologically diverse forests in the world!  For more information 
contact Jeanette Russell, National Forest Protection Alliance, 
<>, or the rally 
hotline (541) 482-2640.

October 4 NATIONAL: National Call In Day.  You are encouraged to help 
generate calls to your elected officials to express desire to see the 
National Forests preserved and protected for future generations 
rather than exploited by special interests.  An alert with targets 
and talking points will be sent out in late September.  For more 
information contact: Lisa Dix, American Lands Alliance, 
<>, (202) 547-9105.

October 16 NATIONAL:  Visit Your National Forest Day.  Groups are 
encouraged to organize guided hikes for the public and the media to 
highlight the scenic beauty as well as the threats facing the 
National Forests.  Remember, the best arguments against the Bush 
Administration's logging plans are the timber sales themselves. 
Seeing is believing!  For more information contact Steve Holmer, 
Unified Forest Defense Campaign, 
<>, (202) 429-2647.

October 24 VIRGINIA: Southern Appalachian Rally and Concert.

Join community citizens working to preserve the beauty of Southern 
Appalachia.  Activities will include colorful educational 
presentations, a major public rally on Saturday, hikes, and flights 
over the forest.  On Sunday evening there will be a benefit concert 
by the Blue Highway bluegrass band to oppose logging on High Knob, 
were logging has contributed to 27 landslides and massive flooding. 
For more information contact Steve Brooks, Virginia Forest Watch at 
<>, (276) 479-2176, John King, 
Clinch Coalition at (276) 328-8908, 
<>, or 
Andrew George, National Forest Protection Alliance, 
<>, (919) 

And there are MANY more....

For a comprehensive list of events and activities around the country, 
go to: <> 
To add your event to the master schedule, contact: Steve Holmer, 
Unified Forest Defense Campaign, (202) 429-2647, 

ARE YOU IN? We invite activists everywhere to consider taking action 
during this time to alert the public to the danger our forests face. 
Activists in every region holding town hall meetings, protests, 
presentations, forest tours, issuing reports and news releases, 
criticizing the Bush Administration's plans to pillage our forests 
can create a strong drumbeat for change.  Please join in this effort 
by participating in these events, or by planning one of your own.

For more information contact:  Andrew George, National Forest 
Protection Alliance, (919) 933-3073, 
<>, Anne 
Martin, American Lands Alliance, (509) 624-5657, 
<>, or Steve 
Holmer, Unified Forest Defense Campaign, (202) 429-2647, 

Now or Never for National Forests Organizing Toolkit

The complete toolkit: 

Factsheets: The factsheets provided below are for you to take to 
meetings with Members of Congress, to distribute to press, or to use 
in your public outreach.

Chronology of Bush Administration Attacks on National Forests: 
America's Threatened Forest Legacy: 
Sample Factsheets on Local Timber Sale (this factsheet is an example 
to help you create your own factsheet on a bad National Forest or BLM 

Report: The report below contains poster child timber sale projects 
from across the country that will help you illustrate the on the 
ground effects of the Bush Administration's forest policies.

This Land Is Your Land: 

Talking Points: The talking points are intended to prepare you for 
your meetings with Members of Congress or your local newspaper 
editorial boards, and to help you write letters to the editor.

Bush Administration Rollbacks Talking Points: 
Roadless Talking Points: 
Proposed National Forest Management Act Regulations Talking Points: 
Healthy Forest Restoration Act Talking Points: 
ORV Talking Points: 

Letters: There are several letters provided to use at outreach events 
to help generate letters to Congress on the Bush Administration 
rollbacks.  There are also letters to Congress from specific allied 
voices to help in your organizing.  Letters from allied voices 
demonstrate to Congress that there is diverse support for forest 
protection.  If you do generate copies of letters from allied voices, 
American Lands would like to receive a copy to use in D.C. in 
Congressional meetings.  Please send them to: 
<> or fax 

General Sample Letter to Congress on Bush Rollbacks: 
Sample Letter from a Business Leader: 
Sample Letter from an Elected Official: 
Sample Letter from a Hunter/Angler: 
Sample Letter from a Member of the Faith Community: 

Roadless Comment Drive Organizing Packet: 

Generating Media on Bush Administration Rollbacks:

Sample Editorial Board Memo: 
Sample Editorial Board Memo on the New Roadless Rule: 
Tips on Editorial Board Meetings: 
Tips on Writing and Placing Letters to the Editor: 

American Lands  Alliance


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