Betreff: Israeli Army removes antennas
Von: Iris Atzmon
Datum: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 13:29:21 +0200

If the Israeli army is taking a precautionary approach then believe me, everything,
but I mean EVERYTHING  is possible.  They are the last to admit, but now they take a wise, responsible step.  By the way, all the 3 israeli celluar companies are now in the process of selling
their stocks, the hint is clear for anybody who knows basic economy...  
Tikshuv is the branch which is responsible for the TETRA and wireless equipment in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)
Half of the military transmission antennas will be removed
"Bamachane" (a military weekly) 20 January 2006, By Nir Noyman.
The Tikshuv branch is acting together with the planning department of the General Staff  
to reduce the number of the military transmission sites in which antennas are erected, because of the radiation they emit. In the first stage, two transmission sites will be united in central Israel within the next months, and the intention is to reduce to half the remaining transmission sites during 2006. 
The transmission sites that  will remain,  will provide service to the users in the different arms,
in contrast to the situation that was before, when each arm held its own transmission sites. 
"The reason for reducing the sites is double" explained head of the AGA"M department in the Tikshuv arm, Al"m (Aluf Mishne)   Asher: "We cut the maintenance costs of the sites, and we also fulfil  our commitment as a public organization". In the Tikshuv branch they explained that in the light of the public awaking in the subject of the cellular radiation and the increase of the public awareness to this subject, it was decided in the branch not to take a risk and to take a redoubled precaution in the radiation issue. Al"m  Asher emphasized that "The IDF stands in all the required standards and is under constant regulations of the Environmental Ministry, but since we are also citizens, we understand well the importance of the issue".
Over the country there are dozens of cellular antennas that were erected with the cooperation between the Tikshuv branch, The planning branch, the operations branch, the Defence ministry, the Env. ministry, and the cellular companies. The cost to erect  each site is 700,000 shekels up to 1.5 milion. Many antennas are also in the Ramat Hagolan area, Lebanon boundary, in Aio"sh and Azch"a.