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More evidence that comparisons must be made between known effects of ionizing radiation and nonionizing radiation as well as new studies comparing both types of exposure.
Obviously "blood comparisons" are essential but also skin and lung studies confirm similar if not same effects.  
As Prof. Olle Johansson states, "....the answers are there....."   Take care  -  Joanne
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Von: Olle Johansson
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You are so very right in this, dear Joanne! And, this is why I have always
said the same in public as well as in various articles. For instance, see

Gangi S, Johansson O, "Skin changes in "screen dermatitis" versus classical
UV- and ionizing irradiation-related damage--similarities and differences.
Two neuroscientists' speculative review", Exp Dermatol 1997; 6: 283-291


Gangi S, Johansson O, "A theoretical model based upon mast cells and
histamine to explain the recently proclaimed sensitivity to electric and/or
magnetic fields in humans", Med Hypotheses 2000; 54: 663-671

I believe that not only the "clues are there", but also the answers.

Best regards

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
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there...... See article below re fibroblasts...... Joanne Joanne C.
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1: Scanning Microsc. 1991 Dec;5(4):1135-42; discussion 1142-3. Links

Terminal differentiation of human fibroblasts is induced by radiation.

* Rodemann HP, * Peterson HP, * Schwenke K, * von
Wangenheim KH. *

Developmental Biology Unit W7 and SFB 223, University of Bielefeld, FRG.

In order to analyze the effect of various kinds of radiation on the
terminal differentiation processes of fibroblasts in culture, both human
skin and lung fibroblasts were irradiated with electromagnetic non
ionizing as well as ionizing radiation in clonal and sparse mass culture
systems. As analyzed by cell biological (cell type frequencies),
biochemical (collagen synthesis) and molecular markers (expression of
protein PIVa) human skin and lung fibroblasts are induced to
differentiate prematurely into terminal postmitotic cells. Thus, both
electromagnetic and ionizing radiation induce terminal differentiation in
cultured cells. These data add some new aspects for the interpretation of
radiation effects on cells, e.g., in clinical therapy, as well as for the
development of normal tissue responses during early and late effects
after radiotherapy.

PMID: 1822035 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]