Betreff: A Very Interesting Email: EMF/EMR
Von: Iris Atzmon
Datum: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 22:36:37 +0200

A very VERY interesting email.
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From: Blakelevit
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 7:27 PM
Subject: A Very Interesting Email: EMF/EMR

Dear Ms. Levitt,

My son has been having serious ailments over the last 6 months
including: Severe and constant headaches, leg pains, poor sleep, and
even heart palpitations. Various specialists were at a loss as to why he
had these conditions! The only thing that showed up in extensive
bloodwork was a low IgA level. I did some research and figured out that
it may be the WiFi Wireless Internet I installed in our home exactly 6
months prior.

So I quietly unhooked the system, and monitored my son so not to tell
him of my changes. Sure enough, within hours his headache that he had
without pause for 6 months went away. We're about 2 weeks from when I
first disabled the WiFi system and my sons ENTIRE medical symptom list
has complete cleared up! No longer does he complain of sore legs or
headaches, which is a big relief to us.

Most importantly, his blood panel showed that his IgA levels returned to
normal. Upon investigation I found that EMF/EMR from Wireless Networks
can lower Melatonin, which indirectly lowers IgA - there are studies
that confirm this. IgA itself is responsible for fighting a VARIETY of
illness. So we can say indirectly that EMF/EMR may be responsible for
an extremely wide range of human ailments.

I have found some schools and some countries are already removing WiFi
systems because of extremely high levels of complaints from teachers and
students about ill effects after their installation.. I believe this
issue is vastly more dangerous than Cellular towers because of the
highly concentrated continuous signal nature of wireless internet.

I believe there needs to be some detailed and up to date works to
reflect the rapid increase of high powered wireless internet networks
being installed in schools, homes, and cities nationwide.

Any opinions on this? Kind Regards,

Robert McNaughton

Dear Robert,

Thanks for this email. I will pass it along to appropriate people in federal regulatory agencies who need to hear this exact kind of information. Just so you know, this is about the 10th such communication within the last year that I have gotten describing pretty much the same symptoms. WiFi is certainly a problem. When I lecture on cell towers, I now say that it never ceases to amaze me that people will fight a cell tower in their neighborhood, then throw in a WiFi system at home which is just like inviting a cell tower indoors. The problem with towers/infrastructure now is that they are using significantly higher frequencies due to the FCC licensing of broadband, i.e. telecom companies can now offer Internet access, TV, text messaging, music downloads, etc. etc. Yesterday's old analog cell tower that could cover a 10-15 mile radius morphed into digital PCS that could cover about a 3-mile radius, and now the "next generation" infrastructure requires antennas/towers every 1-2 miles. These are likely all unsafe technologies, it's just a question of degree and exposure parameters. But personal WiFi domestic systems are by far the worst right now due to it's very close proximity to people and the higher frequencies at which they operate. And of course whole cities are going WiFi. Unfortunately the learning curve on this is steep, there are literally NO research funds available in America, and the FCC, which controls for exposure standards, is a non-health agency. So everyone is learning about this one individual anatomy at a time, literally. Eventually the adage that the "plural of anecdote is data" will come to pass. But someone needs to collect the information and we don't even have that going on. No one wants to monitor this. Everyone just wants it to be fine. People who get into difficulties have no one to tell but a journalist like me. And most MDs are clueless.

I am glad that you figured out your son's problems so quickly. That's unfortunately rare. Please let me know how he progresses.

Best Regards,
Blake Levitt

P.S. I wrote about melatonin in my first book on this subject and there is another book called The Melatonin Hypothesis, edited by Stevens, Wilson &Anderson. That latter is mostly about powerline frequencies but it is full of good information.