Betreff: [reality101] Download the Evidence NOW!!!!!!
Von: Our bill of rights
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Rocky Ward
Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2004 11:57 AM
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 Jolly Roger
Download the Evidence NOW!!!!!!
Sat Sep 18, 2004 00:58

... This is an emergency. Please save and copy as much 9-11 evidence as you can, and please do it now. Thank you. ?Jolly Roger

Links to Insider Trading Info prior to 9-11, and the connection to CIA:
Also, about 100 million in credit card transactions were rushed through the WTC just before it's collapse, and a German firm was recovering that info from hard drives pulled from the wreckage until they were bought out by an American company with longstanding ties to our government, who stopped the investigation:
Links to Seismic data and eyewitness reports of bombs in WTC:
(also more on 9-11 profits, and other evidence of bombs)
How the Bombs were planted:
Links that tie Bush family to WTC security firm that called off bomb sniffing dogs just before the weekend of Sept 6th, 2001, and the "power down," that allowed them to plant explosives:,0,6794009.story
Here's where you can download the video and see the bombs for yourself, and other evidence
indicating a controlled demolition:
Top Pentagon Officials cancel flights on Sept 10, 2001:
Condi Rice warns Willie Brown not to fly on Sept. 11:
Where was our Air Force and NORAD on 9-11? :
After a few years, they finally admit that they intentionally demolished 7WTC:
Engineers call 9-11 investigation a farce:
More Links to 9-11 evidence:

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