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Researching the query as to why some 'Hum' sufferers can find

a degree of relief from blocking the ears with bed netting material

while others can't, I took a look at prions and infrasound.


Some surprises here!


.  Infrasonic radiations resonate in Mn 3+prions 

. Does infrasound prime the pathogenic prion and trigger off BSE?




Known Health Effects of Infrasound.


Infrasound is an insidious force to be reckoned with. High intensities

of certain low frequencies of sound present a lethal environmental

commodity that has not been fully recognised as yet. Even low

intensity natural infrasound from ocean waves is known to

significantly influence the biorhythms of the human brain (32)

Infrasound receptors have been identified in special infrasound

sensitive neurones in the cochlear ganglion of birds, elephants and

other infrasound sensitive species (31). These neurones originate

from the papilla basilaris (hair cell receptors) and extend into the

auditory cortex which ultimately interconnects with the vestibular

pathways. Free radicals generated by any phonooxidative stress at

these receptors (33) are scavenged by copper/zinc SOD antioxidants

(117)(118) – once again demonstrating how copper/zinc deficient

individuals (eg those residing in Cu/Zn deficient TSE ecosystems (4)

 may be hypersensitive to the oxidative effects resulting from high

burst exposure to infrasonic and other audio frequencies.

Considering the ability of infrasonic radiation to penetrate all biological

tissues (98) and significantly influence the bio rhythms of the brain (32),

 it must be assumed that intensive bursts of infrasound can exert a

biological  impact at a diverse array of electromagnetic receptors

located in the retina, pineal, etc, regardless of the capacity for

consciousperception of infrasound expressed by the species involved.  

Low intensity infrasound from autocar engines has been well recognised


induce car sickness (30)(98) - a mild serotonergic-vestibular

disturbance involving nausea, giddiness, headache. Furthermore,

the infrasound radiated from boilers and air conditioning (30)(98)

has been controversially implicated in the aetiology of ‘sick building

syndrome’- an increasingly common mystery condition which affects

a high proportion of people working/living in the internal environs of

certain buildings.

At higher intensities, infrasound can produce resonances in body

cavities such as the chest and stomach, producing lethal damage

to internal organs (30). The resonance effects on the brain have

not been researched. Some low frequencies radiated from hi-fi

equipment have caused sudden unexpected deaths at techno-type

dance parties, where infrasonic sensitivity may have been induced

by concurrent exposure to abusive psychotrophic drugs which impact

serotonergic circuits in the CNS. Furthermore, experiments to develop

 a miltary infrasonic weapon by Vladimir Gavreau in France (98) had

to be abandoned due the uncontrollable and lethal  nature of the

infrasonic radiation that could decimate buildings and biological life

following a few seconds of application.

Intensive sources of infrasound generated from the application of

man made appliances in the modern environment – rocket/missile

launches and over-flight of supersonic aircraft (98)(119)(120)

(121)(122)(123) which employ the ‘afterburner’ turbofan thrust

technology – pose one the greatest health risks associated with


Several field and laboratory research studies which began to

substantiate the physiological effects of  infrasound/sonic booms

on human subjects were carried out by Von Gierke and others

during the 1960s/1970s (98)(119)(120)(121)(122)(123).

Pathological effects had also been observed in the middle ear of

servicemen who worked on German submarines during world war

two and had been exposed to the infrasound radiated by the

suction strokes of the engine cylinders (98)(124).

Apprehension, fatigue, headache, lowered intelligence, salivation,

coughing, voice modulation, increase of middle ear pressure, chest

wall/nasal cavity vibration, visual field vibration, interference with

respiration, hypopharyngeal gagging, cutaneous flushing and

tingling where instantly invoked during several tests on human

subjects exposed to two minute bursts of infrasonic frequencies

of 5 cycles per second upwards at sound pressure intensities up

to 150 decibels (120). Other tests had demonstrated the severe

impact of infrasound on the vestibular system resulting in vertigo,

feeling of falling, nystagmus, spatial disorientation, tinnitus (98)

With an increase in intensity and lowering of the frequency of 

the noise radiated from the larger modern afterburners employed

on the supersonic passenger aircraft (98), there is a need to

carry out updated studies on the possible long term delayed

neurological effects of these more intensive sources of infrasound

that are permeating our the modern environment.

One intriguing study by Jonathan Hagstrum (109) reported the

disruption of pigeon races following permanent loss of homing

orientation ability in pigeons who had flown into the 100km boom

carpet of the Concorde supersonic transport on several separate

occasions. Concorde’s intense infrasonic acoustic shock waves

were considered to have disrupted the pigeon’s navigational ability

to follow naturally occurring infrasonic microseism cues  which

radiate from steep sided topographical features.

This observation is interesting in that navigational orientation skills

of migrating birds, bees, dolphins, sharks and mammals are thought

to be centred upon a physiological ability to simultaneously detect

specific frequencies of both light and geomagnetic field from the

earth(125)(126). These radiations are thought to be detected at

special blue light ‘cryptochrome’ receptors in the retina (127) and

at magnetoreceptors in the retina, sinus,  pineal, midbrain, etc,

(20)(88)(89) which are all integrally interconnected to the circadian


The magnetoreceptors are biomineralized with ferrimagnetic magnetite

(128) also present in humans, (129), and this metal is thought to form

the basis of an internal compass for magnetic field detection in mammals.

Perhaps some pathogenic impact of the acoustic shock wave from

Concorde had somehow disturbed/metamorphosed the magnetic status

of the atoms in the metal domains in  magnetoreceptors, to the extent

that the pigeons permanently lost their navigational abilities?


The WASTING LANDS - the CWD epidemic in deer (also ref  to BSE)