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To All:    This EMF Russian study points out difficulty in determining effects of exposure even in regard to EMF's used medically/therapeutically.
I continue to search for more facts regarding what is known about over-exposures re EMF's used for various health problems.     Joanne
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1: Radiats Biol Radioecol. 2002 Sep-Oct;42(5):533-45.

[Effects of extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation on the immune system and systemic regulation of homeostasis]

[Article in Russian]

Lushnikov KV, Gapeev AB, Chemeris NK.

Institute of Cell Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow Region, 142290 Russia.

Low-intensity of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequencies (EHF EMR) is effectively used in medical practice for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases of different etiology. However, in spite of existence of many hypotheses about mechanisms of EHF EMR effects on the molecular and cellular levels of organization of living systems, there is not conception that could explain all diversity of the EHF-therapy effects from unified approach. In our opinion, the problem of determination of mechanisms of EHF EMR effects on living organism is divided into two basic tasks: first, determining subcellular structures which can receive radiation, and, second, studying physiological reactions of the organism which are caused by radiation. It is obviously, that investigation of functions of single cells and subcellular elements can not entirely explain therapeutic effects and mechanisms of EHF EMR influence on multicellular organism on the whole. Plenty of functional relationships between organs and systems of organs should be taken into account. In the present review, a realization of the EHF-therapy effects due to the influence on immune system functions and start of system mechanisms of maintenance of the homeostasis on the organism level is hypothesized. Potential targets for EHF EMR acception on the level of different systems of the organism are analysed. The material is formed so that functional relations between immune system and other regulatory systems (nervous and endocrine systems) are traced.

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