Betreff: ICNIRP hopes to accomplish to lead the Russians down
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Datum: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 18:21:29 EST

Dear Jean-Pierre, Just checking old emails!  In the Pandora document (given 
to me by Panayis, whose help has been invaluable to me) it tells how the
Russians found effects amongst workers and told the Americans in the 1950s - I
enclose it in case you have not seen it. Symptoms mentioned are very similar to
those I have seen mentioned in regard to other masts, and also to the symptoms
suffered near the Orange mast in Kensworth (which the people suffering these
tell me are getting increasingly worse!). Gill Lyden

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I thought you should see this evidence, which all
authorities responsible for placing or allowing masts to be placed near homes
are ignoring. As far as I can tell, the only emissions being tested are the
thermal emissions, whilst the ones causing all the health problems (and
interfering with electrical /electronic hospital and 'plane equipment) are non-thermal
low radio -frequency emissions. Human bodies are full of electrical energy (our
brains activate muscles etc with electrical impulses) therefore it is
commonsense that non-thermal emissions can also interfere with the workings of any
bodies which 'get in the way' so to speak.
If EMRF emissions have no adverse effects upon human health - How can 
America be developing ANTIPERSONNEL WEAPONS with them???<< See end of Pandora 
1. Evidence of Effects upon Health of Low Frequency Electromagnetic
Please compare symptoms herein with those noted near Orange mast in Kensworth.
Project Pandora
Historically the Soviet Union has invested huge sums of money and time
investigating microwaves and their effects. In 1952, while the Cold War was showing
no signs of thawing, there was a secret meeting at the Sandia Corporation in
New Mexico between U.S. and Soviet scientists involving the exchange of
information regarding the biological hazards and safety levels of EMR. The Soviets
possessed the greater preponderance of information, and the American scientists
were too pigheaded to take it seriously. In subsequent meetings, the Soviet
scientists continued to stress the seriousness of the risks, while American
scientists downplayed their importance and so humiliated them. Shortly after the
last Sandia meeting, the Soviets began covertly directing RADAR like microwave
beams at the U.S. embassy in Moscow, not only gathering intelligence but using
embassy workers as guinea pigs for low-level EMR experiments and a means to
prove their claims. Washington, D.C. was initially oddly quiescent, regarding
the Moscow embassy bombardment. The U.S. government woke up to the reality of
psychotronics when from 1960 to 1965, the directed electromagnetic and
microwave emissions at the U.S. embassy caused a wide range of physical and mental
illness among many U.S. personnel serving there. Casualties include the eventual
death of the U.S. Ambassador himself. Dr Stephen Possony a one time Science
Advisor to the Department of Defense, now retired, said: "After the death of
our ambassador in Moscow, due to contracting leukemia, and a couple of other
employees, it suddenly dawned on us to have a real careful look at what was
happening there." Discovered in 1962, these complex set of electromagnetic signals
were investigated by the CIA, which hired a consultant, Milton Zaret, and code
named the research "Project Pandora". According to Zaret, the Moscow signal
was composed of several frequencies, and was focused each day precisely upon
Ambassador's office, U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The intensity of the bombardment
was not made public, but when the State Department finally admitted the
existence of the signal, it announced that it was fairly low. These signals were
measured in the short "S" and long "L" spectrum had extremely complex
modulations with a pattern of variations, some of which were quite random. A Top Secret
Eyes Only memorandum, dated 20 December 1966 from ARPA shows the significance
of this project. This memorandum summarizes the initial results obtained from
this program. The White House has directed, through USIB [U.S. Intelligence
Board] that intensive investigative research be conducted within the State
Department, CIA and DoD to attempt to determine what the threat is. This national
program has been coordinated by the State Department and was code named TUMS.
ARPA is represented and is conducting research on a selective portion of the
overall program concerned with one of the potential threats, that of the effects
of low level electromagnetic radiation on man. Project PANDORA was to include
a number of parallel projects, such as Projects TUMS, MUTS, and BAZAR,
involving the CIA, Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA), the State Department,
the Navy and the Army. They were tasked to study the effects of the emitted
Soviet microwaves on animals and humans. In April 1976 the Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger sent the following telegram to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow which
summarized the conclusions of the study of the Moscow signal. Subject: Radiation
and UHF and Electromagnetic Dangers Beginning in 1960 the Soviet Union
directed the high frequency beams of radiation at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow which
were calculated up intelligence but cause physiological effects on personnel.
The effects the Soviets calculated to achieve in the personnel serving (at
least as early as 1960) included (A) Malaise (B) Irritability, (C) Extreme
fatigue. At this time the Soviets believed that the induced effects were temporary.
Subsequently, it has been verified that the effects are not temporary.
Definitely tied to such radiation and the UHF/VHF electromagnetic waves are: (A)
Cataracts, (B) Blood changes that induce heart attacks, (C) Malignancies, (D)
Circulatory problems, and (E) Permanent deterioration of the nervous system. In
most cases the after-effects do not become evident until long after exposure - a
decade or more.There was concensus among Soviet EMR researchers that a beam
such as the Moscow signal was destined to produce blurred vision and loss of
mental concentration. The Boston Globe reported that the American ambassador had
not only developed a leukemia like blood disease, but also suffered from
bleeding eyes and chronic headaches. Under the CIA's Project Pandora, monkeys were
brought into the embassy and exposed to the Moscow signal; they were found to
have developed blood composition anomalies and unusual chromosome counts.
NB> Embassy personnel were found to have a 40 percent higher than average
While Operation Pandora's data gathering proceeded, embassy personnel
continued working in the facility and were not informed of the bombardment until
10 years later. Embassy employees were eventually granted a 20 percent hardship
allowance for their service in an unhealthful post. Throughout the period of
bombardment, the CIA used the opportunity to gather data on psychological and
biological effects of the beams on our American personnel.
The U.S. government has carefully studied the electromagnetic signatures and
examined health affects of the Moscow signal radiation. The job was turned
over to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA is now
developing and testing new electromagnetic antipersonnel weaponry. ******
British policemen are now suffering from insomnia, headaches, nausea, vertigo
and hearing loss whilst using handsets with the new Tetra masts. As have
villagers in Kensworth (as well as painful, bloodshot eyes; nose-bleeds; strokes
etc.) ever since the Orange mast was activated.
INSOMNIA-NIGHT AFTER NIGHT - only relieved by going away on holiday.
EXHAUSTION (of course).
EARACHE AND TINNITUS. (These 6 symptoms are the most common symptoms, and are
suffered by all the people closest to the mast)

RAISED BLOOD PRESSURE, STROKES and heart attack (1 man had two strokes -1
when the mast was first activated in autumn 2002 and a worse one when it was
re-activated after being off for the whole of April 2002, he is now disabled).

NOSEBLEEDS - most recently a man visiting his parents woke with his pillow
soaked in blood on Christmas day. When the same thing happened on Boxing day he
took his family away vowing never to return until the mast was taken away. A
16 year old boy 100m from the mast is suffering frequent, heavy nosebleeds
which continued even after his nose was cauterised.

RASHES. A 15 year old girl (+ insomnia, headaches and depression) whose
symptoms continue whatever treatment she has from the doctor/hospital (her dog
keeps developing small tumours on its paws which have to be removed by the vet -
otherwise the dog constantly chews its paws. 2 other dogs 20 to 100 metres
from mast suffered small growths on their paws -1 died, the other still suffers.

On Sunday June 27th, I learnt that 2 ladies having been ill and doctors
unable to find the cause have finally both been diagnosed with a raised white
bloodcell count - see 'PANDORA'. One of these ladies became a widow last week, when
her 51 yr old husband had a massive heart attack and died suddenly. The other
also has insomnia, headaches and feels tired and ill all the time.
(To Orange):-
In your document re: Public health you say that changes in brain activity,
reaction times and insomnia are 'small effects!!! Not near the Orange mast in
Kensworth, or, I expect in all the other groups of people suffering in the same
way all over the UK and all over the World! How would you like to be unable
to maintain restful sleep every night for over three years?

I asked you before, and I ask you again, " Have you been into the houses
of those who are enduring this torture?" I have! My partner has begged me not
to do so again, but unless I find out who and how many are suffering what, I
shall be unable to speak for them as they have requested.
I have felt the symptoms briefly in varying degrees depending upon the
relationship of each house to the mast. One feels a downward dragging internal
sensation, starting in the head with giddiness and passing down through the
torso into the gut (leaving a feeling of nausea and weakness), into the legs. At
the worst one's shoulders droop and there is an irresistible urge to lie down
and rest, in these houses I cannot bear to stay longer than 15 to 20 minutes.
I experienced exactly the same sensation when in my car on top of the Arndale
shopping centre car-park in Luton waiting to get out. I looked up and saw
there were 4 or 5 masts above my head.

Other questions I asked were:-
"Why are people suffering all this pain not tested and treated for effects
as are the workmen in association with RF occupations?" and
'Why set up laboratory tests when the damage is being suffered in their own
Will you please listen to people who say they are ill since masts have been
erected near their homes and monitor these effects? Is it not your function to
protect us all from harm to our health? NB. Melanie Johnson M.P. Under Sec.
for Health.
I have more evidence, but it would fill a book.