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I have commented in the past about various dramatic white blood changes that occurred very soon after exposing the two cages with two guinea pigs each to the same sort of exposure that caused rare immune deficiencies in two of my grandsons.  Both guinea pigs and grandsons were diagnosed with rare and unusual health problems after chronic, prolonged exposure to low level EMF/EMR from an electric meter typically used for residential electric service here in the United States. 


As I write this email, I am awaiting information regarding an email contact for someone involved in environmental and/or toxic hazard issues at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) here in the U.S.    Without going into details in this email about the (previously shared) rare problems that occurred in my guinea pigs and grandsons, asthma, alone, is one of the health problems mentioned by the CDC as increasing at alarming rates.   Information on the CDC site stresses the need for "prevention."   (  ) .   Asthma is the first symptom observed in my guinea pigs after their EMF/EMR exposure to the electric meter.   Asthma was often "intractable" -- requiring "serial nebulizer treatments" 24-hours around-the-clock in my two grandsons.  In each instance, removal from source of EMF/EMR exposure either greatly reduced symptoms of asthma or resulted in complete disappearance of coughing and/or symptoms of asthma. 


Since "little coughs" (auscultation revealed rales) were the reason I brought my guinea pigs to the veterinarian for check-ups and blood work that yielded results such as hypersegmented neutrophils, severe neutropenia and lymphocytosis AND since hypersegmented neutrophils are related to radiation exposure, it would seem to me that my guinea pigs are pretty good representatives of "canaries in the mine" just based on their clinical records alone.   The facts support that, under certain circumstances, low level EMF/EMR is causing the "exact cellular changes" as that for low level ionizing radiation.


 Urgency in regard to evaluation of the sort of blood studies Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson (Karolinska Institute) awaits funding to perform, can not be over-emphasized!    Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson has conducted hundreds of studies involving EMF exposures and changes involving histamine, chymase and more.   The only way to gain insight into possible safe distances from other exposures such as cellular antenna, radio towers, high voltage powerlines, etc. is to "get serious"  -- (I am directing this plea toward anyone with the influence to make political changes and/or the ability to generate funding)  --  about studies re close , chronic, prolonged low level exposures such as electric meters and "bedside appliances."    I fear the situation has "spiraled out-of-control" insofar as WiFi is concerned based on increasing reports of extreme sensitivities since many cities have made that change-over!!!!    


I intend to direct focus on having electric meters marked with warnings that they not be placed against bedroom walls, below bedrooms or in other areas where persons might spend hours at a time in "close proximity."    Warnings should also be placed on all electrical appliances such as electric clocks, transformer boxes, certain lamps, monitors, security alarms, noise machines, aquarium pumps and heaters, fans, air purifiers -- anything that might typically be found in a person's bedroom


 It is essential to provide "distance" between humans and animals particularly while sleeping.   EMF's are known to reduce the natural production of melatonin in humans as well as animals.   [ See Dr. Russel Reiter's book, "Melatonin".....also  and  )     Many infants and small children share beds with parents --   family pets may do the same.   Monitors are being placed directly in, under, or next to cribs.   Animals are sleeping on floors by beds that have transformer boxes for cordless phones plugged in close to the bed.    The same applies to cell phone chargers.   Computer power supply strips,  TV's, refrigerators, appliances containing clocks, etc. may be against  kitchen walls adjacent to bedrooms. 


I have copied below actual pictures of various "odd neutrophils" as definied by Pathologist Ed Friedlander (contact information included) as well as direct website access to the pictures if you are not able to include these actual pictures in your newsletter.   Dr. Friedlander's "permission" is also included from his website and I also have corresponded direcftly with Dr. Friedlander re permission to display his "odd neutrophils." 


Comments from the website of Suzanne Adams, along with access information, are also provided.  Suzanne has graciously extended permission for me to quote her.  You will note information from her site re Hypersegmented PMN's indicate radiation and chemotherapy are frequent causes of this sort of change to white blood cells


The above facts, while featuring "asthma," nevertheless, directly relate to the potential development of childhood Leukemia, Leukemia in animals, as well as other cancers.  Asthma is just one of the prohibitively expensive symptoms/problems that required treatment, frequent tests, surgeries or evaluations by numerous specialists in the cases of my two grandsons!!!


Take care   -   Joanne


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ARE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN GUINEA PIGS?    Letter 7-22-04 by Joanne Mueller     -    Access info for pictures of "Odd neutrophils"



HYPERSEGMENTED NEUTROPHILS WERE IDENTIFIED IN COMPLETE BLOOD COUNTS (CBC's w/diffs) IN GUINEA PIGS EXPOSED TO ELECTRIC METER.("POWERWALL") -  EMF's between 4.5 milligauss and 6.0 milligauss for a period of approximately two weeks....Joanne C. Mueller ( or )   7-16-07....) 


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ASSOCIATED CELLS/CHANGES  from webpage by Suzanne L. Adams, CT (ASCP)
*Occasional bizarre enlarged bi or multinucleated macrocytes
(bizarre cells are more often associated with radiation and chemotherapy)
*Hypersegmented PMN’s are possible (5-6 or more lobes)
*Inflammation may or may not be present