Betreff: Human blood-brain barrier permeated by MW exposure

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Dear Philippe and Iris:    "Yes," this is why I recently wrote  "Dangerous Drugs or Dangerous Environment?"  when yet another medication, Avandia, used by Type II diabetics was reported to be linked to causing heart attacks.   We also hear more and more about diabetics developing dementia often said to be "Alzheimers."   We are, of course, really dealing with EMF/EMR-related toxicity!!!


The patent plus the IEE article I am including below, provide facts re "controlled EMF's" to deliver medications.  "Big Pharma" had better quickly get on the side of those of us concerned for the safety of all humans, as well as animals, or "black box warnings" will appear on all medications (as they well should).   "Big Pharma" is working hard and fast at putting themselves out-of-business.........


CHRONIC, low level,  prolonged EMF/EMR exposures, particularly when combined with medications, are "a deadly combination" that must be dealt with openly and honestly. 


I have written in the past about my discontinuing my husband's Lipitor when I learned from Dr. Duane Graveline about the dangers of taking statins.  His website and information regarding his books are at: .    It is, however, noteworthy that Dr. Graveline has never responded as to whether he had an electric clock, a transformer box for a cordless phone, or other electrical or telephone equipment close to his bed.   I have read on his site that  ".....radiation may be good ....."    I do know Repacholi has hung on to that "excuse."   Dr. Graveline, however, is an astronaut and his opinion is based on his understanding of the "space environment" as well as oher knowledge as a medical doctor. 


We can accept that there is some truth in everything.   We can not accept that such truth is held onto at the cost of "the entire mission" -- in this case being "saving the brains of current and future generations from certain deterioration"  if the extremely serious issue of CHRONIC, low level, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures are not properly addressed insofar as the release of "prudent avoidance measures" starting with close electrical and telephone equipment exposures in bedrooms.   


"Honest information and reporting" re bed exposures" -- as well as cell phones --  will help in regard to evaluating oher chronic, prolonged exposures such as close, occupational EMF/EMR exposures, as well as security systems, infant monitors, sophisticated home sewing machines, etc. (apparently in the ultrasound frequency range) which can then be used to establish safe levels -- if possible to do so...... we know that Dr. Neil Cherry wrote a short time before his death that "zero" may be the "safe level.  


A "major concern" of mine has been the fact that industry and government -- WHO, in particular  --  cite examples of exposures to appliances that are used "intermittently" such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric shavers, etc.    We can no longer accept such evaluations and reliance on misleading facts, even tho true to the extent that some electrically sensitive persons do experience adverse reactions to all electrical and telephone equipment. when it comes to the urgent need to release "prudent avoidance recommendations!!!!" 


Dr. Henry Lai appropriately released the study regarding DNA damage from a hair dryer; however, he has not responded to my recent request for his comments/opinion as to how the facts regarding hair dryer exposure might apply to concerns about chronic, close, bedroom exposures.    


These are just some of the examples of  "some good just isn't enough.....!!!!"     Take care everyone and don't consume medication or even too much Vitamin C   IF  you have electrical or telephone equipment close to your bed........   Joanne


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Article Information

Large volume blood-brain barrier disruption by low frequency focused ultrasound: a method for targeted drug delivery and molecular imaging

Hynynen, K.; McDannold, N.; Vykhodtseva, N.; Raymond, S.; Jolesz, F.A.; Sheikov, N.
Ultrasonics Symposium, 2004 IEEE
Volume 2, Issue , 23-27 Aug. 2004 Page(s): 994 - 997 Vol.2
Digital Object Identifier   10.1109/ULTSYM.2004.1417930

Summary: The paper explores the feasibility of using low frequency image guided focused ultrasound as a noninvasive method to temporarily disrupt the blood-brain barrier (BBB) at targeted locations. This method could provide a means for targeted delivery of therapeutic or diagnostic agents to the brain. Brains of rabbits were targeted with 20 s burst sonications (10 ms, repetition frequency, 1 Hz.) using a focused ultrasound transducer (frequency, 260 kHz; diameter, 10 cm; radius of curvature, 8 cm) in a clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. The peak rarefactional pressure amplitude during the burst was varied between 0.2 and 0.9 MPa. Each sonication was performed 10 s after an intravenous injection of an ultrasound contrast agent (Optison/sup /spl reg//).

 The disruption of the BBB was evaluated by injecting MRI contrast agent (Magnevist/sup /spl reg//). The animals were sacrificed at different times between 4 h and 5 weeks, after which histology or electron microscopy evaluation was performed. The results demonstrated that low frequency ultrasound bursts could induce local, reversible disruption of the BBB without undesired long-term effects. Electron microscopy showed that a large particle (horseradish peroxidase; molecular weight 40 kDa) could be delivered through the BBB disruption. This frequency is desirable since it can be focused through the intact skull without significant distortion of the ultrasound beam.      [ emphasis by jcm....6-26-07....]