Betreff: [IPCUSA] How Mind Control Works - Outline
Von: "Daniel VanArsdale"
Datum: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 17:11:12 -0000

     Mind control takes many forms, many which are not illegal, 
immoral, or unethical any way, such as the teaching of children. 
       Mind control which most of us here will agree is "wrong", can 
be broken down into three groups.

1. Voluntary persuasion - Although important, I will not go into 
much detal about this form here. The most common form of unethical 
voluntary (by consent of the victim, without the use of force or 
invasion or privacy, information / data transmission tyhe victim is 
unaware of, or violations of law or human rights), mind control is 
various forms of propaganda. This can include voluntary ingestion of 
memes into the psyche, by the host. This can also include teaching, 
which can be ethical / moral / legal, or not, depending on how it is 
done. In the context of long standing traditions of teaching, much 
more is allowed by society, than in cases of new types of teaching. 
That is, society is usually biased for the traditional (time 
proven), and against the new or experimental. This is actually a 
good and natural thing, something like the barriers against gene 
flow (coming in from the outside), in populations, races, species, 
and higher order genetic groups. Tradition should be reverseable, if 
higher reason comes to understand it is criminal (such as if 
someones tradition is the rape of young boys and forced induction 
into the military, a very common tradition, even today), but it 
should not be so easy to reverse tradition, especially with new 
untested ideas. 
        In times of sweeping reversals of tradition, unethical mind 
control is usually common (nearly always, under such circumstances). 
Not only nations have tradition, races, lingual groups or sub 
groups, religions, trades etc. also have their traditions. When 
certain groups begin to impose their traditions on other groups, at 
the expense of the traditions of those groups, this is also a period 
of heavy use of unethical mind control in societies. To give an 
example, the forced assimilation of tribal peoples by 
more "advanced" societies, a process which has exterminated about 
99% of all tribal societies in the last 4,000 years, with the last 
400 years seeing more of this crime than the previous 3,600 years.
This has often been done with the pretext of uplifting them to a 
higher form of culture, often including religion and a new legal 
system for them. The method usually includes forcing them into 
concentration camps, where most die of disease, sexual abuse, new 
addictive behaviours often initially forced upon them (such as 
drugs), malnutrition, exploitation etc., resulting in a reduced 
population, which is then assimilated by the invading culture. 
        In the "New Age" we enter now, those societies in their 
origins guilty of extermination of tribal societies, and forced 
colonisation, can in turn become endangered societies, in the face 
of pressures from new forms of social organisation. We should learn 
from history, that as our social orders are built upon the looted 
fragments of social orders we have conquered, so we can be conquered 
in turn, and our social orders, dismantled, and used to build new 
social orders which conquer us. 

2. Imprinting upon a clean slate - 
      This form of mind control falls into two categories.

a. The slate is already clean, in which case it usually is more like 
education (a form of mind control), than anything unethical (so long 
as it is traditional, or carefully government by ethics and law). 

b. Making the slate clean, so as to impress what you want upon it. 
This is a major human rights violation area, and of great 
importance. This also falls into two categories.

  b1 - Removing information from the brain of the victim by some 
sort of intrusive action into the brain. This can be by drugs, which 
is an ancient form of brain washing, which was highly developed in 
Africa by the 12th century AD, and from there, spread into the 
Americas, such as into voodoo(n) cults. 
      In general, drugs which clear the brain of data which can 
interfere with the data of brain washing, can be classified as 
amnesia causing drugs. Major ones include methanol, ethanol,
zombinol, and scopalomine (and other related alkaloid drugs from the
genus of plants Belladona (Jimson weed being one of these)), and
other poisonous plants. Drugs which cause mostly just temporary
amnesia effects can also be used. The brain washing being done
during the period of temporary supression of data in the brain which
might resist brain washing, or which brain washing seeks to
displace / distort / discredit.
For the purposes of brain washing, this may be a somewhat new
classification of such drugs, those causing some level of permanent
amnesia, and those causing some level of temporary amnesia, but for
our purposes, as a classification of drugs based upon symptoms, it
is a system that works for us, much as the classificatiopn of many
drugs as narcotics, based upon their effect (supression of life
signs basically), works.
More precisely, we can define brain washing drugs into four

1. Amnesia producing drugs (temporary and permanent amnesia, it is
likely any drug which causes temporary amnesia, that is loss of data
in the victims brain, also has at least a small level, of permanent
damage to the brain).

2 and 3. Emotion and thought process altering drugs - These are
drugs which alter the emotions, so make the victim more suspectable
to brain washing. Such as drugs which reduce fear (so can put one
off guard to evil doings); drugs which supress social bonds with
other persons not involved in mind control (so isolating the victim
from support); drugs which strengthen bonding reactions to the
perpetrators of mind control (such as drugs which can artificially
stimulatre various victims syndromes, or stimulate any real or
latent sexual bonding with the perpetrators of mind control crimes);
drugs which reduce or alter the senses (so as to make one less
likely to detect, or deter, mind control); drugs which impair
judgement (making one more likely to be a victim, such as by going
willingly to unlawful detainment); drugs which make the victim more
passive; drugs which make the victim less agressive (it is possible
to be both very agressive and very passive at the same time, such as
in the cases of some serial killers, who lure their agressive
victims in by passive behaviourl then kill them suddenly almsot
without warning, intelligence agencies engaged in murder will often
create such personalities artificially, especially in sexually
attractive individuals, and use them for the purpose of murder, this
type of killer is often very hard for traditional police to catch);
drugs which distort mental processes (mutate your psyche /
thoughts / culture, making it less efficient in yoru environment, so
you can be more prone to accept new systems, especially ones
presented as highly efficient to you, for your manipulation of
reality to your needs, or new needs planted in you by the perps);
drugs which weaken the victim in some way (phsysically, mentally, to
resist sexual or other advances such as recruitment advances etc.);
drugs which cause behaviour the victim does not like (so can cause
them to seek new behavioural paradigms); drugs which artificially
induce basic bonding mechanisms such as infant parent student
teacher etc..

4. Network inducing drugs - This would be the msot poorly understood
area, by the public. I would suggest reading some of my previous
posts, to better understand this. These would be drugs which
increase the ability to take in data from toher sources, to
communicate, and / or reduce the ability to shut out / filter
incoming data streams. For exanmple, drugs which stimulate
telepathic centers of the brain, softening the victim to data stream
attacks, or reduce the telepathic centers of the brain, isolating
the victim telepathically from human or other forms of intellgence
which might assist them to resist brain washing / reprogramming.
Drugs which enhance or alter artificial connections to human nervous
systems (especially brain cells). Drugs which reduce the victims
natural resistance to the introduction of external electrical
patterns in the brain, and their spread / replication. Drugs which
reduce the victims ability to maintain or expand defensive
electrical patterns in the brain, or to maintain electrical patterns
which inhibit the spread of externally introduced electrical

b2 Removing data from the victims brain can also be done by
factors other than drugs. Such as surgical removal or parts of the
brain, partial lobotomy (this can be done chemically, with the use
of instruments to kill parts of the brain, or isolate them fully or
partly from other parts of the brain), or it can be done by the use
of directed heat to kill parts of the brain, electromagnetic
radiation to alter isolate or kill parts of the brain etc...

3. Linkage of the consciousness of the individual to external
sources of data, self growing / replicating patterns, or alteration
of the victims brain. Or alteration of the patterns of the victim
(electrical, molecular etc.), by the actions of some external
intelligence or organism.

a. The use of speech for brain washing is an ancient method. It is
even used to train captured wild elephants, in an ancient Indian
tradition of elephant brain washing, to make them into slaves. Of
course if the victim is forced to hear such speech, this is a humaj
rights violation, except in well established educational traditions
which have long been present int he culture (for generations).

b. Sensory deprivation. This has trhe effect of causing the victim
to be hyper senstive to external data and pattern sources, so in
effect is causal of greater linkage to the data / patterns of the
mind control perpetrator(s). This is a powerful and ancient method
of brain washing.

c. Intrusion into the nervous system or body (especially brain), of
the victim by electromagnetic radiation, particle streams (such as
radiation, protons, neutrons, electrons), particles with some sort
of non random entry patterns into the victim such as electrical
shocks (the electricity coming into the victim and / or out of
them), via magnetic fields, or other factors which can interact with
the atomic structure of the victim (especially neurons), or the
electrical fields of the victim (especially their conscious being,
the electrical communications between their neurons).

d. Physically connecting the body or nervous system subdermally
(especially the brain or inner ear(s)), of the victim, to data
streams, anything which alters the victim, their nervous system,
electrical patterns, or molecular organisation. This can include the
iontroduction of external self replicating patterns into the victim,
even in amounts so small as a few molecules, such as molecules which
include life codes (such as RNA or DNA), the introduction of
nannites (which we used to call microtechnology before the word
nannite was invented), implantation of radio like devices to serve
as intermediaries of communication between the victim and external
electrical phenomina (including life forms biological or artificial
and intelligence), implantation of mini computers which may or may
not interface with the victim, other such objects within the
victims, or other such objects outside the victim, or with persons,
organisms, or computers outside the victims body, implantation of
devices to reduce the victims resistance to mind control (such as by
blocking defensive brain functions, or weakneing or isolating them),
or implantations to make the victim more suitable / useful for
colonisation, or to enhance their ability to be effectively
colonised / utilised.

This is jsut a basic outline I threw together just now, from my
head. There can be some omissions, or errors. But for the most part,
I think it is pretty up to date. Much of this data, is stuff mind
control criminals do not want in YOUR hands, or head. It is given to
you without cost, or expectation of payment, at the same time, it is
brought to you, with COST. In general, I like to do things like this
very quickly.
Humans fighting AI's, in this time, have some advantages.
Such as much faster reflexes, and the ability to move very quickly
on impulses. When fighting giants, it is genrally a good idea to
move quickly (in sudden jerks especially), and do not stand in one
spot too long, after you have insulted them in any way. If you have
some strong place geographically, and are safe there, then it is a
good idea to stay there, otherwise, keep moving until you are safe,
Also, like in advanced martial arts, it is a good idea to
not be TOO predictable. And if you announce all your movements in
advance, you can assume the "giants" will know what to expect from
you. And do not be too much "in love" with any one spot or thing.
The Buddha said the source of suffering is desire. I do not follow
this completely, for example, I desire liberty, justice, knowledge,
and in my case, as the Buddha predicted, this desire has brought me
suffering. But then, good things, usually come with some price, such
as liberty, and human rights.
Giants can pretty well control whatever they are standing
or sitting on, so they get what they want the most, but they can
only take a small percentage of what is. And once they move off
something they are controlling, the mice can scurry in, and take it
back. If too few are standing up to the giants, they are a terrible
force, for all they come against. If many resist them, they become
clumsy idiots, trying to put out fires, with crude oil soaked
blankets. They even begin, to fight among themselves, over the
Best Wishes,
Alan Van Arsdale