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Subj: Honeybeeworld ...EMF exposures (???)  
Date: 4/17/2007 5:26:23 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JCMPelican

Dear Mr. Dick:    I saw the picture of Barry's wintering bees.   I do not see any evidence of high voltage powerlines or cellular antennae, etc.   [ I now can't locate the picture of Barry's bees which are shown in what appears to be a snow-covered pasture, garden or yard w/pine trees but am copying info re your site here:  ]  
As a non-accredited EMF/EMR researcher for over 15 years, I am interacting with persons from around-the-world who are extremely worried about the "disappearing bees." 
I was searching for information re the bee problem in Niagara region although any other area reporting problems with bees returning to hives is also of interest to me.   I assume the picture on your site may be from the Alberta, B.C. area?
If you can help by commenting in regard to any of the points below, I would appreciate it very much!!!   If you can't spare the time and/or can forward my email to someone else involved with Honeybee World and/or other beekeeper organizations, I thank you very much for taking the time to do that!!!
Many persons believe the frequencies due to mobile/cell phone usage may be largely responsible for interferring with communication signals in brains of bees.  While this may be possible, I am interested in learning about how many of the beekeepers who are reporting problems, may have an electric fence close to their hives and/or who may use a generator on-the-ground close to hives while using blowers to move the bees?  
I don't expect you to have such statistics but am interested in the exposures I mention plus any other electromagnetic field/radiation exposure possibilities other than the sun (of course). 
I note the picture on your site (access info above) shows three men who are apparently using some sort of commercial-type blower evidentally for purpose of moving the bees off the honey/frame.  If this picture is yours -- the equipment and all, would you please let me know if some sort of inverter or generator is close by?  
I just located info re ventilation fans and am pasting a paragraph from the website here:
"......It is popular in some areas to recommend a ventilation hive cover to aid the bees in their effort to remove moisture from the hive.  You can even buy hive covers with built in fans.   Bees really didn't need them until someone decided that a beekeeper might be willing to pay 100 dollars plus for one if they believed that the cover might increase honey production by a third.   Not many beekeepers use them and we don't recommend them.   You might want to drill a 1/2" hole in the upper corner of your hive bodies.  That works..."  [ Emphasis added ....only small portion of website copied: commercial beekeepers use ventilation fans or is usage more popular in certain localities??? ..... jcm 4-17-07...] 

"Bee Blowers --- (above reference re )  One can buy a commercial bee blower or make one from a leaf blower.  In principal, you are blowing bees out of the honey super.  The super is elevated on a bench or some kind of stand, and the nozzle of the blower is run across the frames of the super to remove the bees.  This is used by many commercial beekeepers.  It is fast and does a good job in both hot or cool temperatures.  Although the bees fill the air and form clusters on the ground, they don't seem to become overly aggressive.  They are disoriented and by the time they collect themselves, they try to find their way back to the hive......"     [ Emphasis added.....the blowing process itself is said to cause "disorientation."   Certainly ANY additional stress emanating from EMF/EMR sources such as generators or inverters, etc. or EMF's from the blower itself, will add additional stress and most likely will interfere with subtle communications within brains of bees.......jcm....4-17-07....]

Re the  website (above reference)," I notice the paragraph re "fume boards."  Do you or others belonging to "Honeybee World" know how common the use of fume boards may be?   The information indicates the bees rush to get away from the oder and that "it really stinks...."   Perhaps, such chemical exposure along or in combination with potential worrisome EMF/EMR exposures, including the sun, high voltage powerlines, cell phone signals, cellular antennae, WiFi are casing disorientation of bees?  Maybe the chemical as well as the EMF/EMR "accumulates" in the bees' brains as a free radical?  In other words, perhaps many bees may function o.k. after one or two such combination exposures, or the chemical alone, but soon are so disoriented, they just die?   Maybe they are hitting their heads as they evacuate the hive?  Mild TBI?
The Koblenz study (Germany) confirmed bees do not return to hives after placing a DECT phone under hives.   Access to translation of study can be found on Omega's World News site:
Off subject of bees --  my two grandsons were diagnosed with rare immune deficiencies.  They "got well" after we moved their beds away from bedroom walls opposite electric meters.  My husband was diagnosed w/Alzheimers.  I moved his electric clock radio and transformer box for cordless phone away from behind head of his bed and he has now improved in three parts of his Executive Function.  Bud also is now said not to have Alzheimers afterall......      I also conducted guinea pigs studies by placing their cage against wall opposite electric meter.  One out of each set of two died in 30 days.  They developed asthma and white blood counts indicated severe neutropenia, lymphocytosis and hypersegmented neutrophils (markers for irradiation).
Basically, frequencies that are "out-of-sync" with one's body -- human or not, will cause any number of problems due to interference/disruption of intracellular communications.  Chronic, prolonged exposures also promote inflammation -- the beginning of the sort of changes that lead to the precancerous process.
My appeal to the Alzheimers' Association has been ignored:    
If fluctuating waveforms/frequencies can cause Alzheimers in a human, it is not a "stretch-of-the-imagination" to assume EMF/EMR is most likely related to the very serious decline in the honeybee population!!!
Best wishes and take care  -  Joanne
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