Betreff: Honey Bee Crisis extends from US to Britain and Netherlands
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this quote is anywhere, seems it was original:

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years left to live."  - Albert Einstein

This is indeed the missing piece to the puzzle and very likely to have large impact on mankind.

To get the whole picture, it is important to understand who the (money) system works and what is the fault, plaguing mankind since hundreds of years. See Hans Homepage to get closer to the problem:

There is a three part video, if someone likes to inform himself through video, it is right here:

2 hr 1 min - Oct 1, 2006 -   (57 ratings)
This film is probably the best history movie you will ever see in your life. 


The bees and it all makes sense now, no WW-III or better it is already running through pulsed HF radiation against our environment.


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> Thanks for the Einstein quote! Excellent! Where did you find that?
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>Honey Bee Crisis extends from US to Britain and Netherlands
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from a short view it seems as if this problem would be in other countries which are heavily HF polluted, the same. Due to reports from Austria and Germany found.

"If bee disappear from the planet, mankind has 4 years left to live" - Albert Einstein

This is a serious thread to global food supply! On the other hand it gives hope the crap might be ended sooner then feared.

Have beemaster in the Green Banks area who don't travel much with the animals lost any of them?

Of course an animal that small suffers even more from the radiation then we do. It is outlined in all the reports I saw so far, their immune system broke and caused the death.

The report mentioned, especially beemaster traveling lots have the highest loses. Wonder if a HF shielded truck would prevent this and give enough evidence to the last idiot?