* Electronic weapons against civilians, Russian work translated - RE: 13 countries to study cellphones and cancer - You made a huge difference for BioGems this year (20/12/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Electronic weapons against civilians, Russian work translated

Have you seen the amazing writing from Russia on electronic and similar weaponry used against civilian populations? For people around the world who realise they are being attacked in their homes or on the streets, this work is a breakthrough.

Part of it has now translated thanks to a team led by Cheryl Welsh of CAHRA (Campaign Against Human Rights Abuses). They are still in need of money to finish their work, I believe.

To anyone interested in the weaponry/abuse of civilians aspect of EMF and sonic effects hardware, this work will be very valuable. Download the materials, if interested. Sometimes they disappear or become unavailable later in time.

I recommend this URL where there is a sample 25 pages of translation: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~welsh/golgotha.htm

Here is the whole Table of Contents to the CAHRA materials: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~welsh/#toc

Lyn Milnes
in New Zealand

RE: 13 countries to study cellphones and cancer

For your information.
Please remember that it is the mobile phone manufacturers that fund research and they will not fund scientists who have shown harmful effects of mobile phone radiation; nor will they replicate studies showing harmful effects. Without replication, they will not accept research showing harmful effects. And it goes on and on and people continue to use mobiles and the manufacturers continue to make a lot of money. Sounds just like tobacco companies etc..........

Colette O'Connell

Hi Klaus: Best wishes to all fellow canaries and canary lovers who are struggling to liberate them.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

You made a huge difference for BioGems this year!

No one voted on Election Day for an attack on our environment. Yet, emboldened by his party's success at the polls, President Bush is now accelerating plans that will allow corporations to dramatically increase air pollution, cut down our last wild forests, and run roughshod over Greater Yellowstone and other spectacular public lands.

Our BioGems campaign is already mobilizing to block these next industry-sponsored assaults. I'm writing to let you know which of America's endangered wild places are in greatest danger right now, and why your special year-end financial support can help save them.
(Feel free to go straight to the BioGems website at https://www.savebiogems.org/donate/ye02t.asp if you don't need
further convincing!)

First, though, I want you to know what a tremendous difference you and 300,000 other BioGems Defenders have already made this year. As we face the daunting challenges ahead, it's good to remember that you are part of a phenomenally effective action network. Over the past year alone, your online efforts have helped save endangered ecosystems from the northernmost reaches of the American Arctic to the southern rainforests of the Amazon.

Let me recap just a few of those inspiring victories. Last winter and spring, as the White House pressed the Senate to allow oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, BioGems Defenders and NRDC Members sent Congress more than one million messages of protest. Moderate senators from both parties heeded your voice and voted to block the disastrous drilling proposal.

BioGems Defenders played a vital role in protecting Utah's world-famous redrock canyons from repeated efforts by the Bush administration to speed up oil and gas exploration. Your e-activism was backed up by NRDC's legal clout, as we went to court and helped win a ruling that stopped oil exploration on Dome Plateau, right next to Arches National Park.

This same one-two punch of online activism and courtroom action won a dramatic last-minute reprieve for entire populations of whales and dolphins around the world. The Bush administration had given the Navy the go-ahead to deploy a new "LFA" sonar system that would blast underwater habitats with intense noise capable of maiming, deafening and even killing marine mammals. But before this deadly technology could be deployed, BioGems Defenders deluged the Navy with messages of outrage and your financial support enabled us to win a court-ordered injunction while our case moves forward.

A BioGems campaign also helped protect the beautiful and imperiled Channel Islands by persuading California officials to create a network of strictly protected marine reserves around the islands. In Central America, your messages to the Costa Rican government helped bolster that country's determination to stand up to U.S. oil companies and kill plans for oil drilling off the spectacular Talamanca coast -- home to rare Tucuxi dolphins, manatees and endangered sea turtles. In South America, your emails encouraged the government of Peru to protect its Tahuamanu Rainforest from the illegal logging -- driven by exports to the United States -- of magnificent, old-growth mahogany trees. Our BioGems campaign then helped persuade delegates from around the world to confer urgently needed endangered species protection on mahogany.

In short, your online action helped make this year's greatest environmental success stories possible. We're hardly resting on our laurels though, because right now the Bush administration is preparing an assault on U.S. wildlands that is unprecedented in its scope and ferocity. Making matters worse, both houses of the incoming Congress will be led by champions of Big Oil and other polluting industries.

President Bush and his administration are targeting five of the BioGems we've been working so hard to save. They are fast-tracking plans for devastating oil and gas development in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem and Utah's redrock canyons. They are preparing to launch 30 huge timber sales in Alaska's Tongass National Forest -- part of the world's largest remaining temperate rainforest. They are proceeding with a mining project that would dynamite and bulldoze a 5,000-acre hole in the very heart of the Everglades. And, finally, they are readying another all-out effort to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

In the months ahead, we will be calling on you to take online action, as needed, to defend these irreplaceable wildlands. But, right now, what we most urgently need is your year-end financial support.

NRDC has already filed suit to stop the impending destruction of the redrock canyons and the Everglades. We must be prepared to challenge the plans to exploit Greater Yellowstone and the Alaskan rainforest. And we will mobilize millions of Americans the moment the Arctic Refuge comes under attack. Mounting these kinds of campaigns takes money -- a lot of money -- and for that we must rely on friends like you.

I hope you'll go to the BioGems website right now at https://www.savebiogems.org/donate/ye02t.asp and do your part to thwart the Bush administration onslaught by making a special, tax-deductible contribution.

I can promise that your donation will be put to work swiftly and effectively. In fact, for the second year in a row, Worth magazine has named NRDC to its list of "America's 100 Best Charities" -- those nonprofit groups most deserving of the public's year-end gifts thanks to their exceptional skill, innovation, and effectiveness.

In a little less than two years, BioGems Defenders have proven that nothing can stop environmental destruction as swiftly as an energized public. With your ongoing partnership, I know we'll be a powerful voice for endangered wilderness and wildlife in 2003.


John H. Adams
President. Natural Resources Defense Council

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