* Israel: The people from Chernovil - Ireland: Regional increase in cancer numbers leads to checking of radiation levels - EMF-Omega-News (17/12/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Israel: The people from Chernovil

I would like to tell you something that happened in Israel, it was published in March 2002 in the local newspaper about of a cluster of cancer, I don't think it was published internationally.

The neigbourhood is called Daliat ill Carmel, where 14 people got cancer, this illness rate is higher 7.5 times than the rest of the village. The citizens started to call themselves as people from Chernovil.

The youngest who got cancer is 14 years old, the oldest is 73 years old. They are convinced the reason is 2 huge cellular antennes in the distance up to 700 meters from the sick people. (In the picture that is taken from there, anyway, there are at least 9 antennes on one tower).

Cats were born without ears and almost without tails. two of these cats died after 5 monthes. 40 sheeps died at once. 200 pigeons were found dead in one house. There were also cases of Hepatitis, a child that did not grow and other strange phenomenons.

The cancers they got:
2 Leukemia
2 Lymph
1 skin
4 bowels
1 bones
3 lungs
1 spleen

3 already died [published in the local newpaper on March 2002, maybe there are more dead until now or more sickness that were found, I don't know, hopefully not] The antennes are not there after the people cut the cables.

The Basis family who was supposed to follow the agreement of removing it from their hoouse after a 6 monthes period, did not do it, and after 10 monthes people came and cut the cables.

The head of city council blocked demonstrators with his body! The Basis family received 12,000 dollars a month. Suliman Basis says: "My heart aches for the sick people but the death is in the hands of god".

Ronit Akerstein, the israeli cellular companies spokeswoman said: I feel sorry for the sick people but there is no connection between the antennes and cancer. We stand in the strict standards of the WHO and the environment protection office, the standard is 6 meters from the population".

"I went through 3 chemotherapy treatments and 38 radiations in a year. I still get radiations. I am not capable to work because the treatments make me ill, They did not agree to accept me to the army" (Abdalla Hdid, 20, got lymph cancer).

By the way - in Haifa market they put big antennes, and the people complained on headaches, so they removed the antennes.

All the best

Ireland: Regional increase in cancer numbers leads to checking of radiation levels

Hi Klaus: The following appeared in THE IRISH TIMES, Saturday, December 14, 2002, p. 2.


Radiation levels at Clashmore, Co. Waterford, are to be checked amid growing concerns over the high rate of cancer in the area.

Cllr Tom Cronin (FF) has highlighted the unusually high level of cancer cases in and around the west Waterford village and cited problems with animal health in the area."

Cllr above stands for councillor and FF stands for the Irish Fiana Fail political party.

Imelda, Cork, Ireland

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