* Study of the University of Zurich: mobile radio changes brain activity - The sparrows of London - A Plague on the Plains - TV crew that filmed BEMS Munich meeting (10/12/02)

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Study of the University of Zurich: mobile radio changes brain activity 

Source: Tagesanzeiger, Dezember 4-2002, Zurich-Express, 5.12.2002

Message of the Tagesanzeigers:

Mobile phone-radiate influence the brain activity

ZURICH - who telephones with the mobile phone must take in purchase, that his brain activity is changed. Peter Achermann, researcher at the University Zurich and his team have found out this with tests. 

Documented is previously only one: the electro-magnetic fields, that a mobile phone sends out during the telephoning, have an influence on the brain activity.  And this not only during the telephoning, but rather yet more than a half hour after that. The brain currents were changed moreover also during the sleep - and in fact the entire night long. 

Yet nothing can be stated through the researchers about health effects or about therapeutic or diagnostic purposes, it says in a communication of the university.  Achermann observed the effect of the mobile phone-rays in several experiments with voluntary. The insights are clarified detailed in the next edition of the professional journal "Journal of Sleep Research". (sda)

Message of the Zurich-Express:

Are mobile phones damaging? 

The University Zurich found out that mobile telephones change the brain activity. 

Zurich. Mobile phones influence according to a study of the University of Zurich the brain activity. 

The changes seem to be caused by the pulse modulation of the mobile phone signal. It is however too early to pull conclusions over health effects, they say in a communication, published yesterday. The study shows that a 30-minute long exposure with elecromagnetic fields, sent out by mobile telephones, changes the brain activity. 

The researchers observed that the regional cerebral blood flow in the exposed brain half was increased.  This effect lasted during more than a half hour. 

Also brain currents change

The researchers assessed moreover, that the electric activity of the brain, thus the electric currents of the brain, were changed while the sleep. Also this effect was visible over the entire night. 

For the experiment, the voluntary trial persons sat on a chair while the head was placed between two antennas. Only one of the both antennas was however respectively activated. Neither the trial persons nor the trial leaders of the university knew, which it was. 

Short commentary of elektrosmognews: meanwhile there is yet substantially more documented than "only" influences on the electric brain currents. We ask us also how many studies must found yet the respectively sought effect, in order to explain after, that however nothing must have an impact. Where do the consequences remain? 

Source: elektrosmognews

The sparrows of London

Hans-U. Jakob, 1.12.02; http://www.gigaherz.ch/555/ - excerpt from the German text translated by EMF-Omega-News

London: at the Wednesday morning, November 27-02, on Radio BBC was to hear that in England the bird experts, bird protection societies and ornithologists strikes alarm, because in London within a year a decline of the sparrow population around one-quarter were assessed. Something that never existed before. The people are shocked and riddles around. 

For mobile radio-expert, that is meanwhile generally nothing mysterious. London belongs to the capitals of Europe with the thickest electropollution. Mobile radio-field strength of 4V/m are on public places almost everywhere the standard. That is yet far beneath the political limit values, however yet much further above the biological limit values. 

Confessed is that carrier pigeons, owls and tower falcon already in 1.4V/m stops with the upbringing of cubs. So one may not be surprised, that even the toughest and adaptableest in the bird world, the sparrows of London, abandon the brood business at 4V/m.

Just as are propagation damage known in the cattle from high-frequent E-fields-strengths of 0.6V/m.

A Plague on the Plains

MYSTERIOUS Sickness is showing up in the wild, as well as in humans. Why is this suddenly becoming a problem within the passed 10 years since the proliferation of cellphone towers?? I believe there is a definite connection. If the immune system malfuctions ,it will not matter where it is us humans or wild animals. WE WILL ALL BECOME ILL. TIME IS TELLING. GOVERNMENT IS NOT LISTENING. Regards Robert


Informant: Robert Riedlinger and Gotemf

TV crew that filmed BEMS Munich meeting.......

Hi Klaus:    I would be interested in learning whether anyone one your list might know the name of and contact information for the head of the TV crew that filmed the 2000 Munich BEMS Meeting. This person interviewed Dr. Reba Goodman and I think, Dr. Blackman and others.  

The video that was shown on European TV (French and German) also showed electromagnetic waveforms imaged by Stanley Barker (patent holder and inventor of magnetic visualizing device) from Philadelphia, Pa.

Thanks so much for your help!!!!
Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue NW. Minneapolis, MN  55448

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