* The significance of melatonin-deficiency for the cancer origin - The Microwave Phaser (9/12/02)

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The significance of melatonin-deficiency for the cancer origin

We live in an invisible sea of electromagnetic energy(EMF). Subtle energies constantly swirl in, around, and through our bodies. They can be measured electronically and some people can feel them directly.  Research indicates that these and other symptoms can be caused by the effects of chaotic, subtle Electro Magnetic Fields on our bodies. ABC News has done several reports on the brain damage cell phones do to us. ABC News recommends that we use an earphone piece to keep the radiation off our heads. Earpieces will not do that! New data informs us that the earpiece is mainlining radiation directly into your ear! By the way, is it ok to leave the phone in your pocket and shoot radiation into your chest or your hips?

Throughout history people have attempted to improve our quality of life by creating things to aid us. Everything we've ever created was (and is) positive in some manner and negative in another. Over the past century the harnessing of electical energy has been a boon to the culture of the west. Have you ever considered that as we go about our daily lives radio, TV, shortwave, microwave, cell phone, and other transmitted electrical based signals are filling up our environment? The various energies go through walls, glass, metal, and other materials that are much stronger than our skin. How are these forms of radiation affecting us? Make no mistake electricity is a form of radiation just deadly as any other type. As you sit in a building looking at these words consider your buildings battery-like construction. A hole was dug into the ground. Large metal poles where possibly sunk in the ground to provide stability then cement was poured around them. Vertical walls of a hard substance were inserted then horizontal walls were placed on top of them
to make sections called floors which actually provide stability for the vertical walls. This is repeated over and over for the height of the building. Metal wires are inserted in the walls and various forms of electrical current are sent pulsing thru the wires. We are surrounded by the currents flowing through all buildings. The wire is insulated so you don't get a violent physical shock from the electricity. It is still affecting you.

All living matter is electro-chemical in nature. Our cells produce and are dependent upon the normal flow of subtle electrical and bio-magnetic energy. These energies create fields around and through our bodies that can be measured with Kirlian photography and electro-acupuncture machines. Our energy fields continually interact with the natural and man-made energy fields in our environment. Harmonius, orderly subtle energy fields have been shown to enhance health. Chaotic subtle energy fields can impair our health. Chaotic electrical and magnetic fields are in excess today. They disrupt harmonius energy fields creating more chaos than nature intended. These chaotic energies are produced by power lines, radar and microwave towers, motors, flourescent lights, the night lights in your alarm clocks, and thousands of everyday devices. It isn't possible to avoid all chaotic fields.

According to Ellen Sugarman in Warning: The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous To Your Health (1993): "Melatonin is an important hormone that is greatly affected by exposures to EMF's. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland. One of this hormone's functions is the regulation of circadian rhythms or what is commonly called our biological clock. These circadian rhythms control our sleep/awake cycle, moods, and task performance. Reduced melatonin levels can contribute to depression, severe mood changes, and psychiatric disorders. Melatonin also plays a critical role in (preventing) cancer. For one thing it has important oncostatic properties-which means melatonin inhibits tumor growth. It is used in chemotherapy to fight various forms of cancer particularly breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Dr. Barry Wilson at Pacific Northwest Laboratory theorizes that EMF effects on melatonin account for a similar increase in prostate cancer.

Dr. Robert Becker says," Everyone is excited about the connection to various cancers right now. I think the most important (negative) effect is going to turn out to be on the central nervous system." Dr. Becker believes EMF radiation may also be connected to the large increase in students with learning disabilities in the United States.

Dr. Russel Reiter, at the university of Texas Health Sciences Center, is one of the major researchers on EMF effects and melatonin. He says, "There is no doubt that certain electric fields and magnetic fields influence the circadian production of melatonin and that these fields are within the range of frequency strengths to which we are generally exposed. I would predict, based on the altered melatonin rhythms, other subtle central nervous system effects. The effect of this is similar to jet lag. You feel a general lethargy and your work efficiency would be down. A common effect from reduced melatonin is an inability to sleep which adds to the overall feeling of exhaustion."

Interferences of the Melatoninsynthese and/or -utilization through technical elektromagnetic radiation have been proved far beneath valid limit repeatedly, so that doubt about this effect mechanism can excluded. 

Informant: Gerd Ernst Zesar (excerpt)

Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 7:15 AM
Subject: The Microwave Phaser

The Microwave Phaser
Weapon of the Week
By George Smith

The Microwave Phaser
Village Voice

Medium rare: the mobile microwave
Illustration: http://www.de.afrl.af.mil/>www.de.afrl.af.mil

The Pentagon has always craved a phaser. Now it's turning to microwaving as a potential means of singeing the enemy.

The Department of Defense's bland name for this electronic heat ray is the Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial (VMAD) system, a mouthful of jargon that yields few clues about the weapon's nature. Allegedly designed for an Orwellian task÷"humanitarian missions"÷the VMAD is a giant version of your microwave oven, without the safety box surrounding it. The generals want to move it around on a humvee.

Official propaganda on the device is that it makes one's skin only lightbulb hot, enough to force a person to run but not enough to cook him. Of course, there is no proof this can be achieved, because the results of tests on people are classified. It's safe, insist the inventors, the air force's Directed Energy Directorate in Albuquerque.

But anyone with first-hand experience broiling hot dogs and other non-robust meats in their tabletop microwave might be chary of such an assertion. Struck by the heat ray, "Sssss," went the eyeball.

What is the microwaver's target? It must be unarmed civilians, because as described, the VMAD wouldn't seem to offer much against terrorists or regular soldiers ready to fire back with conventional weapons. What is certain is that the Pentagon's microwave projects lack oversight and common sense. In one manic, grandiose claim, the Defense Department calls VMAD "the biggest breakthrough in weapons technology since the atomic bomb."

The lust for military microwaving has also been a sinkhole for tax dollars. While much of the work remains deep in the shadows, the Directed Energy Directorate (DED) does allow that $40 million went out the door for the VMAD over the last decade. An additional $15 million was awarded to ITT Industries for research on high-power microwaving applications in bombs and other types of ray guns.

Microwaving facilities pictured as part of the Directorate also look to have cost a small fortune. One 27,000-square-foot concrete monolith is worth $9 million, resulting in a "cost-effective and timely capability."

Vendors capitalizing on the VMAD include Raytheon, CPI (Communications and Power Industries), and Veridian Engineering÷a tech firm menacingly cited for its part in researching "biological effects."


Informant: Harlan Girard

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