*Distance Related Effects near Radio and Television Transmitters - State Ruling Acknowledges EMF/Cancer Link - Tower Trauma in Nova Scotia Canada - Toxic exposures including EMR (6/12/02)

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Distance Related Effects near Radio and Television Transmitters

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Regarding "Messages from Italy" 1 December, I have put my views on the Vatican's Transmitter as a postscript to an article I wrote for Simon Best's Newsletter which is attached. (format rtf, 37 kb)
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EMF in the News
State Ruling Acknowledges EMF/Cancer Link
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Biological Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation [BENER]
Digest Update, Volume 4, Number 2, 1994

On 29 June, Washington state's Department of Labor and Industries ruled that a former smelter employee of Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation in Tacoma was entitled to worker's compensation for cancer he claims was caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on the job. This is the first ruling by a U.S. government body acknowledging a link between EMF exposure and cancer. The complaint filed by James Brewer pointed out that eight Kaiser employees out of the 90 who worked with him in the smelter's "pot room" had developed lymphoma or leukemia and died. Aluminum smelting requires unusually high levels of electrical power and consequently workers are exposed to high magnetic field levels during the manufacturing process. In the pot room Brewer was also frequently exposed to intense heat and noxious chemicals including benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Mr. Brewer's physician, Dr. Samuel Milham, has asserted a link between EMF and cancer in aluminum smelters in his research. Dr. Milham studied Kaiser's aluminum plant during the 1980s and found "way too many cases" of leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among workers there. The high incidence of cancer in the Kaiser workers coincides with similar findings in other aluminum plants. Other occupational studies, however, including one by Southern California Edison Company on 12,000 of its electrical utility workers, have found no unusual cancer levels among workers exposed to EMF.

Commenting on the case, a spokesman for the Department of Labor and Industries stated that the Department is not claiming that EMF exposure causes cancer. Rather, the ruling resulted from a lack of response by medical claims processors to a state inquiry for medical information. The ruling was based on very limited information because claims processors at Alexis Risk Management Services failed to respond to the Department's request. Kaiser has requested a review of the ruling. Spokeswoman Susan Ash said that Kaiser will file medical evidence in support of an appeal, and is confident the ruling will be overturned. Kaiser has 60 days to appeal the ruling.


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Informant: Robert Riedlinger


Tower Trauma in Nova Scotia Canada
From: Barbara Lake
To: Milt Bowling
Sent: Monday, December 02, 2002 12:22 PM
Subject: Cell Phone Tower

Hi Milt

I need your help. My family have been suffering ill health as a result of a cellular phone tower that is situated approx. 1000' from our house. The tower, mysteriously, went up about 1.5 years ago. My 10 yr. old son has been diagnosed with migraine headaches and has missed approx. 4 months of school since last December. He now hears a high pitched squeal in his head and has very little energy. He was the best athlete on any sports team. We wonder how long he will last trying to function under these extremely toxic conditions. My symptoms are more severe. I suffer from dizziness, clumsiness, memory loss, confusion, anxiety, emotional upset, sleeplessness, panicky feelings in my stomach, aches in my lower back and kidney areas, high pitched squeal in my head all of the time, hot ears, face and neck, sharp pains in my head, stiff joints and sore muscles. I think thats everything. Oh, and terribly noisy digestion and strong smell. Who can help us? I'd really like to talk with others who believe me and who can help.
Looking forward to speaking with you
Barbara Lake
1111 Ridge Road RR#1. Wolfville, N.S. B4P 2R1
902 542-3858

Toxic exposures including EMR (excerpt)

I just finished watching the Montel Show (Fox 9 KMSP here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota -- Tuesday, December 3, 2002). Actress Kelly Preston was featured under the title of "A Mother's Crusade."

Ms. Preston's two year old son was dying and she didn't know their home was to blame!!!! Ms. Preston is married to John Travolta.

Toxicologist Michael Wisner (correct name may be R. Michael Wisner) spoke in regard to Ms. Preston's crusade to help save children from toxic exposure. Dr. Wisner explained how we carry toxins such as lead into our homes from air pollution, vehicular pollution, etc. He said, "the lead (and I assume other toxins) accumulate and/or are carried into homes on persons' shoes." He went on to say, "this can lead to neurotoxins in the brain......."

Dr. Wisner demonstrated how we can greatly reduce lead exposures by using proper methods in regard to cleaning carpets such as using regular soap instead of chemicals and a "hepa....vacuum cleaner."  He also commented on reducing carbon monoxide from gas ranges by keeping a vent on while using the stove and also by opening a window.

Dr. Wisner went out into the yard of Montel's manager (the place from which he demonstrated) and explained that the preservative used to treat wood on a child's outdoor swing set, etc., is "hexavalent chromium also known as arsenic." He recommended repainting all wooden surfaces.

All of a sudden, I heard Dr. Wisner say, "powerlines can give off radiation just like cell phones!!!" Montel then commented "when I use my cell phone, my head gets warm.......am I microwaving my brain?!!!"   Dr. Wisner replied, "well, it comes back to the whole subject of toxins........if you reduce overall exposures........!!!!"

Dr. Wisner also talked about a detoxification program or study whereby 3,000 "well people" were evaluated with evidence of clearer thinking patterns, increases in immune function and also said that the persons appeared to be "much happier......"

Take care   -   Joanne Mueller

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