* Mobile radio - Will the illness costs explode soon?? - Neurological changes induced by a mobile phone (5/12/02)

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Mobile radio - Will the illness costs explode soon??  How does the mobile radio influence biological systems?? 
A sobering summary to the subject of Wolfgang Hingst out of "Mobile Phone-Fever", Vienna 1999, ISBN 3-85371-148-0

Brain tumors

Mobile phones stand also in urgent suspicion to produce brain tumors. That knows the world at latest since some spectacular processes in the USA. Already beginning 1993 David Reynard complained from St Petersburg in the US State Florida three mobile phone-manufacturers. That already let at that time to the means, fashionable wireless communication to be guilt at the death of his woman through a brain tumor. The cancer had emerged, got exactly behind the ear at that his wife held the radio telephone, argued Reynard (the Mirror questioned in his Nr 6/1993 that anxiously: ´Comes the cancer death wireless'). In the same year, three more Americans went with similar reproaches to court. At that time approximately ten millions of American had a cell phone. In Austria, entire 120,000 persons possessed such a device. 

Also in Great Britain, there has been since 1998 a case with brain
tumor, that is brought in court with the mobile phone-use in connection. A woman 27 year old, director of a firm, is convinced that she got her brain tumor by the use of cell phone (BBC-News, 15,5,1998). Her lawyer, Tom Jones of Thompsons', the largest office for punishment processes in Great Britain, holds the name secretly. 

After the New Zealand scientist Neil J. Cherry - he has as an environment lawyer in his homeland already prevented some times the assembly of envoy masts - users of mobile telephones expose their heads with high levels of microwave radio frequency. He refers to ten studies, which belay the increase of brain tumors through the irradiation through radio frequencies and microwaves. This extension, so Cherry, is also covered by insights that electromagnetic radiation in the human organism would diminish the Melatonin-production. Cherry names a row of studies

T. L. Thomas and their colleagues of the national cancer research institute in the USA 1987 prove that an increased brain tumor risk is connected with jobs in the electro and electronics branch, in which the colleagues were exposed to electromagnetic radiation in the radiofrequent area of microwaves. 

To similar results comes M. A. Javelin, J. G. Dobbins and V. S. Miller in their 1988 published study from the University of Texas. 

The Swedish scientists S. Tomqvist, B.  Knave, A.  Ahlbom and T. Persson find out in 1991, that for assembler and repair employees in the radio- and TV-industry exists an increased brain tumor risk, just as for all welders in the irons and steel industry, that are exposed to an ELF (Extremly Low Frequency) and radiofrequent radiation in a wide spectrum.

Beall and his colleagues 1996 lead back the increased rate of brain tumors concerning computer programmers to the electromagnetic radiation, that they were exposeded in their work.

The annual incidence of brain tumors and tumors of the switchboard nerves system in New Zealand lay after Neil J Cherry in the years 1992 to 1996 in 5,8 for women and 8,6 for men on 100,000 inhabitants. About the half of the population are using permanently a mobile phone. Many expose their head through it, with much dose higher of radiofrequent microwave, than airline pilots or ground and bordcrews. After ten years mobile phone telephoning climbs the rate for brain cancer already on the three until fivefold of the normal frequency. That means 200 to 300 additional brain tumor cases alone for New Zealand. The brain tumor incidence in West-Australia encreases also parallel with the mobile phone use. 

Neil J. Cherry was accuseded after the publication of these perceptions by an Australian mobile phone manufacturer because of slander. The firm relied on an "expert opinion" of Michael H. Repacholi, today leader of the team for electromagnetic fields from the World Health Organization WHO. Repacholi meant, the achievement flow density delivered by a mobile phone envoy mast (see the chapters "radiating mobile phone" and "limit"), would correspond to six light bulbs. Place this in the vicinity of a pregnant, one could also not speak about a teratogen effect (the embryo more damaging). Cherry himself saw forced thereupon to accuse Repacholi - and got right. The start, can be thought, of an intimate scholar hostility (that appeared also in that meanwhile already legendary "Workshop" in Vienna in October 1998, see chapter "the Viennese declaration 1998")

Also in the functioning world, in which electromagnetic fields (EMF) play a role, brain tumor has been observed, thereabout with women that have to do with cathodes ray tubes (P. Ryan u a, 1992: 20). The connection between load through EMF in the functioning expanse and brain tumors had been shown already previously by several studies.

In the military, the scientists come across also again and again on brain tumors. The Polish study of S. Szmigielski from the year 1996 is not the only remained. Also J. K. Grayson produced a pertinent investigation in the same year. 

The latest scientific reports to the subject of brain tumors through mobile telephones have confirmed the fears, that are already confessed for many years by insights of the functioning medicine and epidemiological researches. Since the complaint of David Reynard, because of his cancer sick woman, did not raise so much dust as in the case of two studies arrived at the public in May and June 1999. In both works, the researchers came to the result that a brain tumor developes with large probability on the side of the head from mobile telephone users, where the mobile phone is held during the telephoning. 

Normally the mobile phone antenna is located during the telephoning exactly behind the ear of the user. The areals of the brain, that lie this point at the next, are the sleep and the rear head rag. Lennart Hardell, cancer researcher at the Orebro Medical center in Sweden and his colleagues, found out that the brain tumors develops in this brain regions 2 1/2 more often on the side, concerning mobile phone-users, where during telephoning the mobile phone is held (L Hardell u d, 1999, Micro Wave News, May/June 1999). They write in their work about this connection between the use of mobile phones and brain tumors, that appeared in July 1999 in the esteemed International Journal of Oncology,
the odds ratio - to the right 2,45, to the left 2,40 - only is significant concerning users of analogous mobile phones (in Sweden NMT = Nordic mobile telephones named). That depends either, that NMT causes a three times higher exposition, or that there would be not yet sufficient user in the GSM or yet on a too short observation time, that not yet would allow an unambiguous judgment. Available therefore the risk is for mobile phone-user always. It is about 2 1/2 as high as with not-users.
The authors are only extremely careful in the formulation. And they recommend urgently to dedicate in the future special studies therefore sleep and rear head rag to both areals in the brain, that are the mobile phone in the use at the next. Hardell and its colleagues analyzed 209 cases which where diagnosed in the region Uppsala-Orebro (1994-1996) and in Stockholm (1995-1996). The control group included 425 persons. 

The results of Hardell and others have all the more weight, as Joshua Muscat of the American Health Foundation in New York City recently presented an intermediary result of his characteristic work to this subject. In an interview, he said "I made an entirely similar analysis and saw after where the tumor appears. There an unambiguous connection between the side on which the mobile phone was held, and the side where the tumor appeared" (Micro Wave News, May/June 1999). Muscat explained, that his study was yet not complete and therefore to date unpublished. The researcher examined in his work 466 cases of brain tumor and compared it with 420 control cases. Based on his research results Hardell recommends mobile phone-users urgently to operate "smart precaution" and to set steps for the reduction of the ray load. "Use a hands-free speaking system", he called to the mobile-phonists, "I do this always". 

Wolfgang Köstler, president of the Austrian Company for Oncology, declared in an interview to the subject of brain tumors "the person of today is involved in an immense number of pulsed microwave, that can lead to an addition of the field strength outside of and within the body, specially however in the head area and in that very strongly branching and spatially strongly lower member bone mark. So an increase of the brain tumors and the leukemia diseases in the next future is to be expected. If one investigate a brain tumor disease and asks the patient if he knew who had developed a brain tumor yet in his environment, one not rarely get quickly told some names. If one takes subsequently a country card or city card at hand and carries the dwellings of the concerned and simultaneously the electromagnetic waves emitting transmitter of the most deceased devices on (radar, TV stations, directed radio lines, mobile radio transmitter), the given suspicion arises on focusing to the brain tumor frequencies there, where also is given an addition of the field strength and the imitting

The observations, so Köstler, became usually neither noted nor in its possible reference technical fields grasped. Burry that through brain tumor died, and therewith the story would be apparently settled and for no one more interesting. In this context Köstler sees also a cumulation documented by him of brain tumors in one relatively closely bordered area in low Austria, north of Vienna. "Six cases of brain tumors with adult more or fewer stepped on simultaneously." Also in the city of Bremen Köstler could investigate similar cases.  "Here three physicians in direct vicinity of a transmitter were concerned, that got ill with brain tumors. A well known Viennese town advicer should have telephoned till his brain tumor disease, has been reported from persons of his environment, also several hours daily with his GSM-mobile phone." 
Message from Knut W. Schlanert

Neurological changes induced by a mobile phone

Dysaesthesiae of the scalp after mobile phone use have been previously reported, but the basis for this has not been clear.

We report a case of a 34-year-old journalist who complained of symptoms associated with use of a mobile phone. She agreed to a provocation study with her phone.

Current perception threshold testing before and after exposure showed marked changes in the C-fibre nerves of the affected area compared with the opposite side. The case is supportive of a neurological basis for some cases of dysaesthesiae associated with mobile phone use.

Occup Med (Lond) 2002 Oct;52(7):413-415

Reports from other works of the same authors:


Informant: Reinhard Rueckemann

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