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Legal threat to police radio network
Monday, 25 November, 2002, 17:06 GMT

A plan to upgrade the police radio network could be under threat after residents launched a legal challenge over an aerial mast.

The group from Stroud, Gloucestershire, are concerned about the location of the masts which will be used in the £2.9bn project to upgrade the Airwave radio system. Resident Susan Trevett asked a high court judge to overturn planning permission for aerials in her area. If the challenge succeeds, the contract for the police network might have to be reconsidered.

Ms Trevett's lawyers told Mr Justice Sullivan, sitting in London, there were fears about potential health risks from the antennae. They also cited reports from the Lancashire branch of the Police Federation which said 173 officers had reported falling ill after Airwave was introduced.

The county was one of the first places in Britain to adopt the service.

Microwave dishes

Outside court, Ms Trevett's solicitor Richard Buxton said: "These masts are being installed with no more than lip service being paid to residents' concerns over possible health risks." The site of immediate concern to Ms Trevett was near her home on the roof of Stroud police station.

A 13-metre mast with antennae and two microwave dishes is scheduled to replace the old aerial. In court, David Wolfe, appearing for Ms Trevett, said she was challenging a decision to allow planning permission for new telecom equipment on three separate sites.

Appeal proceedings

Initially, Stroud District Council refused planning permission for the mast because of concern over the potential health risks, said Mr Wolfe. But it later withdrew its opposition and did not take part in the appeal proceedings before a planning inspector, who allowed the appeal and gave permission for the masts. Mr Wolfe argued the inspector failed to consider the public health concerns of local residents. There was particular anxiety because the police station site was close to four infant classes and six junior school classes, he said.

The hearing continues.

Informant: Robert Riedlinger

>From the same informant:

Electrophonic Effects

I read your article about the electronic effects from cell towers before I had one. Now that there is a cell tower 600 feet from my home I understand it much greater. I am wondering if you know of anything that can help with the pain that it causes in your ears? Also, do you know if the great amount of pain we experience is because the emissions are higher than the FCC's guidelines. I am just asking for a guess on this, unless you know more. You are the only person I have seen that knows anything about the electronic effect and any suggestions you can offer would greatly be appreciated. When one ear faces the tower it is extremely painful, at night it is hard to sleep when this happens. I have never had a ear problem or infection in my life and none of this started until the antenna was operational on the tower.
Bonnie Hickshicman, Mishawaka


Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity

Alasdair Philips Sept 30: Yes! There are electrically sensitive patients around whose degree of sensitivity makes them completely incompatible with electrical technology and chemically sensitive patients who are completely incompatible with chemical pollution. Society has the challenge of making life tolerable for them. Society shows no signs of being willing or able to forgo  its technology. Whatever cut-off level is arbitrarily chosen, there will stil 1 be some persons coming outside this. What can be done for them?

There are a number of E.S. patient support groups around the world. One such in England which would be pleased to make contacts with other groups and ES sufferers is:

CIRCUIT, P.O. Box 1UZ, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

The person who runs this is so electrically sensitive that there is no phone, computer or even electricity supply in the house so please write, an SAE would be appreciated.

Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity
William J. Rea, MD, FACS
Environmental Health Center, Dallas
8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 205
Dallas, TX 75231

Yaqin Pan, MD
Dept. of Allergy, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Beijing, PRC

Ervin J. Yenyves, PhD
Dept. of Physics, University of Texas at Dallas

Iehiko Sujisawa, MD. and Hideo Suyama, MD
Dept. of Ophthamology, Kitasato University Kitasato, Japan

Nasrola Samadi, PhD
Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Florida
Gerald H. Ross, M.D., CCFP
Environmental Health Center, Dallas

Source: This article was first published in 1991 in the Journal of Bioelectricity, 10(1&2), 241-256. Figure 1is not included here, but can be obtained by writing Dr. W. J. Rea at the Environmental Health Center,
Dallas, 8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 205, Dallas, TX 75231.
A multiphase study was performed to find an effective method to evaluate electromagnetic field (EMF) sensitivity of patients. The first phase developed criteria for controlled testing using an environment low in chemical, particulate, and EMF pollution. Monitoring devices were used in an effort to ensure that extraneous EMF would not interfere with the tests. A second phase involved a single-blind challenge of 100 patients who complained of EMF sensitivity to a series of fields ranging from 0 to 5 MHz in frequency, plus 5 blank challenges. Twenty-five patients were found who were sensitive to the fields, but did not react to the blanks. These were compared in the third phase to 25 healthy naive volunteer controls. None of the volunteers reacted to any challenge, active or blank, but 16 of the EMF-sensitive patients (64%) had positive signs and symptoms scores, plus autonomic nervous system changes. In the fourth phase, the 16 EMF-sensitive patients wer rechallengd twice to the frequencies to which they were most sensitive during the previous challenge. The active frequency was found to be positive in 100% of the challenges, while all of the placebo tests were negative. We concluded that this study gives strong evidence that electromagnetic field sensitivity exists, and can be elicited under environmentally controlled conditions.


Jean Ellis writes to Robert Riedlinger

Hi Robert,
This is Jean Ellis. I met you last summer at a meeting in Vancouver arranged by Linda T. at a community centre. I have circulated the tapes (Public Exposure) you gave me to my colleagues and neighbours. I will also be showing them to my students shortly.
One of my neighbours and I have conducted a survey of our neighbourhood. The majority of residents living in houses on the hill facing a transmission tower (micro-wave, radio and cell) are experiencing symptoms associated with EM exposure. People on the other side of our hill (not exposed) are experiencing relatively few symptoms of a nature related to EM exposure.
We will be taking the results of this survey to the health department. We are looking for other studies that we might be able to use to support our cause. Are you aware of any?
Also, when I met you, you had a meter that measured the EMF in the meeting room. What is the name of that meter and where can I get one?
Looking forward to your reply.
Jean Ellis

also from Robert Riedlinger

Chronic fatigue syndrome - is prolonged exposure to environmental


and also from the same informant:

source: Don Maisch

EMF effects from cellular phones transmission towers

Do you have any information that I could use for the following:

This is the situation:

I live in a block of flats in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, where 5 years  ago a daughter company of AIR TOUCH has proposed to install on the roof a relay station (transmitters, receivers and aerials) for the exchange of a monthly fee. This is a property that belongs to 14 owners, all living there, and after a vote it was decided to negotiate and finally it was accepted to sign the contract.

I was against this decision but since there was not much experience and information on the subject, I could not fight it with facts. Two years later a neighbour has developed a brain tumour and died within 6 months. Me and my family, we have had head aches, tiredness in the morning and sometimes difficulty in sleeping. A cause effect relationship has not been established, mainly because we are only thinking about these things and there is not enough information about it.

Now it is time to decide if the contract is renewed or not and I would like to have as much information in order to support my gut feeling decision to not renew it, and stand up to my neighbours.


Paulo Saraiva
Sterling Software - Lisbon
COOL:Solutions for eBusiness
Telf:+351 21 3138006
Fax:+351 21 3138019

further from Robert Riedlinger:

Maggie This Man Les Bukle lives aprox 400 ft from a cellphone tower in Mission BC Canada ,close to me.and aprox 2 blocks from the lady that suffered very severe Pressure Headaches .Nausea, Fatigue, Pain in Neck and Sensitive areas.Excessive stomach gas,Imbalance,Hearing loss.Etc. When I went to visit her I felt the same symptoms she suffered. She died of a burst blood vein in her head (after suffering for aprox 2.5 years.) May 1998. Her husband now suffers dementia.Is not able to work or drive.He still lives in the home.

I can't name the people but I have a copy of the letter (I wrote to Health Canada)and a signed list of symptoms(by her) that she suffered. I wrote Health Canada to get help for her in Oct /97 but recieved no reply.

This is unbelievable that this is happening.

Regards Robert 

P.S. You can see the symptoms that Less Buckle is suffering match those suffered by the lady that died, the same as I suffered near the tower. Every report I get from people living near towers, the symptoms match. It does mean something is wrong.VERY WRONG.

This Man Les Bukle lives aprox 400 ft from a cellphone tower in Mission BC Canada.

-----Original Message-----
From: Les Buckle
To: Robert E Riedlinger
Date: April 12, 1998 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: Tower Trauma

Hi bob

The symptoms I have had for about a year now and seem to be getting worse are: Headaches, loss of hearing in my right ear a buzzing in the house that that never seems to go away it sometimes is not as strong but it is for ever constant playing havoc with ones sanity, the only relieve one gets is to go out but there is a time when one must return to sleep and then it takes a time to get to sleep trying to shut out the humming yours Les Buckle Mission BC

The Heat is on
The Guardian, Tuesday November 5, 2002
Brian Logan

Object of the week: the microwave oven


Have you ever thought of your microwave as a weapon? Have you ever stopped to think, as the pork fillets with apple mash rotate behind the spattered glass door, that this machine could be re-applied as a means of disciplining the unruly? Perhaps, by way of drawing a line under domestic spats, you're wont to grab the oven from the counter, punch "start" and flip open the door, then direct the beams at your lippy opponent (your partner, perhaps, or your child?) until they're writhing on the floor in well-deserved agony...

But if it hasn't crossed your mind to put your microwave to violent use, don't worry. That's natural. It takes a special kind of imagination to refashion household appliances into instruments of torture. An imagination battered out of human shape by cynicism, paranoia and, perhaps, a few unfortunate experiences in the kitchen.

Who would apply their creativity so monstrously? Who could so pervert this useful technology, this force for gastronomic good?

Step forward "British and US military leaders", who, according to Sunday's papers, are developing just such a weapon for use as a "persuasive tool" against overseas baddies and protesting populations back home. Move over, rubber bullets. Cheerio, tear gas. The Vehicle Mounted Active Denial Technology, otherwise known as the "people zapper", has arrived. It looks like a satellite dish but can warm cold soup at a hundred paces. Try picking up Sky Sports 2 with this, and fried pigeons will start falling from the sky.

This Frankenstein stove works by sending out concentrated microwave beams which burn the skin of their luckless recipients... The US military has blown a cool $40m developing this latest wheeze, which may seem like money well spent to those who offered up their brains for preliminary testing. Those against whom the zapper is likely to be applied - blameless Iraqis, Moscow theatregoers, civic-minded Brits - haven't got so much cash to burn...

Informant: Dr. Reinhard Munzert 6. November 2002

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