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As for WGTG.. things are happening for the good we hope. I am not going to start celebrating until things are for sure. I suspect that all of this is going to take awhile. In the meantime my hubby and I have moved..another neighbor has too as she has gotten very sick. My neurologist has confirmed that my neurological damage is indeed from the RF's.

I still have to try to find a radiologist who understand non-ionizing radiation poisoning. I am waiting for blood test results to come back. We continue to pay for ads in the local newspaper with a map of our area and a message beside the map. Right now we have OVER 200 pins in our map of people who have either interference, health problems (that go along with EMF and RF exposures) and some have both! We are also seeing a pattern take place with the pins. Of course the station owner is now really going crazy and has begun to call the 2 people in the coalition. We had a great meeting with our county commissioner and he is mad as all get out that the FCC is letting this continue. You see as much there is an investigation still ongoing and now a law suit the FCC CONTINUES to grant him his applications! He now has 2 rhombic antennas with 2 transmitters and a yagi going back up soon plus he is bragging that he will have yet 2 more transmitters operating at 50,000 watts each. You can read about this at his own web site at: www.wgtg.com

Excerpt from a message from Ginny Kloth to Roy Beavers

and also from R.R.:

EMR health effects

I work very near (60') to a tower with several FM translator antennae on it. I have spells of Atrial Tachycardia, short term memory loss, trouble concentrating, and chronic fatigue (probably due to my declining health resulting from the reluctance to exercise because the effects of the tachycardia are discouraging). My former boss had some similar symptoms. We are the only people that have worked daily at this location for more than 7 years.

J. Erickson



Robert: 1) I was thinking of running an ad in the local paper in an attempt to locate others in the area who may be suffering. I doubt they'd all come forward but some might. I'd like to start a support group. Maybe. On Wednesday, I'm going to meet with Senator Kerry's aide to tell him about my headaches. I'm going with a group of people and was invited by Virginia Hines of Concord, MA 2) About 6am. Right. That's when it hits me and I wake up. I  often do feel sick but never throw up. No high pitch sounds. 3) I have a book on headaches. Yes, it does feel like a band is tightening around my head. But my headaches also throb around my temples and forehead, and all over the top of my head. The back of my neck, especially  at the base of my skull (top of spine) aches..  -- Brenda

Brenda Please read between the lines of your message

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From: Brenda Loew
To: Robert Riedlinger
Date: March 8, 1999 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: R F -MW-EMR

Robert: There are five towers in the area and my house is in the middle of them. I guess the radiation can just come through all the windows. I'm sure it's being captured inside! If you have towers from more than one direction you have a major problem. Is there any one else around you that feels the same?

We had a snowstorm yesterday and the weather is the coldest it's been all winter. We also had high winds. Today I woke up with such a terrible headache that 4 prescription pills did not take it away. I find that it gets strong abouy 6 AM and wakes me up with a pressure typ headache. Nausea and high pitch sound in my head.

I am not nauseous or sensitive to light and I don't have to go to sleep so this isn't a migraine. In fact I just ate a big lunch.... and they aren't tension headaches according to the classic definition of tension headaches. On KIRO Seatle Dr Crounce discribed tension headaches like a tight band around the head, Half the people of US are suffering this. Any one living in a city or town is exposed to the same type of radiation. Although they do feel like a band is tightening all around my head, especially my temples, forehead and back of neck (occipital lobe).. I'm convinced the headaches are from the towers.
There is no doubt that you are affected by the towers. This the same complaint that many others have. Because you and some others have mentioned it, I am monitoring how my head feels when I travel out of the area, meaning beyond seven miles.....The problem is that I don't stay in Boston or Framingham or anywhere else too long because I am only running errands.... -- Brenda p.s Where can I read Low Frequency High Tension? Where is Bridlewood?

From: "Robert Riedlinger"
To: "Brenda Loew"
Subject: R F  -MW-EMR
Date: Sun, Mar 7, 1999, 5:55 PM

Hi Brenda   You are not alone with Throbbing Headaches. I also sufferd from that same type of headache (like your head feels like it going to explode) There was a program on Seattle TV KIRO Eyewittness News. A Dr Bill Crounce said half of the population of the US A suffers from Tension headaches. Young university students discibed the headache this way: it starts in the neck and you feel like you have a band around your head and it is being tightened. Did you read Low Frequency High Tension.
It is on Bridlewood. It discribes the the same by a couple living near a tower. They are distroying our health and out lifestyle. As for the aluminum siding. I found that it comes through the windows and gets captured inside. You may try metal screen on the windows faceing a tower. If you have towers in more that one direction it is very hard to keep it out. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING. I have been bugging our health Canada Radiation Protection Department for over 2 years and they don't do a thing. It is the only thing we can do. Just keep mailing letters . Every letter I get such as yours I send it to them. They are starting to listen. They appointed The Royal Society Of Canada to investigate Health effects from RF MW. Suposed to hear in early April. If I can be of any help please be free to contact me.

Regards Robert


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