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Tramčs per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Inoperable malignant brain tumor
Barbara of Foothill Ranch, CA, writes:

I am sending this request on behalf of my husband who was diagonsed with a inoperable malignant brain tumor two years ago (Astrocytoma grade III) on his right side by his ear -- right temporal. My husband was only 31 (now 33) when diagnosed but has been using cellular phones due to work for approx. 13 years on a everyday basis.

Since his biopsy, he has undergone chemo and radiation. He still suffers with headaches and seizures and takes medication every day and not to mention that the malignant tumor is still in his head because of size and location. He also has short term memory due to all the treatment and craniotomy-biopsy.

He is limited to the amount of sound,noise or people that he can be around now. His work is harder do to his memory loss and he gets irretated very easily now. He is a different man. He is short with our 10 year old son. The hard part is that everyday he wakes up he knows that the malignant brain tumor is still there and there is nothing that anybody can do about it! His and our quality of life has changed because we do not know how much time we have together. We both know how serious his condition is and there is no cure!

Is there any sort of composation available to him for this? We read on the internet in consumer affair web site regarding the Neurologist that claims cell phones caused his brain tumor and he has filed an $800 million lawsuit againt Mororola charging that years of using a cellular phone has given him brain cancer. $700 million is for punitive damages and $100 million is for compensatory damages. Is there any sort of lawsuit or compensation available for my husband and his condition he is now faced with and has to live with for the rest of his life and our life? 

There's no class action suit that we know of. Barbara and her husband would need to find a personal injury attorney.

Informant: Robert Riedlinger and also:

Antenna assembly was placed on the roof top Portland, Oregon

My wife and I live in a highrise condominium building in downtown Portland, Oregon. About four years ago, a large Box CD microwave antenna assembly was placed on the roof top of a parking garage catty-corner from our building. Our condo unit looks directly down on the monstrous antenna which contains five or six strands, 200 feet long on each of the four sides of the building that occupies a full square block. About a year ago both Shari and I began feeling long spells of exhaustion, suffering frequent headaches that pain medication seems to correct. We find ourselves wanting to go to bed to sleep several in the morning and afternoon, and I find it impossible to sleep for more than two hours at a time durning the night. This sleeping problem is unusual for us. We are normally very active people. Recently, Shari had a physical which including ultrasonic testing of her abdomen to determine the cause of pain. Fibrous tissue was found in the area of her uterus. Additionally we are now both suffering from high blood pressure. I have recently started medication for this. Question: Is there the possibility that microwave radiation from this large Antenna might have caused these adverse circumstances? I will contact City Hall in the next few days to see if they will give me accurate specifications relating to the antenna. Would appreciate your input. Thank you.

Armand Santilli - 1500 SW 5th Ave., Portland, OR - on Sun Sep 3 11:20:59 NZST 2000.

And also for:

I have Recently complained to my works department about my 6310 Nokia mobile phone

I have recently complained to my works department about my 6310 Nokia mobile phone. I have a constant numbness around my temple on my left eye. I recently noted that when receiving a signal my mobile phone measured 10mWcmsq. This was as far as the meter could read...it may have been more. I tend to get pain across my head neck and shoulders. My work as remained very quiet on the issue so far... but the memory loss I and the ability to take things in I recognise...would this be a sympton of  these phones

Keith Elvin - England - on Fri Dec 7 09:53:30 NZDT 2001.


Mobile masts fear after two friends die 

Sunday 23rd Apr 2000

Shocked neighbours demand probe

FRIENDS of two women who died suddenly just five weeks apart fear the tragedy could have been caused by mobile phone masts near their homes.

Mother-of-two Julie Meconi, 49, and best friend Margaret Aldridge, 54, both suffered identical haemorrhages.

Now locals have called for an inquiry into the deaths which they believe were linked to radiation from the masts.

Childminder Julie's semi in Tolworth, Surrey, lies sandwiched between mobile masts on top of the local hospital and an office block.

Mrs Meconi's son Graham, 25, said: "Mum was in good health all her life until one or two days before she died when she complained of headaches."

Careworker Mrs Aldridge, who lived nearby also enjoyed good health most of her life.

Alisdair Phillips, of the pressure group Powerwatch, said: "These deaths must be investigated. "The microwaves break down the blood brain barrier which keeps out noxious substances. A powerful mast could also lead to haemorrhaging."

The Surrey tragedy coincided with the death from a brain tumour of phone mast campaigner Neil Clarkson, 65. He died after a 4 1/2-year fight to get a 16-metre mast near their Leeds home removed.

There are already 20,000 masts dotted around Britain with 30,000 new ones planned over the next three years disguised as lamp-posts or placed on top of closed circuit TV systems and flagpoles.

Christine Jude, of the Federation of Electronics Industries, which represents Britain's mobile phone companies, said: "The body of scientific evidence suggests that masts operating within the guidelines don't have adverse health effects."

Dear Klaus:

As co-worker about the possible effects to human health from being exposed to low intensity Rfs from base stations, I think is now very important to emphasize again Dr. Lai former hypothesis about it. Even the industry after Reeva Goodman,Kwee,Leyzczinsk,French,Phillips reports(Rhodes 2002 & COST 281) is now considering the microthermal effects from phone devices, but refusing whatever attempt to think about those possible effects from low and very low exposure, as from the BS could be.

Dr. Lai hypothesis could be summarized as:

low Intensity x long time exposure= high Intensity x short time exposure

Best regards:
Dr. Claudio Gómez-Perretta

Neurological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation
Henry Lai

Bioelectromagnetics Research Laboratory, Department of Bioengineering,
School of Medicine and College of Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA


For those who have questions on the possible health effects of exposure to radiation from cell masts, there are studies that show biological effects at very low intensities. The following are some examples: Kwee and Raskmark [1997] reported changes in cell proliferation (division) at SARs of 0.000021- 0.0021 W/kg; Magnras and Xenos [1997] reported a decrease in reproductive functions in mice exposed to RFR intensities of 160-1053 nW/square cm (the SAR was not calculated); Ray and Behari [1990] reported a decrease in eating and drinking behavior in rats exposed to 0.0317 W/kg; Dutta et al. [1989] reported changes in calcium metabolism in cells exposed to RFR at 0.05-0.005 W/kg; and Phillips et al. [1998] observed DNA damage at 0.024-0.0024 W/kg. Most of the above studies investigated the effect of a single episode of RFR exposure. As regards exposure to cell mast radiation, chronic exposure becomes an important factor. Intensity and exposure duration do interact to produce an effect. We [Lai and Carino, In press] found with extremely low frequency magnetic fields that 'lower intensity, longer duration exposure' can produce the same effect as from a 'higher intensity, shorter duration exposure'. A field of a certain intensity, that exerts no effect after 45 min of exposure, can elicit an effect when the exposure is prolonged to 90 min. Thus, as described earlier, the interaction of exposure parameters, the duration of exposure, whether the effect is cumulative, involvement of compensatory responses, and the time of break down of homeostasis after long-term exposure, play important roles in determining the possible health consequence of exposure to radiation emitted from cell masts.

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Send an e-mail Philip Merrill, the Chair of the United States Export- Import Bank, and Enrique V. Iglesias, President of the Inter-American Development Bank.

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